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Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Please be informed that, my father aged 65 years has been diagnosed with bile duct (cholangiocarcinoma) cancer which is in advanced stage. As per the different doctors advice we have started the chemo therapy 10 days back and based on the 6 weeks treatment, the results will be verified (another 2 treatments left) to see if there is any reduction in the tumor, but we would like to discontinue the chemo therapy as my father is losing the quality of life due to the side effects.

My father is suffering with lot of abdominal pain and we kindly need your advice to see if there is any therapy that will heal the pain. After searching so much in the web, I came across CA Care and have read many success stories on the same cancer from different patients and I would like to discuss with you and understand on the herbal medication.

We are from India, but we are very much ready to come over to Penang with all the reports to consult and discuss with you and understand the different herbs which will be useful in healing the body and also my father can visit subsequently (At present my father do not have the passport and we are in the process of obtaining the same) but I will definitely come to your place for the consultation with all the reports.

More about patient:

Age 65 years, Diabetes 2 with Hypertension and  Recently Diagnosed(September 16 2015) with Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer and stomach related) with 4 stage.

We admitted patient in hospital with severe Abdominal pain, especially pain at tumour site. He has a tumour on 8th lobe of the Liver.

Doctors said he has only 6 months.

Current Symptoms he has severe abdominal Pain with restlessness. We depending now on opioid trans-dermal patches with tramadol paracetamol combination. He has only fluid intake like rice fluid and Milk and pomegranate and carrot juice and millets juice

Our intention of approach is to increase the quality of life by reducing symptoms with in small span of time

Chemotherapy 1st cycle completed with Gemcetabine and Oxaliplatin.

We can’t move the patient from Hyderabad.

Is there any drug interactions with your medicine. We need early results. We are unable to see his pain.

We may not able to come there and visit, but I have my best friend in Malaysia who can come and visit to explain the Case and handover report copies.

Reply: It is very very hard for me to take care of patients from far away places — many patients from India came to see me in person but only once …at the end of it all, it is just a wasted efforts. Coming to see me once is just meaningless without follow up visits.

But I cannot stop you from coming to see me — you don’t have to bring the patient. The travel is bad for him. But let me say out front, this it is going to be a useless effort and waste of money — unless of course, money is not a problem.  

I am real disappointed so far with patients who come from far away places. It is because of this that it would be better for you to find someone else in India who can help you. 

I am sorry for being so blunt but I just want to be honest with you.





Breast Cancer: When surgery, chemo and tamoxifen did not cure

Hi Dr. Chris,

my name is Y and I am from ….. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because my wife K, 45 years old is suffering from cancer since 2004. The cancer first detected was from the breast and she already have her breast surgically removed and after that went for chemotherapy. She also took tamoxifen.

But the cancer still spread and all in to date she already have 4 bouts of chemotherapy. All her chemo did not work. For the last chemotherapy, she did not complete her cycle because the chemo is not working anymore as her pain worsens.

Right now she is warded in GH for the past 3 weeks just for pain management only. The last CT scan one month ago the cancer have spread to her back bones. She is now immobilised and even had difficulty sitting up.

Dr, I am at a lost right now on what I can do to help my wife. I would certainly like to make an appointment to bring my wife to consult you on anything that can be done personally but her  condition doesn’t permit us to do so. Dr, I know that you are very busy with your schedules and patient I sincerely wish you could help us on this or advice us on how to ease her pain.

Thank you Dr for your time to read this mail. Right now I am just praying miracle will happen. God bless you. Yours sincerely. 

Reply: Everybody who comes to see me wants a miracle … but I am not god and I don’t offer any miracle. Things like this happen all the time … but if I can help in anyway, you can come and see me at 11 am ….. Monday to Friday … go to www.cancercaremalaysia.com to get more detail.


After Chemo: Weak & Whole Body Pain

dear dr chris,

My husband named BC  with patient no. S 308, we visited you in Dec 2012. He has gone for chemo after drinking your herbal in Penang. He has done his chemo for 12 x and  wanted to take herbal now. We wanted to get his last prescription from you. His condition now is weak and in pain all over his body. he does takes any pain killer.

thank you for your attention.

PLEASE – We Don’t Have Magic Bullet!

Dear Chris,

Hope this email finds you well. I would like to update you on my mom’s healing process.

We brought her to Gleneagles yesterday to get a blood test done as she wanted some assurance of progress.

Her pain is still there. And she is taking pain killers from the hospital. It haven’t fully take the pain away.

Her appetite has increased slightly but generally she is still weak and have not seen big jump of progress after the initial stage of taking the herbs since mid-July. Her CEA is very high now 195.

She has been on the herbs diligently till 3 days ago.

Can you advise us what to do in view that the high CEA seems to mean that the cancer has spread or being very active despite taking the herbs and following the diet?

Apart from taking your herbs and following the diet, is there anything you can advise us? Naturally, we are concern if we are to continue on the same treatment or how? Increase the dosage?

Pls advise. Thank you.

Reply:  There is NO magic in the healing of cancer. You have to take it easy, otherwise find someone else who can give you the magic bullet or the comfort. Don’t expect the tumour to disappear after taking herbs …no one can do that. Chris.

Hi Chris,

Appreciate yr prompt reply. Purpose of email is to seek your advice and counsel, not seeking any magic bullet. It’s been one year of journey for us in my mom’s cancer and seeking any magic bullet in my humble opinion is way overdue.

We have been supporting my mom in taking your herbs and also reminding her of the evidence of efficacy.

My question is, is there a need to increase the dosage, do any adjustments or shall we keep it as it is and continue to monitor her progress?

Would it be helpful to bring her to see you for follow up consultation? Also to consult on the pain therapy machine so prayerfully she can wean off her pain killer med.

Thank you.

Reply:  Yes, and I am glad that you do understand that there is NO magic bullet and no one can cure cancer! I have just written an article in the website,.Cancer is all about you as a person. And I have many articles written about the meaningless rise and fall of CEA, etc. Please read them!

Then, what is the next step? COME and see me with all the test that you have done. Tell me what has been going on. And if there is a need to go further … try the e-Therapy but you need to stay here for at least 5 days (and we do this therapy for free to our cancer patients!!). I have helped many patients with their pains using the e-Therapy.

I Can’t Help by Sitting In front of a Computer

Hi Chris,

I seek your expertise advise, currently my mother is still taking your herbs and for about 2 months, her last blood test was quiet promising. About 2 to 3 weeks back she went back to the hospital for her appointment on removing her urine bag and was given injection dosage of anti-bacteria on her right side above her bum. 3 days later she had severe pain on her right leg from her bum all the way to her foot, her description of the pain is like a needle poking her leg.

we had to bring her back to the hospital for checkup regarding her complain and doctor say that it could be her back that is giving problem and wanted her to see the specialist and were given pain killer and vitamin. Her pains persist and we do not want to waste our time to go back to the hospital and eventually we brought her to the nearest clinic and was given vein repair tablet. Recently we brought her to acupuncture and after 2 session she feel a bit better but pattern of the her pain change, she will feel the pain in the night all the way to the morning and during the day she will not feel any pain.

we are puzzled and worry about her pain thinking that is it possible that cancer could have spread to her right leg,?? Is it safe for her to go for X-ray or other scan on her right leg since she is a cancer patient (liver and rectal colon). please advise us.


Best Regards

Reply: Well — I really can’t help much by sitting in front of a computer ….Do the best you can with all the help you have in Singapore. If you are here, I may be able do more. X-ray — so after that, what do you think they can do? Cancer spread there??? No likely at all.


Always in Pain from Indonesia

Dear sir,

I need to consult my father’s condition whom 2 weeks ago diagnosed metastasis III by neurologist, oncologist and orthopedist. My father’s age is 65 years. There was no cancer diagnosis before but 2 weeks ago.

For two months (when this letter written), my father feel very painful on his left leg up to his waist. He cannot use his foot to walk owing to this pain. He can only rest on the bed.

Ortopedist  advised medical surgery for taking away tumor which press his nerves so that he can walk as before. His oncologist advised him radiation therapy.

We need your advice what to do since my father does not want to take two two advices. Instead, he wanted traditional massage. Frankly, medical surgery cost which is so high and expensive is another consideration. We cannot afford that.

Every time my father feeling pain, the only we can do is giving “painkiller” which is prescribed by doctor. This painkiller does not help. He always feeling pain. Is physiotherapy allowed for this condition?

We do need your advice of medication(s)  for restoring his condition. Thank you for your advice. We are looking for hearing your advice

Reply: where are you from?

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