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Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Medicine Cannot Cure

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is R and I am from Singapore.

My father was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma stage 2/3 in 2012 after a lump was found on his back.   An operation was performed to cut away the lump. After the operation, my father underwent radiation therapy with no chemo. In early 2014, the cancer has recurred and metastasize to several locations in his body. With each chemo treatment for the stage 4 cancer, my father has grown weaker and his blood count deteriorate. Recently, my father has jaundice and complained of stomach aches and after scans, doctor has suspected that there are lumps which are pressing against the liver bile duct. Last month, my father underwent a procedure to place a stent in his bile duct to ease the flow of bile. Despite a brief period of improvement, a latest blood test revealed that the bile level is increasing. We have rejected doctor’s recommendation to chemo as my father is very weak at the moment.

At this juncture, we have decided to opt for herbal treatment. I have read about your good self and your very informative website. You have offered hope and a listening year to countless others and I do sincerely appreciate your tireless efforts to help those in need. I would like to take you away from your busy schedule to obtain insights and advice from your good self on how to ease my father’s suffering. I am very keen to visit you to seek your advice and opinion. Unfortunately, my father is quite weak at the moment to make the travel. However, my sister and I would be very appreciative if we could come to visit you with all the scans and medical report. Thank you good Sir. Yours in need.

Reply: You are welcome to come and see me with all the reports and scans — BUT let me tell you honestly — it is too late and too advanced. Even if you come and see me, what can I do — there is NO magic bullet. Doctors have failed and you expect herbs to be the hero? Not logical at all. I don’t want to disappoint you but I have to be honest. So don’t be misled.




Breast Cancer from India — Chemo and Radiation did not cure

Dear Dr,

Your reference has been given by Mr M. My wife was detected with breast cancer 2 years ago. Please find attached some reports. Below is the summary of the treatment.

12 April 13 Mammography – Showed lesion left breast 12 O* Clock axis(BIRADS IV)

16 April 13 MRI Breast – Showed Multifocal malignancy in the left breast (BIRADS-6). Lesion noted in the right breast at 12 and 1 clock axis showed low suspicion of malignancy

22 April 13 – Breast Conservation surgery performed

22 April 13 –Biopsy Finding – Invasive ductal carcinoma, multifocal Nottingham grade I, left breast. Regional lymph nodes shopw reactive changes.(0/17), pT1pN0pM0. Benign proliferative breast disease, surrounding breast tissye ER/PR – POSITIVE, Her 2 neu  1+

17 May 13 to 13 Sep 13- 6 Cycles of FEC chemotherapy given with a gap of every 3 weeks.

17 Oct to 22 Nov – Given 25 fractions of  External beam radiotherapy by IGRT with gating to the left breast.

2 Dec 13 to 10 Dc 13 – 7 cycles of Electron boost to the lumpectomy cavity

Since Jan 14  on Tamoxifin. Was Amenorrhea for 8 months, Heavy MC for 14 days continuous. Then no further bleeding. The MC is irregular thereafter.

Ultrasound (TVS) showed Simple cysts in bilateral ovaries. Endometrial thickness is 9.2mm

The doctors have suggested Ovarian ablation but patient is not very keen on getting it done.

Please suggest/advise herbal medicine that may be good for her. We can communicate by email or if you prefer we can visit you also.

Thanks and with best regards

Reply: I am sorry … we don’t do on-line treatment or consultation….. if you think we can help you…come and see us with all the scans / reports ..we take it from there.



Prostate Cancer from Florida — Hormone therapy & radiation failed

My man was diagnosed Oct 2012 with prostate cancer with metastases to his sacrum.   His Gleason’s score was 4+4=8 Stage 4 cancer.  His PSA was 99.

We live in Florida (USA) and went the medical oncology route beginning with hormone therapy -Trelstar injection from his urologist which lowered his PSA. then a chemo iv drip with zometa was used which caused some bones to weaken so it was discontinued.

His PSA generally stays between 12 and 5.  This year when his psa was at 15 he underwent 45 external radiation treatments which were aimed to his prostate, and sacrum as well as several smaller tumors on other nearby bones. Treatment ended May 1, 2015.
The follow up imaging in June 2015 showed no decrease in tumor size and uptake but the doctors all state how pleased they are since “they consider” NO GROWTH OR INCREASE as Remission even though the cancer remains the same.   His bone pain is much worse now
( he also has some degenerative bone and muscle disease)  he had to quit working last week and is now on disability. They want him to see an orthopedic specialist. He is 54 years old.

After reading your website I am intrigued at a possibility of a better way of handling this.  I would appreciate your thoughts if you have time to share them with me.   I would be very appreciative.

Sincerely and respectfully.

Reply: I am too far away to be able to help you. If I am sick, and live in Florida…I would go to this place: http://hippocratesinst.org/Hippocrates Health Institute offers natural health care and education.

It is amazing to me that we get this immediate Response from you. It takes much longer to hear from Most of his doctors and they live within A few miles from us. Thank you for your reply.  I have looked At the website you recommended and I will do the research tomorrow.   Are you personally aware of anyone having gone to them?   Have a pleasant day. Respectfully,

Reply: Go to this website: http://michaelleelanning.com/books.html This is the book that I read some time ago. 

“At War With Cancer: One Couple’s Strategic Battles for Survival Using Both Traditional and Alternative Treatments” 

When diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer, LTC (Ret) Michael Lee Lanning faced a new and fearsome enemy that the doctors said would kill him in 6-18 months. Instead of accepting this as his fate, Lanning, with the help of his wife Linda, pursued strategies–both conventional and alternative–to battle his disease and fight for his life. This book tracks the Lannings’ war with cancer from diagnosis to survival, from exploring traditional treatments at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center to transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle learned at Hippocrates Health Institute, from enduring the depths of despair to embracing the heights of hope. Their experiences and insights shared here is the information they sought for themselves when Lanning was first diagnose.



Lung Cancer from Singapore: Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, Iressa – did not help

Dear Chris,

My mom now age 68 has stage 4 lung cancer and i would like to bring her to see u.  As we are from Singaapore, can u please advise if we were to see u on a Friday, how long must we stay in Penang to get the medicine please?   If Sun, any different?

I will provide the latest CT scan n medical reports when we visit,  but here is a short summary.

  • Diagnose with Stage 3A Lung cancer in April 2012.  Went through chemo and radiation immediately in preparation for surgery.
  • Start TCM 19 May 2012.
  • Surgery to remove lower portion of right lung on  10 Aug 2012.
  • After surgery, discover there were still cancer cells in some of  the bio samples taken out.  Scheduled to go for chemo but could not go due to low white blood cells.   Rely totally on TCM to try to kill cancer cells and rebuilt immunity meanwhile.
  • In Sep 2013, progression of cancer. Start Irressa 21 Sep 2013.
  • Irressa not effective 2 Dec 2014 (1 yr 2 mths).
  • Now ask to go chemo to prolong life.

The last time my mom went through chemo, she was in so much pain n could not walk.  It was not expected by the oncologist.   We are going to say no to more chemos n radiations.

Thanks very much for taking time to read my email.

Reply:  I don’t not think you need to bring your mom to see us. There is really nothing much I can do to help. You have done all what the doctors wanted her to do — surgery, chemo, radiation, Iressa etc… and no help. And she is also  on TCM. Why don’t she continue taking the TCM herbs .. I cannot cure her cancer… even you come and see me what do you expect me to do? Regards.

NPC from Sabah: Onco gave up?

Good day to you Prof,

For your information my husband was diagnosed NPC stage 4 on January 2013. He took 3 cycle of chemotherapy and the tumor had shrunk. He refused radiotherapy because many people told him that the side effects of RT is bizarre. He finished the 3 cycle chemo on April 2013.

By end of July 2013, there was a lump on his neck and we decided to ct scan again. The result was the tumor was metastasis and need immediate treatment. We went to private hospital since we were rejected by oncologist at general Hospital regarding our reluctant of RT last April.

Thus my husband received treatment starting with chemotherapy and 35 time RT. He finished his treatment on 21st November 2013.

On March 2014, We do CT Scan again and it shows that the tumor was gone. His nose and neck is clear. We were very happy that time.

But it was just the beginning of my husband illness. On that month, he claimed pain on his hips and leg…the pain come and go…we went for xray and ultrasound of his abdomen and everything is normal.

Then again, on end of May 2014 he was admitted to hospital because of anemia…from that day he always anemia even though he had blood transfusion.

Last week doctor arranged him for Bone Marrow Aspiration and the result is there are NPC Metastatic on his bone.

Now the oncologist give us 2 options : Chemo or Go Home and wait.

For your information my husband weight before all the treatment was 82kg and now he only 42kg.

I believe we were chosen to faced this and i believed in God miracle. I pray for God show us the way.

I googled about bone mets and i found your website.

We discussed and we hope we can fly to Penang and meet you for consultations and medications. But time is very limited to us

My husband chose to do the chemotherapy but he afraid if he is not strong enough to go through it. The chemo will be start next Tuesday.

I hope Doctor can give us second opinion about this matter.

Thank you in advance doctor.

Reply: if the past chemo and radiation treatment did not cure him …what make you think this time around it is going to cure you?

Now he admitted to hospital due to his low red blood and platelet..he is receiving blood and platelet transfusion..he went to his 1st palliative chemo last Tuesday..but this morning the onco suggest us go home and the no need chemo anymore.

I really want to bring him to ca care..we know there is no cure for his illness..I’m waiting for his blood stable and then decide when we can meet you.

But can you estimate the cost so that i can tell the family and discuss how to bear the cost later.

By the way..thanks for replying us.

Lung Cancer: Chemo and Radiation. Patient unconscious. Oncologist gave up

Dear Dr Teoh,

My fiance male, age 46 was diagnosed primary lungs cancer with metastasis to cervical spine, spleen, right inguinal hernia and lymph node involvement. He received two doses of chemo therapy, 5 times radiotherapy over the cervical. 3 times radiotherapy at the left lung but didn’t complete another 2 radiotherapy because he is too weak. The oncologist told us to stop the radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well. He’s having some complications such as thrombosis at the renal vein and inferior vena cava. Currently he is able to aroused and aware of things happen around him but not able to respond as he had stroke or possible brain metastasis.

I would like to seek the herbs therapy from you. He is currently admitted to private hospital in Melaka and need small oxygen support, feeding tube and need total nursing care. In view of his condition i would like to enquiry:
~ can i feed the herbs via the feeding tube?
~ any suggestion of the nearby hospital in Penang that i can settle him as he need continue nursing care
~is that any branches in Selangor or Johor so that it is safer to transfer him by ambulance

Thank you and best regards

Reply: I am sorry. We cannot handle such a case. Better ask the doctor to help him.  chris


Kindly reconsider it. The doctor already told him that he is not responding to the chemotherapy. Thanks

Cancer of Cervix: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation. Cancer Spread to Her Lungs

Dear Dr. Chris,

I get to know your name and info from one of my friend. My mom is now stay in Segamat, Johor.

At the beginning,she has a bleeding problem and went for CT scan. Scan show she got cervix cancer. Thus, she went to Hospital Columbia to see a doctor and remove her uterus. After that doctor took her uterus for checking and found that her cancer cell has been spread out from her uterus.
Than, she has been recommend to Subang Cancer center to do Chemo & Radiotherapy. After done that, she went for PET SCAN, and result show that she is now having lung cancer and lymph cancer stage 4. Doctor said from his statistic, 50% of this kind of patient cannot survive more than 1 year!

Anyhow, She is now feeling good, no pain, no symptom. She till now still cannot accept this reality. We love her so much and we do not want to lost her. Most important, she is so desire to live! Please help her!

I attached herewith her report. Please advise when should she go to see you. Please allow us to make appointment with you as soon as possible because this is a LIFE! Thank You so much for your previous time and help!

18 Sept 2013 at 19:14pm from Phillipines.

Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did NOT Cure Him – Recurrence to Liver and Lung

Dear Dr Chris,

My husband was diagnosed with NPC in late 2008 and completed 33 radio and 6 chemo cycles in April 2009 and was in remission. He had been seeing a TCM since the completion of the treatment in April 2009 till to date.

In July 2012, it was discovered that it had spread mainly to the liver and a little to the lungs. He completed 6 cycles of chemo in November and CT scan on 5 December 2012 pronounced that the tumours were stable.

Yesterday, 19 February 2013, the CT scan revealed that new lesions on the liver were found and old lesions were bigger. Doc recommends another 6 cycles of chemo and probably oral medication to maintain after that.

Presently, he feels a little bloated in the tummy after eating, a little aches and pain on the abdomen and back. Appetite and sleep are generally normal. Energy level a little low these few weeks as compared to January. Attached are his CT Scans and Blood Tests results.

We are from Singapore and thinking of flying up on Sun 3 March.


Thank you and God bless. Regards,

Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did Not Cure – More Radiation Needed!

Dear Dr Chris,

I am 59 years old. I was referred to you by a friend who has survived cancer with your treatment.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 nasal cancer (NPC) in Jan 2011.  I had 4 rounds of chemo and 35 cycles of radiotherapy and completed my treatment on 1 April 2011. In May 2012, a PET scan showed that the tumor had recurred.

Rather reluctantly, I then had another 5 rounds of chemo, the last one was on 29 Oct, 2012. On 3 Jan 2013, I had another scan done and it showed that 80 per cent of the tumor was gone.  Now the oncologist has recommended that I go through another 30 cycles of radiotherapy to get rid of the residual cells. I do not want to go through it as I am still suffering from the effects of my last radiation.  In fact, if I had known of you earlier, I wouldn’t have gone through the 5 rounds of chemo.

Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to hearing from you.


Lung-Brain Cancer from France

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

My good friend CP from Thailand spoke to me very highly of you and your achievements. Having witnessed her considerable energy, I would like to ask your advice and guidance concerning my childhood friend, P, who lives in France.

Six months ago, P was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had also metastases in the whole of his body. Until now, he received 6 sessions of chemotherapy. They have now started radiotherapy as well and P is totally exhausted. Fortunately, his pain is perfectly controlled by patches of morphine.

…  have seen all your videos and read the testimony of your patients. It is amazing! In the present situation, Pierre is too weak to travel. If you receive a copy of all treatments he received, is it possible for you to do something for him?

I thank you very much for your attention. With my kindest regards,

Reply:  25 February 2012 – Thanks for  your email. CP did talk to me some weeks ago about this. Since he is doing chemo and radiation. Well, this is the worst thing that anyone should get and it is not going to cure him in any way. But it is not for me to say anything. Each of us need to make our own decision and choice. I need to know the most updated medical condition or reports to be able to know what to do …. How many radiation is he going to get? How many more to go? And what after radiation? What happen after chemo…any effect?


8 April 2012

Dear Chris,

I do apologise for answering so late to your previous email. I was waiting for the medical file of my friend P, but last time I spoke to him, he had not yet received it from the hospital. What I know is that he had 6 chemos and 4 radiations. However, since then, the metastases have increased in his lungs and other parts of the body. More than that, they recently discovered metastasis in his brain and last week, they did Gamma rays on his brain. I do not know what happened but 2 days ago, P had a cardiac incident, and he is now in emergency in cardiology. Nobody has access to him.

My last hope for him is in you.  I just called his T. Master (DR), and we agree that they are killing him. DR gave permission to ask for your help and treatment. Do you think that it is not too late? Can you still do something for him?

Reply: I am afraid there is nothing much I can do to help at this point. (Note: Patient is in ICU in a hospital somewhere in France).

Prostate Cancer: Surgery and Radiation Did Not Cure Him. Cancer Spread to the Bone

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is Q. I am from Johor Bahru.

I have looked at your website and I am interested in trying the herbs.

Initially, I have an elevated PSA of 4.6. It was confirmed to be tumour. I went for a surgery in July 2009 to remove my prostate tumour and subsequently done radiation.

However, the PSA did not go down to zero. My PSA is increasing, presently at 5.3 and expected to increase. The cancer has spread to the bone.

I am considering alternative treatment as advocated on your website. Please advise me given the above information.

Thank you and God bless you.

Reply: You just have to come and see me with all the medical reports.



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