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Metastatic Ovarian Cancer Recurred ? From KL

Dear Prof

Good Evening. Got your email from your site. My wife had ovarian cancer in2011 and a hysterectomy was done and the usual 6  chemos done. It was quite difficult chemo

Since then the CA 125 have been going up and the last was 700 . The normal being below 30. Her gynae onco has suggested chemo since the last 1.5 years but after her first experience she did not want to undergo it again.

She has become weak and for the past two months having persistent cough. Also her gut has become quite weak, sometimes she goes to the toilet upto 7 times, more so when she has her meals has to run immediately to the restroom. Our GP advised to do an X-ray and the radiologist said that it looked like metastasis. Went back to GH they did not allow us to see her gynae onco but the outpatient MO diagnosed it TB due to the high ESR and referred her to TB hosp. TB hosp declared that it is not TB and asked to do a CT scan. As you are aware that to get a scan in the govt hosp would take a month or so.

She does not eat any meat eggs fish. Fully vegetarian, Does enjoy yogurt once a while eats nuts fruits etc.

Appreciate your advise. We stay in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you and God bless you.

Reply: If you read what I wrote about cases like your wife … you can guess that the cancer may have already spread to the organs in the lower abdomen — like colon, etc. It can also spread to the lung — that’s why the cough. I cannot tell exactly, that’s only my guess. No one can cure any cancer — the situation becomes worse if it has spread so widely. No matter what you do, there is no cure. You have to decide what you what to do.

Cervical Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris

I got your reference from mr RB, a friend of mine who has been successfully treated by you. I had cervical cancer ( small cell carcinoma ) in Jan 2012. I had chemo & radiation but surgery was not done as the tumour had crossed the walls. This treatment lasted from Jan to March end of 2012.

I had my annual PET SCAN in the April of 2013 & a small trace ( 5 mm) of lesion was detected which on biopsy turned out to be malignant. And this time it was cancer of the connective tissues. As a result I had a hysterectomy in May 2013 followed by chemo till Oct. I could not complete the full cycles of chemo as my body was not taking it ( drop in hemoglobin  , low TLC & platelet counts.
Right now I am not taking any medication for cancer but continue to take medicines for diabetes , blood pressure, and thyroid since 2000.

I am in Singapore for a month and would like to consult you at your convenience . I will be grateful if you could give me time on the coming weekend or the next. Looking forward to your reply. Thanking You.

NPC from Australia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is N, living in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve got your website through search engine and email address from your website. I am also reading one of your books, ‘Cancer Yet They Live’.

I’ve diagnosed with NPC Stage 4 (T3N2M0) on Aug, 2011. I’ve small little lump in my right neck underneath the ear. I’ve waited for a week and then see the family doctor. the doctor asked me to do the biopsy and then I got the result “non differentiated carcinoma”. I was treated with Chemo (5FU + Cisplatin) and 35 Radiation sessions. My treatment ended on 15 Dec 2011 and continue to monitor up to now.

Even though treatment finished, I’ve problem with side effects as usual. To name a few, dry mouth, no taste, hearing loss and ringing in the ear .. etc. Last 2 weeks ago, when I attended the regular check up the doctor noticed that my tongue is pointed to right side when is out. My oncologist ordered MRI and turned out that my cancer is back. To confirm, she asked me to check with PET scan that lights up and involved lymph nodes as well.

I have detail treatment plan from the oncologist. She did mentioned before that the tumor location was at the back of the nose so operation is impossible as well as radiation this time. My only option is chemo (Carboplatin + Fluorouracil) which is going to start in next 3 weeks time. This treatment cycle is repeated every 28 days for a total of 4 to 6 times.

Looking at your sites, reading stories, books and videos, I’ve decided to contact you for the further consultation. I do believe in herbal medicine and strength they possess.

I’ve booked for the ticket tonight and see you tomorrow.

Reply: Don’t just write email, come if you think we can help you! That’s the way to go!

Recurrent Breast Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Teo,

Trust that you are well. I am KC and was referred to you  by my friend, Professor S in Singapore.  He told me about you last year while we were practising taiji together.

My wife has a relapsed in breast and lymph nodes cancer (the first was 5 years ago).   I hereby attached the preliminary medical reports, scan photos ( lots more in the CD given by the hospital)  and the Chemo medicine leaflet for your reference.  Please advise are those reports sufficient for you to start to do treatments ?  I have paid for the full report but it will takes about three more weeks.   The first visit report will be completed when we go to Penang.

My wife and I would like to see you for consultation soonest.  May i know when is the best time to make appointment with you ? and How many days should we put up in Penang ?

I really appreciate your help and hope to see you soon.

Thank you and kind regards.

Liver Cancer: Cut, Chemo and Cut Again. Then Now Want to Cut Some More – No cure!

Hi doctor,

I am MS, from Manado, Indonesia, and I heard about you from my friend. My father got liver cancer, accidentally found in July 2011, before he had an open heart surgery in Penang. Early of November, doctor cut out the tumour, 60% of the liver was cut out, and we did regular check up every three month. Until 6 months, it was clear and nine months after that, two cancer cells was found, and doctor suggest to do the ablation method.

In July 2012, doctor also did the RFA, because some cancer cells were found. And in December 2012, doctor found that there were cancer cells again, and he suggested a second operation. So, in January we came to do the operation, and doctor also checked if the cancer was spreading out, but not found any.

Last March we came to do the USG, and it was clear. And recently, we did the CT Scan in 26 April 2031, and found that it was already spread out to his left iliac bone, and left adrenal.

Doctor suggested to cut the adrenal, and after that do the oral chemo, but we told we will think about it first. And we had plan to go a Health Care centre, the place that practises healthy life style by diet and exercise.

On Tuesday, one of my friends told me about you, and we interested. We are still in Penang now.

How can I reach you? What time can we meet you today? Thank you for your attention.


Reply: Come and see me at 11 am this morning or 3 pm this afternoon. Bring all the medical reports. If you miss this, come on Sunday at 7 pm onwards. See my website www.cacare.org and you see the map and time.


Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did NOT Cure Him – Recurrence to Liver and Lung

Dear Dr Chris,

My husband was diagnosed with NPC in late 2008 and completed 33 radio and 6 chemo cycles in April 2009 and was in remission. He had been seeing a TCM since the completion of the treatment in April 2009 till to date.

In July 2012, it was discovered that it had spread mainly to the liver and a little to the lungs. He completed 6 cycles of chemo in November and CT scan on 5 December 2012 pronounced that the tumours were stable.

Yesterday, 19 February 2013, the CT scan revealed that new lesions on the liver were found and old lesions were bigger. Doc recommends another 6 cycles of chemo and probably oral medication to maintain after that.

Presently, he feels a little bloated in the tummy after eating, a little aches and pain on the abdomen and back. Appetite and sleep are generally normal. Energy level a little low these few weeks as compared to January. Attached are his CT Scans and Blood Tests results.

We are from Singapore and thinking of flying up on Sun 3 March.


Thank you and God bless. Regards,

Ovarian Cancer 2 years ago – recurrence!

Hi Dr. Teo,
I came across your website and would like to bring my mom for a consultation. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago. She had been through the surgery to remove the ovary and also chemotherapy after that. Since then, she has been on organic natural supplement treatment. Recently, she encountered some spot bleeding and she already been through the post menopause. As well, recent CT scan showed there is cancer at 6 different areas. I’m currently on vacation visiting and just wondering if there is other day and time that we can bring her to your centre other than Friday and Sunday. Thanks.

Breast Cancer from Indonesia – a recurrence

Dear Prof. Chris Teo,

I am a sister of a cancer patient. I am from Indonesia. Last year, in February 2011, my sister (36 years old) got a surgery to cut the tumor in her breast. But several months ago, she got another tumor (that’s
what the doctor said). Doctor recommended she has to go to another surgery. But because it is costly and we worry a lot that the cancer may come again later, we haven’t sent her. She consumes herbs but they haven’t worked. Today, her breast turns red, its skin is like orange skin but she is not really in pain yet.  Then I found Ca Care, it gives us hope.

Prof. Chris Teo, We need your help. Would you be so kind as to give us some advice?  I am looking forward to your reply.Thank you very much.

Reply: If there is a tumour in her breast. Get it removed!


Recurrent Breast Cancer from Brunei

Dear Dr Chris,

You may remember me from Brunei who wrote to you detailing my wife breast cancer some 6 years ago where she had one of her breast removed. She was under medication but not chemo and it seemed ok.

Last year she had a relapse and she had to undergo two cycles (4 sessions each) of chemo treatment. Her last CT Scan 3 months ago showed no traces but her cancer marker reading went up to 80+. She was then coughing. The Dr here say Bronchi Spasm and so gave her medication inc steroids. Her coughing persisted and the Private Dr said she had Asthma.

Today she had another review and her cancer markers went up again. This time her liver enzyme reading went up too. The Dr  here is treating her Asthma first and then will consider what to do next.

Would it be possible for us to make an appointment with you. Few months ago we were there on Sat and Sun but then your bungalow office was closed in Penang.

Please let us know the best dates so we can book our flight and make other transport/Hotel arrangement. Her coughing seem to be increasing and we hope you can advice us what herbal medication she can start esp to stop the persistent coughing.

We have been praying for restoration and total healing for her. Our Father in Jesus Name has been so gracious and merciful all those years. Thank you – hope to hear from you soon.



Prostrate Cancer Recurred

Dear Dr.  Teo,

It has been 4 years since we spoke to you abt my father prostate cancer. And since then (on and off) he has been taking your herb for his treatment. He is hospitalised now because his hb dropped to 5.4 due to bleeding urine. But tho the doctor had given him the medicine to stop the bleeding, he still has it. His urologist said, the bleeding is the result of the spreading cancer to the ureter , that’s why suggested us to remove the cancer. by the way his hb now is 11.4 after transfusion and his PSA is 297. Recent test showed his lung, heart and kidney are clear.

The hospital only allow him to drink 1 litre per day with the reason afraid he will more experiencing bleeding urine if he drinks a lot. I don’t know if this is the reason why he can’t pass motion (constipation) . But he is complaining his stomach full of gas (flatulent?). His doctor said this is because of his bladder swollen, that’s why the doctor put catheter on him.

I need to get your advice about this matter:
1. Is it true the cancer spreading to ureter causing his bleeding?
2. Does he need the catheter?
3. How to stop the bleeding?
4. What should we do with his swollen prostate?
5. What is your mobile number that i can reach?
6. Do you have schedule to come to KL?

Thank you for your advice. I can reachable at xxxxx

Reply: Since you are in the hospital — do what the doctors ask him to do. There is nothing I can do or advise. And he was not really following my advice and serious with the herbs? ~ Chris

From Norway: Her Leukemia Came Back Again

Dear Dr. Chris K H Teo,
My name is JMS. I am originally Indonesian but I live in Norway with my family.
In May 2008 I was pregnant for 5 months and got Acute myelogenous leukemia.  Mid June 2008 the pregnancy was aborted, so that chemotherapy treatments could start.  I had 5 chemotherapy treatments.
By the end of November 2008 I was finished with all the chemotherapy treatments and declared free from leukemia.
I am now pregnant again, 27 weeks on the way.  Last Friday (October 1, 2010) the doctor took bone marrow test and confirmed that I have got a relapse of the leukemia.  They plan to wait until my pregnancy is 28 weeks (on October 11, 2010) and they will take out the baby by caesarean operation. Then they will start with 2 treatments of chemotherapy and the bone marrow transplantation.
From previous experiences I know the chemotherapy treatments are extremely hard on my body.  I also heard that bone marrow transplantation is an extremely high risk operation.
I heard you have helped many people so that they are cured from cancer, without chemotherapy and transplantation. I would highly appreciate your advice if there is anything else I can do in this desperate situation?  Best regards.

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