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Sarcoma case from Mauritius

Dear Sir,

Your expert advice will be highly appreciated. My nephew (aged 18) was diagnosed with Sarcoma at the spine level in March 2014 and the tumour prevents him from walking. He is bed ridden since March 2014. He underwent surgeries & chemotherapy in 2014 in India.

Two weeks back we got to know he relapsed & the tumour has spread to the lung. It has caused pneumonia etc.

He is on another set of chemo now which started last week. We want to give him the maximum chances but don’t know much about alternative treatments.

He is also on a diet since he relapsed in terms of no sugar no red meat, soya milk … lots of vegetables and carrots & beetroot juice but other than that don’t know much on the alternative treatment that will help.

We live in Mauritius (an islands in the Indian Ocean) where alternative treatment experts are rare to find.

We would appreciate your help on how to go about.  I may come over with his medical reports. Thanks.

Reply: Let me be very sincere and honest … sarcoma is very very hard to cure. In fact there is NO such thing as cure at all. Even if you take my herbs, I am very doubtful if these will help. Definitely not cure.  What is more, you are so far away. It is extremely difficult for me to help. 




11-year-old with Sarcoma

Dr Teo,

Please find medical reports, scans, blood test attached. It seems time is of essence. As doctors in XX and YY are ready to take him in. We only know of chemotherapy.  We will be having our 2nd opinion tomorrow at YY.

My son is 11years. Doctors are ready to begin with chemo, surgery and chemo.

If you are know of someone kindly refer.

Family Conference Checklist for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

Staff in attendance: Prof X, Dr. K and Dr. W

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma, spread to lung, spread to bone. Behaviour – aggresssive. Serious disease.

Percentage of cure: Cure 10 to 20 %. In case of lung + bone, sprad.

Chemotherapy and side effects: M5K protocol. Cisplatin, andriamycin, methotrexate, Ifosfamide, Etoposide.

Hair fall, bone marrow – low red cell, low platelet — bleeding, low white cell –  risk of infection. Vomit – give anti-vomiting medicine.

Cisplatin: hearing tone, deafness –  hearing test. Kidney, Infertility.

Doxorubicin:  Affect heart, heart functin test and monitor. Need to use very high dose.

Ifosfamide: side effect on kidney, electrolytes loss from kidney, sometime can cause seizure, Infertility – sperm banking, parents to consider.

Etoposide: strong medicine. 1% leukemia.

Immunotherapy is still experimental, not proven.

Surgery: After week 9 – 10 of chemo … will decide for type of surgery.

Duration of treatment: Every 3 weeks cycle.

Other precautions (e.g. diet, hygiene): to avoid crowded places, eat well cooked, clean food, no salad, no rotten food, home cooked, fruits – fresh, peel skin, not to go to school during treatment. Any fever, unwell need to come back immediately.

Reply: The treatment would be hard on an 11-year-old. Do take time to consider properly. No time is not the essence here! The cancer has already spread.


Sarcoma ……. Can we cure you?

Dear Mr Chris,




The content of this long email has been removed … because the writer objected to this posting.

But the message to those reading this  must be made clear ……

Those of you who write e-mail to me —– know that your email will be posted in this website. It is a waste and pity to just delete or junk your email. There are many lessons we can learn from your experiences.

Of course your personal details with be withheld … only your story or misadventure will the revealed. This is to share the writer’s problem with others … so that others may benefit from your “misadventure.” Learn from the mistakes of others. But if you are not prepared to share …. CA Care is not a place to come for help or to write to.

Also don’t ask us for the address of other patients … for you to interview or grill them …. it is not ethical for us to discuss their identity. If you don’t want to share, don’t expect others to share or help you!

Reminder: No need to write long e-mail. And don’t set your precondition before you want to come and see us. If you want things done the easy way, better that you go and find someone “next door” to help you.

Even if you come, know that I cannot cure your cancer. We don’t offer any magic bullet. 

Sarcom from Pakistan

Dear Sir ,

My name is Agha and I live in Pakistan. I came to know about you via internet. My father who is 61 years old has been diagnosed with high grade sarcoma about two years ago. He refused chemotherapy and currently we are on homeopathic treatment. The cancer has been spreading by the time and has reached the lungs. Currently his right lung was filled with water and doctors have removed it by inserting a tube in the lungs. He has no complains other than that.

You have written that you are reluctant to take patients on email but I would request you to please consider my case on urgent basis as I would be very grateful to you.

If you agree to take my case I would send you all the reports to date. 

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places — how can I do that? It is not easy. Please find someone near your home to help.



Sarcoma that spread to the lungs

Dear Sir,

My husband is 42 yrs old and he had his right foot amputated due to Synovial sarcoma in June 2 012 and had metatasis lung operation in Nov 2012..

According to dr he clearly removed all the tumor from his lungs but that was recurrence.

So he went for a CT SCAN on 16th.Feb 2013 and found 2 small tumors , one is the old one and another spot is at a new part of his lung . Dr asked my husband to do PET scan but my husband refused and opted for sugar free diet and Sabah snake Grass.

Can you please specify for my husband your herbs in addition to sabah snake grass as my father is working in Bukit Mertajam, so I can ask my dad to collect it from you .We are from SEREMBAN,NEGERI SEMBILAN

Or do u think my husband must come n visit you?

Please suggest.

Reply: Come and see me.

Sure I can come with the reports. But can u assist me by suggesting me the herbs n teas that I read has cured cancer n your medication helped many , So with full faith I hope u could help my husband. Regards ,

Comment:  NO body on earth can cure any cancer! Don’t be misled. And the Sabah Snake Grass? Perhaps better you stop it!


From Iran: Sarcoma that spread even after chemo, surgery and surgery

Hello Chris

I am from IRAN and am one of those so called terminally ill cancer patients which the doctors tell : “Go Home” and seek help from you.

Almost 2 years ago when I was 23, I had a swelling in the lower part of my right leg usually without any pain but after several month it began to hurt and through MRI and biopsy I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, at that time the CTs and x-rays and bone scan did not show any metastasis to other parts of the body, So the doctor amputated my leg 10 cm below my knee in order for the cancer not to spread.

After two month of the surgery, I went on chemotherapy six session (each time 3 day), the whole chemo took about 5 month and the drugs used were Mensa, ifosfamide and Adriamycin. I had several problems during the chemo period but the most important was that my WBC went such low (under 2000 and even 1000) that I should be hospitalized about 5 days for that, each time. With all the difficulties I had finished the chemo, and the CT should there was no sign of tumor anywhere (about 7 month after initial diagnosis). It was OK until about 9 month ago ( and almost 10 month after the last chemo session ) that the chest  x-ray (which I normally did every 3 month for check up), showed that the cancer had metastasized in both my lungs.

The doctors told the most effective way is surgery not chemo, so I underwent two separate surgeries (one 2 month after the other) each one on one side of the lung but only 4 month after the second surgery the  x-ray  showed the recurrence in both my lungs! Now the doctors are almost hopeless and one of them tells I can examine the new chemo drugs but I really don’t want since I believe chemo is harsh and useless!

From about 2 month ago a lump also has grown on the upper part of my leg (probably another metastasis), apart from that I fall short of breath while walking and even continuous talking and have coughing but not much. Apart from these I have no problem eating or sleeping.

It is not a month that I became familiar with alternative medicine approaches like CA Care therapy

I should add I really believe in the role of diet and body-mind connection and I am working on my spiritual attitude along with my diet. I have totally quit eating meat and diary and cooked food and have been eating only raw vegetables and fruits for in recent 2 weeks until now. My disease is horrible but I believe that God helps me.

I have heard and read about your institute and read your cancer war book but since I am far from your country and its hard for me to travel. I wrote this email maybe you help me.

I know you are very busy but please help me with any possible food and diet recipe or any other thing that maybe useful (for example your tea and how they are made). Since almost all my medical reports including pathology and previous scan reports are in Farsi (Persian) I only send you the last chest x-ray and blood test. God Bless you and thank you very much


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