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Pancreas Cancer — 6 to 9 months to live

Hi Dr Teo,

Good day. I came to know about CA Care via a friend and would like to find out more. My brother, who is 51 years old was diagnosed with 3rd stage pancreas cancer in July 2015.

At the advice of his doctor, he underwent chemotherapy and was scheduled to do a major operation last week to see if it is possible to remove part of his pancreas and spleen. During the surgery when it was discovered that the cancer has spread to his liver, the doctors decided not to remove any organ since it was pointless; and informed us that my brother has another 6-9 months left to live.

We are feeling very helpless and saddened by the news; and would appreciate if you can advise if CA care would benefit my brother in this case. Thanks.

Reply:  Go to my website: www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and read. No one on earth can cure any cancer — so I cannot cure cancer either.



Indonesian living in Singapore: Lung Cancer Stage 4

My grandfather was recently diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma with metastasis of the lung on 11 March 2013.

He went for his first chemotherapy on 28 March 2013.

Please help advise for complementary or supplementary treatment from you. The Dr confirmed his condition is incurable. 6 cycles of chemo is scheduled for him.

Your advise please. MANY THANKS.

Reply:  Where are you from? You need to come and see me. Chris

Good morning Sir,

We live in Singapore. Where do we go to see/meet you?  Does my granddad need to come along?

Thank you very much. .Best regards.

Comments:  Surprising. The next day patient and his family flew in to see us. He his first chemo with Carboplatin + Alimta + Avastin. This cost about S$17,000 per cycle. That is about RM 42,000 per treatment. The sad this is – he suffered badly and did not want to proceed further with the remaining 5 cycles. On top of it all – the doctor said this CANNOT cure him.

Pancreatic Cancer – Surgery, chemo — no cure!

Dear Dr Teo,

I happened to chance upon your blog while doing some searches online on cancer and read about the many success stories of cancer patients under your care.  My mum was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2010 and had undergone the Whipple’s procedure to remove the cancerous cells at the head of her pancreas.

In July 2010, she started her chemotherapy, and was put under 6 cycles of Gemcitabine. After completing 6 cycles, at the end of December 2010, CA19-9 has decreased from 5000+ to 100+. About 2 weeks later, CA19-9 value rose to 200+. The doctor then suggested for my mum to go for a CT-scan. CT-scan result showed that there were several tiny nodules in her lungs. Apart from that, there were no other abnormalities.

Based on the CT-scan result, the doctor told us that he’s sorry and that he is unable to cure my mum anymore as the cancer cells have spread to her lungs. He then carry on to suggest for a 2nd round of chemotherapy, this time using the combination of 2 drugs with strong side effects to control the growth of the cancer cells. Since there is no guarantee on the success of the treatment and taking into account the stronger side effects, my mum rejected the treatment and has been consulting a chinese physician specializing in cancer. After taking the herbs prescribed by the chinese physician for 7 months, CA19-9 did not decrease but rose exponentially to a value of 60,000 in late June.

My mum has been feeling fine at the start of the year, but somewhere in April 2011, she started having backache and bloatedness in her stomach. At around mid June, she started having diarrhea, followed by serve pain at her back, causing some difficulties in her movement. She has also started coughing about a week ago.

We know that the herbs prescribed by the chinese physician is not working. But I know my mum has strong will to live on. It would be really great if you can help us and I look forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


Reply: Where are you from?

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