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Relapsed Ovarian Cancer

Hello Dr Chris,

Let me introduce myself, I am G. My friend introduced me your webpage and I’m very impressed with your research in rodent tuber, I hope this can save my mother.

My mother, 59 years old, her cancer is back. I would like to bring her to see you. She was suffering from ovary cancer in June 2013, after 6 times chemo, the cancer is gone in Aug 2013.

But last month CA125 test showed 76 and repeated test last week was 120. She is now in Seremban. Can I make a appointment with you … I will bring along all the test report.

Best regards.

Reply: No I cannot save or cure her .. I can do my best to help BUT never cure. Even doctors cannot cure!

I understood, nothing is 100% guarantee.

Coming to Malaysia for Consultation: Ovarian Cancer

Dear Chris,
My wife has ovarian cancer, since 2005, and has since undergone three operations and chemotherapy, and this is her 3rd relapse this year. Her cancer is Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour, with poor differentiation.

Is it possible to treat her with Chinese traditional herbs? She has tried filling in your website form, but there is always an error in submission. She has also called the Penang clinic, but was asked to call the one in Johore Bahru, but was unable to get thru’.

So how to get in touch with you? We are from Singapore.
Thank you.

Reply: Come and see me in Penang. If you wish to know more about cancer or what we do for cancer, go to: www.cacare.com   or   www.cacare.org  Sorry, NO consultation through the phone or internet, please.  If you think we can help you, come and see me personally with all the medical reports on the day and time stated in the above websites.

NPC – After all the treatments, the doctor has medically written him off

Hi Chris,

Got to know about CA care from the website, we are very interested to know more about this CA treatment. Currently, my brother is 40 years old and is suffering for nose cancer relapse. This is the third time and is more serious than ever.

He has a tumor in his right nose and it is growing and is affecting his right eye, thus he’s having double vision. Now his left eye also seem to be having some vision problems.

A short summary:

2002 – diagnosed with and treated for nose cancer (radiotherapy only)

Around 2007 – first relapse (radiotherapy only)

2008 to 2009 – second relapse (radiotherapy only)

2010 to 11 – third relapse (radiotherapy, brachytherapy, chemo not completed and a surgery  to remove the tumor but it grew back)

The tumor has been growing bigger since late last year and has pressed on his sixth nerve, 2 or 3 weeks ago, thus giving him double vision. Doctor said right eye is paralysed.

His doctor does not recommend radiotherapy anymore and he is not on any Western medication / treatment. Currently, he is taking some Chinese medicine but he has difficulty in swallowing. His throat is affected due to ulcers from radiotherapy. He has not been able to sleep for months as he has been coughing badly. He can’t lie on the bed as it will trigger off even more coughing so he has to catch his sleep in an upright position. He is very weak now and left with only 43 kg (from 65kg).

The doctor has medically written him off and told him his days are numbered.

What will you recommend or advise? Thanks to advise at your soonest possible time.

Reply: Where are you from anyway? Come and see me if you think I can help you.

Rectal Cancer from Hong Kong: Chemo did not cure him – oncologist said more chemo!

Dear Dr.Teo,

With reference from Miss H, case of Ca Breast. Patient,  Mr S aged 53, is suffering from CA Rectum with metastasis to Liver and Lung. He completed Chemo (oxialplatin and Xeloda) in 29-March-2011 and Radiotherapy to Rectum on 26-May-2011.

But now the cancer relapsed again, with enlarged Liver area and abdominal distention and moderate ascites and mild ankle oedema. The oncology doctor suggests chemo (Campto and Cetuximab) again to relieve symptoms.

The recent blood report : HB= 9.5 and CEA = above 500. Chest X-Ray shows tiny tumours come back again.

Mr. S also has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and Coronary Artery Disease with stunting done in 2005. There is a small benign tumour with fluid in the Brain.

Medications: Norvasc 5mg

Lasix 40mg

Sprironolactone 25mg

Megestrol Acetate 40mg

Diamicron MR 30mg

Tramadol 50 Stada 50mg

and some Chinese Medications.

Now he has poor appetite, poor mobility, sleep all the day and have more than five times bowel movements (sometimes with blood) .Non productive cough, and he is not breathing well. He feels pain over the lumbar spine (the previous radiation area). All his four limbs feel numbness because of chemo drug. He has palpitation with pulse 98/min.  Cold sweat.

We are looking for your expert reply!

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