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Medicine Could Not Cure Her Pains! Joint pains, rashes etc.

Dear Dr. Teo,

Good day.

I know you are very reluctant to take on patient via email, and I truly believe that a disease won’t be cured by just sitting in front of a monitor. I write to you because I do not want to live with steroid, I have faith in natural healing.

I am a … PhD student studying in Australia, due to stress/ or genetic (not sure), I started to developed knee and joint pain, rashes (Dr. describe as immune system disorder symptom) and a very high ANA (640). Dr. advice me to see rheumatologist.

I was just lucky to find you when browsing about rheumatologist in Penang. I know you are a cancer specialist. I just want to ask if you willing to see me, advice me on the herbs or lifestyle that could help reduce my suffer?

Actually, I have been suffering from joint pain, fatigue, back pain, eyes dryness, ear buzzing… . I used to have asthma, cyst, fibroid, hyperthyroid, allergy, sinus, etc. Now I am suffering from rashes, skin itch, back pan and walking difficulty.

In the past 10 years, I have spent a lot of times, undergone all scans that you could find in the very prestige hospitals in Penang and never a Dr. can tell me my real problem. I am actually very reluctant to go back to a private hospital for my condition now, but I really don’t know what else I can do.

I will be back to Penang from 26 Jan to 19 Feb, I really hope to have chance to see you and get your advice. thank you for your time to read this email. Attached is my recent blood test report from the hospital in Queensland. Best regards

Reply: There is a lady — 35 plus, bank officer with RA … she was at the end of the road as far as medical treatment is concerned … the doctor wanted to give her chemo drug –. She was reluctant and came to see me … 2 weeks she got better! Yes, come and see me and we shall discuss….come by end of Jan if you can. What are you studying in Australia? Take care.


Dear Chris,


Thanks a lot for replying me, It was a surprise and full of joy 🙂 I will definitely come to see you once touch down in Penang. I am studying Economics in Queensland. See you soon. Thank you.

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