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My daughter is suffering from osteosarcoma

Dear Dr Teo,

Hi, I’m living in KL but working in Johor, and I’m reading your book “Cancer, is there another option”.

Just to brief you the history of sickness of my 16 years old daughter. Early of this year, her knee was painful. My wife sent her to various senseh for treatment and also took an X ray photo. At last, she recovered. But unfortunately, she fell down from staircase in school. My wife quickly sent her to the last senseh who twisted her knee and cured her (but she had suffered the unbearable pain and scared to see the senseh), my wife later sent her to a senseh who did acupuncture for her. Again, my daughter had taken second X ray photo.

After several treatment, there was no improvement. At the end, my wife had no choice but brought my daughter together with 2 X ray photo to UM Specialist Centre to consult a professor. The professor suspected my daughter was suffering from cancer and wanted my wife to send her to UMMC the next day. I rushed back KL from Johor on the same night after receiving phone call from my wife. After discussion, we decided to adopt alternative/natural therapy, including homeotherapy, natural points massage, other method taught by Lapis Lazuli and also consumption of food supplements. The sickness improved.

Unfortunately at the end of April, the tumor at the knee was becoming bigger and bigger (one of the nutritionist said it could be due to lack of protein, because we are vegan, senseh advised my daughter not to take beans. So after a few months of treatment, it’s understandable that my daughter’s body is lack of protein).

At this time, both of my wife and me were worried and no choice but to go to do MRI scan and to consult the doctor at UMSC again. Early May, my daughter was sent to UMMC to start western treatment. My daughter underwent the first chemotherapy on 15 May, this Tue was the 2nd time of 1st cycle, my daughter and wife are still in hospital. The photo i attach was taken before chemo. After chemo, the size of tumor had actually increased before it started to shrink.

Doctor advised us to do operation after 2 cycles of chemo. I had rejected it when i met the doctor on Tue. We are thinking the most is to carry out 6 cycles of chemo, but we may stop it after 2nd cycle.

So, my purpose is to consult your opinion. I would like my daughter to consume herbs rather than western medicine.

Thanks and regards,

Reply:  Sarcoma is a very very difficult problem …you can read what I wrote here… http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/sarcoma/ You know chemo is not going to cure it … the only chance is amputation. I have another tragic case of sarcoma on hand which I have not written yet …his whole arm up to the shoulder was removed. Still no cure and the cancer went to the lung …. so it is very, very hard case.

Thank you for your reply. Since the boy had done amputation and he was still unable to be cured, that means amputation is not a good chance. A Japanese cancer expert with 40 years experience had mentioned in his book that surgery will cause the cancer cells burst and spread to other parts of body. All these doors (chemotherapy, surgery, herbs, etc) are closed, I believe there will be another door opens for me.


hello..im Andar from perak..i diagnosed with osteosarcoma left tibia in 2008 at age 18 year old..i have done surgery n kimo..on january 2012..i done ct scan..i there is 1 node in my lung..biopsy n removal of node done on march 2012..it is the metasasis of the cancer before..now i have done with ct scan n waiting for the report..i have read your website..n i real all the sucessful story inside..my qustion now..i dont know what to do..i eat everything i like..n i very afraid the cancer come back..i want to know did u have any sugestion or anlernative cure? how much the cost of treatment?

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