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Cervical Cancer: Chemo and Radiation – Stroke and cancer spread to liver, lung and brain.

Dear Dr. Chris,

We heard about you from a friend whom his mother suffered from lung cancer and had your treatment years ago. She has survived and still fine now.

My wife, age 39, suffered from cervical cancer ever since a year ago. As suggested, from Mei to July 2013 she had chemotherapy treatment for 8 times following by 24 times radiotherapy, but the result comes out not as expected.

Today, the cancer has spread to her liver, lung and brain. Besides, in between her illness she got stroke that cause paralyze on her left side.

We put her in the hospital in Medan at the moment, while we are looking opinion of alternative medication from other source.

We really appreciate your advice in this regard.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports.

Cervical Cancer from Singapore. Radiation and chemo failed – cancer spread to her lung

Hi Dr Chris,

I am being referred by Betty Khoo and Berlin from Singapore. They have attended your talk in KL recently.

I am diagnosed with Mucinous Ca Cervical last year April 2012. After surgery I was give 25 session of radiotherapy and 3 sessions of internal radiations.

Thereafter I am free of cancer till this year Feb 2013, they found 4 spots in my lungs. After lung endoscopy, they found out that the cancer cell in lungs is the same kind as the cervical. Docs recommended more chemo. I have started 2 cycle of chemo and my platelets drop till very low. I was given oral chemo + infusion chemo. After 2 cycle of chemo, they send me for CT Scan on the Chest, abdomen and Pelvis. To my surprise, docs told me that an external llilac nodal mass measuring abt 35 X 28mm trapping on the left ureter and causing a moderate degree of hydronephrosis.

Doctor told me that the western medication seems not effective for my kind of cancer and due to low platelets counts (could be due to my radiation),  they may not be able to carry on with the treatment.

May i seek your kind advise for my condition. Attached my recent CT scan report and blood test for your reference. Awaiting your kind reply.

Regards. SP, Singapore.

Reply: Come and see me in Penang with all your medical reports and scans.

Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma from India

Dear Sir,

I got to know about you from internet. I need a help for a nine yr old girl detected with naso-pharyngeal rhabdomyosarcoma a year back. She was operated on, received chemo and radiation, but all failed. And now she is just near to death. Please can you help??? I am from India.

Reply:  I am sorry it is just not possible for me to help patients from far away places.

Note:  Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children. The name is derived from the Greek words rhabdo, which means rod shape, and myo, which means muscle.

It begins in mesenchymal cells (immature cells that normally become muscle). It develops in a type of muscle called striated muscle. Striated muscles are the skeletal voluntary muscles, which are those muscles that people can control. Rhabdomyosarcoma is most often found in children and young adults.

Rhabdomyosarcoma can occur anywhere in the body:

  • Head and neck, about 39% of all rhabdomyosarcoma cases. This includes parameningeal sites (near the membranes covering the brain), 24%; eye socket, 8%; and other head and neck locations, 7%.
  • Urinary or reproductive organs, about 29% of cases
  • Arms or legs, about 15% of cases
  • Other sites, about 17% of cases. This includes the trunk (torso), intrathoracic (inside the lung and/or chest), biliary tract, retroperitoneal, pelvic, and perineal sites (close to the anus, vagina, and urinary structures).


NPC – After all the treatments, the doctor has medically written him off

Hi Chris,

Got to know about CA care from the website, we are very interested to know more about this CA treatment. Currently, my brother is 40 years old and is suffering for nose cancer relapse. This is the third time and is more serious than ever.

He has a tumor in his right nose and it is growing and is affecting his right eye, thus he’s having double vision. Now his left eye also seem to be having some vision problems.

A short summary:

2002 – diagnosed with and treated for nose cancer (radiotherapy only)

Around 2007 – first relapse (radiotherapy only)

2008 to 2009 – second relapse (radiotherapy only)

2010 to 11 – third relapse (radiotherapy, brachytherapy, chemo not completed and a surgery  to remove the tumor but it grew back)

The tumor has been growing bigger since late last year and has pressed on his sixth nerve, 2 or 3 weeks ago, thus giving him double vision. Doctor said right eye is paralysed.

His doctor does not recommend radiotherapy anymore and he is not on any Western medication / treatment. Currently, he is taking some Chinese medicine but he has difficulty in swallowing. His throat is affected due to ulcers from radiotherapy. He has not been able to sleep for months as he has been coughing badly. He can’t lie on the bed as it will trigger off even more coughing so he has to catch his sleep in an upright position. He is very weak now and left with only 43 kg (from 65kg).

The doctor has medically written him off and told him his days are numbered.

What will you recommend or advise? Thanks to advise at your soonest possible time.

Reply: Where are you from anyway? Come and see me if you think I can help you.

Prostate Cancer – advice on radiotherapy? No make your own decision

Hi Chris.

Would appreciate your advice on radiotherapy … Would the herbs aid with radiotherapy … We are in two minds about radiotherapy although a few consultants suggest hormone therapy with radiotherapy would be the best treatment. What do you suggest? Many thanks for your all your help.

Reply:  You came. You bought my book on: Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally. Everything is in there. I have written enough! Make your own decision after reading the book. I have nothing to say.


Metastatic Breast Cancer from Singapore

Hi Chris

Thanks for sending the book to me in Singapore. I have never seen my mum read a book so religiously until she started reading the Mandarin version of your book on cancer.

I saw your videos on your website and was impressed with your thoughts.

We are very interested to come and visit you. My mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast ca and has been undergoing chemo and then Herceptin treatment for the last 2 years at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCC). She was also put through the routine of CT scan every 9 weeks to monitor her reaction to a new drug under a medical trial. However, my mum has been suffering from mild slipped disc like symptoms in the past 6 months after undergoing chemotherapy for 2 full years. She can feel her health becoming weaker as well, especially after having to undergo CT scan every 9 weeks for the past 2 years. This is definitely breaking her body down.

This month, she finally found the courage to stop her treatment by the NCC. Your book came in at the perfect time and she is beginning to understand why my sister and I have been so wanting her not to undergo the treatment which was some medical trial. However, each day, waking up and getting up on her feet in the morning can be quite a scary chore for her as she does not know when she will get another episode of low back pain attack.  I suspect the overexposure to radiation via CT scan every 9 weeks have done quite a lot of degenerative damages to her body, especially her discs.

In view of her low back pain, travelling to Penang is now a huge uphill task as I believe she will not be able to ensure the physical stress of the long journey on her lower back. I was wondering if there may be a chance that we could send you her medical reports and have you to take a look before we see how best would be the next move.

Would appreciate any thoughts that you might have.


Chemo and Radiotherapy: Severe Pains and Breathing Difficulty

SY 081 is a female diagnosed with a 4 x 6 cm lung tumour. The cancer had probably spread to the brain. She underwent chemotherapy with Alimta and Carboplatin followed by radiation.

On 1 September 2010, we received this fax: SY has been having severe gastric/ abdominal pains in the past few days. Currently she is undergoing radiotherapy. The gastric pains came on after six chemos. I told her husband that this could be due to the toxicities in the GI tract. Now she has breathing problems after nine radio. What can we give her for the abdominal pains?

Reply: Radiotherapy and chemotherapy damage the lining of the guts. Breathing problem – same experience by a patient from Jakarta. After two radio – he couldn’t breathe. Don’t give her any herbs. If she dies, they are going to say that it is the herbs that kill her not the chemo or radio.

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