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Myosarcoma from Florida

Hi Chris,

My younger 27-year old sister was recently diagnosed with a very rare myosarcoma that started with a tumor on her left temporal lobe and has recently metastasized to her neck and spine. She had surgery to remove the tumor from her brain recently underwent her first round of chemo and it was terrible on her body, mind, and spirit.

As her older brother, I have sought out many supplemental and alternative treatments such as changing her nutrition to a more plant-based high alkaline diet and using an infrared heating pad to destroy the cancer cells, but I would like to do as much as possible.

Is there any way for you to assist with providing the specific ingredients and dosages needed to treat my sister’s type of cancer with herbs?

Thank you in advanced.

Warmest regards,

Reply: I am sorry — patient needs to come and see me ..where are you from?

I am in Florida in the US. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to fly over there, so I was hoping for remote assistance. Is this possible?

Sorry… I don’t have the slightest clue on what to do …there are so many people in US who can help …try Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach …or  Optimum Health Institute in TX….go to their websites.

That is a shame. A lot more people would benefit from your assistance if the physical distance between two souls was not a factor. If you have the time to do something like this, I would be willing to help you. Having to battle my sister’s cancer together is a daunting experience and I will do anything to help alleviate that pain for others, especially if the global community can benefit.

Thank you for your hard work and assistance.

Click this link…more people who help cancer patietns   http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/191nl.html

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