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Make No Mistake CA Care Has A SOUL – WHO TURN THE SICK AWAY?

Dear Sir, 

Turning the sick away

I read with interest your articles and views about treating cancer through herbs and natural therapies.

It provides hope to sufferers of this dreaded disease. At the same time, I realized that you are a very outspoken and downright straightforward character which is actually not so good for cancer sufferers. Whilst we do not dispute your knowledge on plants and herbs which had assisted many, there is something which you may not have known about terminal ill people.

Very ill people are always in a dilemma. We are brought up in a society guided by western medicine and practices. Right from an infant, we were given western vaccinations to prevent small pox and tb etc. and very few can say that these jabs were not useful/

When we sneeze or cough, we tend to seek the doc’s consultation and prescription for relief. All our life, we were dependent on western medicine. Similarly, when we contract a terminal illness, we are unable to detach fully from our dependency on western medical advice even when facing death. It’s a psychological problem and not really a matter of disbelief of your herbs or your ability to heal or provide a longer term solution.

Cancer patients not only suffer the illness, they also lived in fear. Fear of making wrong decisions, fear of not knowing which is correct.

Cancer patients will always be standing in the middle of the crossroad. They need sympathy, love and patient. They need to be counselled and advised in as calm a manner as possible and should not be told straightforwardly to go elsewhere if they asked too many questions. At least that’s what one would interprete after reading your columns and watching your interviews.

After all, God will not turn anyone away when one seeks his healing touch.

I pray you will do the same for all cancer patients, inquisitive or otherwise.

Thank you very much for listening.

Yours truly,

Kampong Boy – A simple folk with a big disease.

Reply: Thank you very much for your email. No, your perception is WRONG…just an arm chair critic. I know what is like to be a Kampong Boy like you. I know what it is like to be poor. I know what is like not to understand or being ignorant. I am very willing to help those who really need help.  I know what is like to be treated unfairly in life. When I was in school I did not even have a pair of trousers to wear, until I was 18 years old and got a job!

When patients come and talk to me for hours, I don’t charge them any consultation fee. It is all free.  When they do the e-therapy at my centre it is also for free. Why do I do this — because I was once a Kampong Boy.

Make no mistake, I have never turned away patients from coming to see me. That would be greatest sin I would have committed if I do that.  Where do you get that idea from?

BUT I am also not a politician — I don’t promise anything. I am not God. Only 30% of patients who come would benefit. from what I do. And I want everybody to know that. The remaining 70% cannot…JUST CANNOT. They refuse to change and want healing on their own terms. In cancer you must CHANGE — your attitude, your lifestyle, your thinking, etc. If you don’t want to change, no one can help you.

Yes I am out spoken because I want to tell you the truth. I have the BREAK that old thinking, the old ways. Yes, you need help, you need understanding but why be a lame duck and want others to  pity you. Learn to stand up and help yourself. At CA Care we want to empower you and teach you to get well — we just don’t give you herbs. TEACH you to change..and that is hard and difficult for most people to accept. That is why I am hard and outright blatant.

Truth hurts but you better learn the truth if you want to heal yourself. Healing is about YOU …you heal yourself, better know that. You will be a dead duck if you only depend on what others say or tell you to do.

If you have been so used to be dependent on others like you say in your email, then it is about time that you wake up and know that for cancer it is a different ball game altogether. It is you who die, not others.

Most people come to see me wanting  to hear only what they want to hear. They only want to find magic bullet which is not available. Worst still they want to find healing on their own terms … …if these people do not realize or understand  this, there is nothing I can do to help. For this type of people they are better off going somewhere  else —- but this does not mean I want to turn them away….but they just wasting their time. And 70% of people who come to me belong to this group — unfortunately.

Again, make no mistake, CA Care is open to all  who need help. We want to help everyone irrespective of race, religion or financial status. The poor and the rich, the Tan Sris and datuks or the hawker get the same treatment in CA Care. I treat everyone equal here. You may even want to know that I even scold some  patients and these people (after the scolding) tell me that I do this because I care for  them and want them to get well.

But some lame ducks, interpret the scolding differently …they want me to play ball with them. They want sympathy, pity. etc. This will not help them.  Over my 16 years helping people, I know that most people use CA Care as a door mat. So interpret what I do the way you want.

I know where I am going with CA Care and know that my mission here is to help people (and without any consultation fee). Unfortunately, I am not able help all people. I win some and I lose some.

Thank you for writing. If you need help come and see me. No use watching videos. Sitting in front of  the computer hoping to heal your cancer is not the way.

My message to all patients: Stand up and do something for yourself. Sitting back and asking the world to stop spinning and to take pity on you will bring you anywhere. 



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