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Nose Cancer: No money to go for private medical care

Dear Dr. Teo,

My relative is having a nose cancer. She said that her cancer is stage 3 to 4.

She can’t afford for private hospital treatment, so she gone to Government Hospital. But the Government Hospital keep delay her for the diagnose, then she had no choice to have her diagnose at Private  Hospital. After getting the reports, she is currently waiting for Government Hospital appointment on 1/10/2015.

I think she can’t wait anymore as her lymph node is swollen and having difficulty in swallowing food.

I intend to bring to Cancer Care for treatment but I need to know the treatment cost first.

She is from Johor Bahru. 

Reply: Please do not come to us …. it is better that she goes for medical treatment. It is a serious case and don’t expect the herbs to cure it …no way.




Nose Cancer: Radiation, Chemo and chemo – did not work

Dear Chris,

Your centre was recommended to me quite some years back by our  pastor D.

Patient Age 57

First diagnosed : 2003 NPC stage 1 – Treated with radiation only

About 1 plus later year – Relapsed – Treated with both radiation and chemo

Few years later : relapsed – Again treated with radiation and chemo

Last year June 2014: Tumor remained sighted in PET – so chemo again + Oral ones T1

5 mths later Nove 2014 : Re-took PET. Tumor size increased. – Tried a new chemo method (Bio something – apparently to aid to block blood flow to feed tumor area or sth like that.)

Since Nov 2014, patient was already experiencing  pain and discomfort in the ear and head area. She just about to complete her 3rd chemo cycle as this email stands . Once chemo cycle is about 2 courses (one per week). But with the increasing pain she is having, she is now thinking of giving up chemo. Will be seeing the oncologist next Tue 20/1 on this.

In the meantime, yesterday 17/1, she went to see her ENT. This was his comments:-

We saw her ENT this morning. His view of pet scan

  1. Recurrent uptake. Stage 4. But may or may not be cancerous.
  2. No need of biopsy due to the depth of that tumor.
  3. Tumor spread gone into bone area. High suspect. And sitting on 5th nerve. Which cause her facial muscle jaw pain.
  4. recommended her to see radioonco to discus poss of targeted dosage to halt kill that growing tumor. (notwithstanding that she already had her max of 2 radiation)
  5. Rec her to change her painkiller drug to lycril instead of tremidol which is more effective in 5th nerve pain mgt with less side effects on face . And perhaps increase dosage if she still cannot handle the pain.
  6. He would rec her to a pain specialist if Nec.

She will be consulting her medical onco next tue – to propose stopping chemo and seek her opinion on the ENT’s proposal to consult the radioonco with regard to the targetted dose of radiation on the growing tumor.

Background of patient: She is a firm believer of TCM. Had been seeing TCM for post NPC since 2004. Has been very careful on her diet as well.

I have not mooted the idea of asking her to go to Penang as yet.(as she is pretty tired now) Like to ask you for some info:-

  1. Have you seen such cases described above improved at your centre ever?
  2. Understand that you have a pain qi assessment method at your centre to prescribed the herbs.  Having described of patient’s condition rather in detailed (I hope) , do you have any particular herbs that may be able alleviate her pain and discomfort?

Appreciate your time on this email.  If nec, from your experience that herbs might help, I am prepared to courier them her to s’pore for her.

Hope to hear from you. Many thanks!

Reply: It is not my nature to play god and make promises. Why not just let the doctors take care of her.


I have no cure for your mother’s cancer

Hi  Chris,

Hope this email finds you well.  My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer, and
she’s now contemplating either to go for the standard Chemo + Radiotherapy or Trying herbs.

I checked your website out and find it very promising, but need to convince my mother. Could I check with you if you have an indication and database of how many people with NPC by stages who took
your   herbs and were successfully cured. This will greatly help me convince her.

Many thanks,

 Reply:  No…I think it is better you go  for medical treatment.

Hi Chris,

But I saw your website there are some cases of NPC which  they approach you and took your medication. What about those cases? Are there more successful cases of NPC being cured by your herbs?  I thought you’re almost against Western medical  treatment? Why are you telling me to seek other medical  treatment?

Reply:  Honest and frank ..I cannot cure  any cancer and no one on earth can cure any cancer either. Those who can have access to medical treatment …go ahead  and those who fail, can come to me.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your very frank answer.

From Sibu: NPC – Bone Cancer: Chemo and radiotherapy did not help

Dear Dr. Chris,

My Brother was diagnosed with NPC in December 2012 and completed 3 chemo cycles in 18 of Feb this year and he suffered a little pain on the abdomen and back. Doctor recommends him to have 33 cycles of radiotherapy (every week of 4 days radiotherapy and one day of chemo (1 hour dripping) and radiotherapy).

After the 10 cycles of radiotherapy he feels more pain on the abdomen and back, no appetite and can’t sleep at night. His weight is dropping from 78kg to 72kg within 2 weeks.The whole body with no energy at all. Doc advice to have bone scan and confirmed the cancer cells has spread mainly to the bone as on a stage 4 of NPC.

Doc recommended another 5 cycles of radiotherapy on the chest area. We can see that he have no more energy to complete the radio and chemotherapy. We do not want him to go through this suffering anymore.

This few days he can’t take any solid food and just can take the juice and plain water, the pain was go through from his waist until the whole leg and foot. He becomes anxious and depressed.

Dr. Christ can you help and guide us what to do. We are from Sibu Sarawak. Your kind of attention is very much appreciated. Thank you ! God Bless You !


Good morning Dr Teo,

We will arrange to fly over to Penang on 4/4/2013 Thursday morning at 9.35am arrive at 11.35am. According to your consultation time is on Friday and Sunday only. So do we need to wait until Friday to meet you?

Kindly let us know that which Apartment or Home stay recommended from your website which is near to your Centre. As we plan to stay for about 2 weeks in order for my brother to have your treatment.

Your kind of help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Reply: This is NOT the correct thing to do. There is NO need to stay for 2 weeks. There is nothing much I can do.

1. You come here and I see all the medical reports.

2. I prescribe the herbs and you go home.

At most the visit is only for 1 or 2 hours then you go home. If the patient is sick or difficult to walk.no need to bring the patient. Only the person who takes care of him come and see me.

So you only need to stay here for one night at most. Even if you stay for 2 weeks, there is nothing I can do to help you because the herbs take time to heal. Chris.

Comment: Please note that we are not a hospital.

Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did NOT Cure Him – Recurrence to Liver and Lung

Dear Dr Chris,

My husband was diagnosed with NPC in late 2008 and completed 33 radio and 6 chemo cycles in April 2009 and was in remission. He had been seeing a TCM since the completion of the treatment in April 2009 till to date.

In July 2012, it was discovered that it had spread mainly to the liver and a little to the lungs. He completed 6 cycles of chemo in November and CT scan on 5 December 2012 pronounced that the tumours were stable.

Yesterday, 19 February 2013, the CT scan revealed that new lesions on the liver were found and old lesions were bigger. Doc recommends another 6 cycles of chemo and probably oral medication to maintain after that.

Presently, he feels a little bloated in the tummy after eating, a little aches and pain on the abdomen and back. Appetite and sleep are generally normal. Energy level a little low these few weeks as compared to January. Attached are his CT Scans and Blood Tests results.

We are from Singapore and thinking of flying up on Sun 3 March.


Thank you and God bless. Regards,

Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did Not Cure – More Radiation Needed!

Dear Dr Chris,

I am 59 years old. I was referred to you by a friend who has survived cancer with your treatment.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 nasal cancer (NPC) in Jan 2011.  I had 4 rounds of chemo and 35 cycles of radiotherapy and completed my treatment on 1 April 2011. In May 2012, a PET scan showed that the tumor had recurred.

Rather reluctantly, I then had another 5 rounds of chemo, the last one was on 29 Oct, 2012. On 3 Jan 2013, I had another scan done and it showed that 80 per cent of the tumor was gone.  Now the oncologist has recommended that I go through another 30 cycles of radiotherapy to get rid of the residual cells. I do not want to go through it as I am still suffering from the effects of my last radiation.  In fact, if I had known of you earlier, I wouldn’t have gone through the 5 rounds of chemo.

Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to hearing from you.


NPC from Seremban

Dear Chris,

Two days ago I was diagnosed with NPC by a doctor in a Medical Centre without giving me any report after waiting for two weeks. He asked me to take up radio/chemo treatments even without a written report! He also couldn’t precisely tell me what stage I am.

I have my MRI results and all symptoms of NPC (double vision, lump on neck which by now already diminished, discharge from my left ear which have now stopped probably due to taking some natural herbs for the past two weeks, pressure on the head etc).

I am from Seremban and I intend to visit you tomorrow (Sunday 23/9/12). Do let me know if I should come over to meet you.

Thank you. Regards, C

Another Case: Hoping for a cure with Sabah Snake Grass

17 June 2012

Dear Dr.,

My husband is treating himself with Sabah Snake Grass (plus vegetable and fruit base diet). He is losing weight now.

Going into three weeks, he said he started to feel the pain which he didn’t formerly.

My questions:

Is that the sign of healing process?

Is he developing his immune system by then?

Is it okay for him to experience that pain?

I do not want him to lose hope and give up the mother nature treatment. I would like to get some opinions from you. Thank you.

23 May 2012

Dear, Dr. Chris,My husband is just diagnosed with NPC. He has decided to take the alternative treatment.  We are having travelling problems due to the financial commitments.  Apart from the business debts, my children studies are next in the list.  How I wish I could go to you from Melaka.

We do not want to lose him because of the killing therapy offered from the oncologist and the insurance company. What more when he has witnessed his two brother in-laws died of the same therapy due to leukemia and nerve cancer (which I’m not sure what the scientific name for it). In fact the leukemia patient passed away before his very own eyes.

His father too, does not want him to go for that treatment. He said, enough is enough, he has lost his two son in-laws too soon because of chemo and do not want to lose his only son the same way. I was truly touched by his fatherly tears very early in the morning.  The five children especially the youngest and only son also still need the father to be with them along the way developing their own lives. Of course, I want my husband for his caring and love. He is my source of strength.

Is there in any way that I could do home treatment for my husband? (To start with, we are changing our diet-eliminating farm and dairy product. Going for only vegetables and fruits). Attached are some of the documents you might be interested to see and recommend me what to do next.  I’m still on my way reading your Cancer war book.

Thank you. I am very sure Allah blesses you for all you have done, doing and will do for the needy.

M, Melaka.


NPC from Indonesia

Hi. I’m An from indonesia. I want to get some information about your care n medicine. I want to help poor people names pak gunawan who got nasofaring cancer. He got biopsy but still not radiasi n chemo yet. Now he got difficulty to swallow food. What should I do to help him. He try to drink sirsak leave which boiled with water every day. Pls let me know what should I buy for him n how much does it cost. Thank you. Regards.

NPC from Singapore

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am from Singapore, I was diagnose with nasopharyngeal cancer on 14 Mar 2012. The report from Tan Tock Seng Hospital Singapore is attached. I came to know you through a book written by Betty Khoo. Kindly advise and help me in treating my nose cancer.

Since 14 Mar 2012, I went on alkaline water, fruits & veg only, Currently I am also doing chi breathing excercise and Bioresonance Therapy in Singapore.

The reason I email to you instead of going to Penang direct is because I am a bankrupt and need special approval from Official Assignee to leave Singapore. I am also still working at the moment to continue getting some income. Thank you in advance for helping me overcoming this hard time.

Nose Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Professor Dr Chris Teo,

My name is T,46 year old. Last December 2010 in Mahkota Hospital Malacca my doctor said I had cancer in my nose. They called nasofaring cancer at stadium 2b or 3.

After back at home town is Jakarta Indonesia, I went to Darmais Cancer Hospital for all checkup. The doctor said must go for chemo treatment and radiotherapy..

But I hear so many of my friends after treatment the cancer still remain or come back again, So I try my best to get some herbal for myself and eat healthy food, No meat and half vegetarian.

On June I went back to Malacca again. The oncologist  said I must go to for treatment. Until now I don’t want treatment by chemo and radiotherapy.

I believe herbal will improve myself. So I have a plan to go to Penang for consult with you. Please advise me when is the right time to visit.

Thanks and regards


Nose Cancer from KL. No need to panic!

Hello Chris,

Can we please make an appointment to meet up with you urgently. My brother, aged 49 years, has just been diagnosed with Nasal Pharyngeal Cancer, stage 3, Type 2. We had the oncologist consultation today, and have been advised that he needs 7 weeks of radio therapy ( 35 treatments to zapping the tumour) coupled with 3 small chemo dosages all costing him an approximate $35,000 ball-park figure. My brother is unemployed. We are helping him to raise the hefty amount of monies.

The set back is that he will not be able to start treatment until the 2nd week of September due to the Hari Raya public holidays. I have been praying so hard and asking the Lord to please lead us to the right “Doctor” who can help him. Today after our fellowship, I saw the word “Cancer” nailed to the cross of Jesus! I believe that the Lord will heal my brother and he will have a testimony of Jesus on his lips.

Your e-mail was just forwarded to me from my brother who is not a Christian (yet)… We are currently in K.L. and are able to drive down immediately to see you (if you are available)

Please do let us know.

Reply:  Nothing to worry and nothing to panic …take it easy …. relax … bring all your reports and scans … come and see me tomorrow night (Sunday) at 7 pm onwards ….or you can wait till the mad rush is over and come and see me…no need to rush.

Nose Cancer: Chemo and Radiation Failed Him

Hi, Dr. Chris,

I’m from Seberang Perai, Penang. Wanna ask you something regarding my uncle who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) about 6 months ago. Saw your website while looking for some help.  Hope u will be free to reply my email.

My uncle, 38 year-old went to Loh Guan Lye Hospital for radio- and chemotherapy treatment after diagnosed with NPC (stage II entering III) in KPJ, Bukit Mertajam. He finished all treatments 4 months ago. About 2 months before, he noticed a mass growing bigger in front of his chest wall. He went back again to see the doctor for biopsy and nasal region scanning. The report was out on 7th February 2011 and we were told that the tumour had metastasized to the chest region and somewhere between the eyes area. We were stunned being told that the cancer now becomes stage IV.

I called the doctor and discussed briefly about my uncle’s condition. His suggestion is to do chemo treatment again with only 50-60% confidence to control the spreading. I know it’s almost impossible to “cure” stage IV cancer, but we still hope there will be some alternatives to “cure” my uncle. My opinion is, for the time being, chemotherapy will do more harm in order just to prolong my uncle’s life. So we want to try out herbs or any remedies that could “cure.”.

Dr. Chris, do you have any suggestion for my uncle’s case? Is there any herb or remedy which can be given to my uncle? We have no idea on what to do now. Sincerely hope Dr. Chris will be free to reply my email. Thank you very much.

Reply: You just have to go into our website: www.cacare.com (which I believe you have already done so!). Read the newsletters and also the Case Study section. There are many testimonies in there. Come and see me on Fridays or Sundays. All details and instructions on what to do, are in the said website. What you need to do is just read what I wrote in there and do the necessary.

NPC – Chemo and He Died

Hi Chris,

A friend just passed on with nose cancer that had spread to the lungs, Stage 4.

I attended his wake last night. His brother was so angry with the doctors, saying that the (…doctors…) told them that his brother, at Stage 4 nose cancer, had a 60% chance of survival. They asked him do chemo, do radiation. Some more, for radiation needs to make a face mold for him. After 1st chemo, he was ok. After 2nd chemo, whole body became worse and he died.

Chris, my question is: Why do chemo for Stage 4 patients? I thought once it is Stage 4, doctors can’t do much already – so why still ask people to do it? This will kill them faster? Am I right?

Sob… my friend was only 40 plus. Saw his young wife. So poor thing. He also took TCM herbs. It helped him to feel much better. But I think it was chemo which killed him.

JT, Singapore.

Dear JT,

That is right CHEMO can kill, but what to do … people believe in doctors!!!!! I have one chap with NPC. He came to see me many, many years ago for a week and ran off to the doctors after that. He did 6 x chemo and 36 x radiotherapy. The cancer came back. Chemo again! This time 18 x. After that the cancer came back again and he did chemo again, for 8 x more. Again the cancer came back. The doctor said more chemo. This time something got into his head and last week came back to me again to ask for help.

See, chemo never cure …and it can kill like your friend. But what to do? The world is such.

Take care. Take it easy. Be angry but don’t can upset. It is not good for you. Remember, that is the way it is …at the end, I always say: I can only help certain people, but not all people. Smile and take life easy. Ho, ho, this weekend we are going to relax in Bali.

God bless,

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