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Leukemia – side effects of chemo

Dear Dr Chris,

I happen to come to know your contact thru my wife’s sister friend recently.  My wife was diagnosed with leukemia on 01 Mar 2012 and since then she had been undergoing chemo treatment in the hospital. Currently she is under stable condition with another 03 to 04 more months chemo treatment to go before it ends. As usual, the side effect from chemo is making her suffer each time and we heard your herbs treatment and thought it would be of help while she is doing her chemo.

As we are staying in KL, would like to seek your advice should we come over to visit you in Penang or what would be the other alternative ways. We sincerely hope that you could help us.

God blessed you, J

Gallbladder Cancer: Gave up chemo due to severe side effects

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is BH, with advanced gall bladder carcinoma.

Medical History

Discovered by accident when gone to see an Urologist for prostate problem on 24/2/09. Referred to Selayang Hospital, did a laparotomy on 13/3/09. Inoperable. Found hard tumour mass of gallbladder involving Segment 4 & 5 of liver, 10 cm; multilple peritoneal nodules scattered on abdominal wall and sub hepatic region; omental nodules.

Refer to HUKM for chemotherapy. Already did 4 times with Gemzar but cancer marker doubled, no reduction and then once with Gemzar and Carbo. Side effects too severe to take so decided to stop and seek herbal treatment.

Current Medications

Not on any herbs treatment.

Current Situation

Not really in pain. Used to have a dull, gnawing pain around the region of the gall bladder, front and back.

• Took Tramodol given by doctor but since can bear the pain, stop taking it.
• Can’t really sleep, mind very active at night. Even with Domicum can’t sleep well.
• Tired when not enough sleep. During 1st and 2nd chemo feel tired.
• Bowel movement – minimum 3 times a day, during chemo can go up to 7 times or more. No blood.
• Appetite – Good
• Slight swelling below the 3rd and 4th finger and ankle of left foot.
• Urination – due to prostate problem, very offen average once in half-an-hour. It is painful after the chemo sessions, urologist says hardening/scarring of urether due to chemo drugs. No blood.
• No coughing and no difficult in breathing.

I am staying in Seremban and so please advice any treatment. Thank you very much and hope to get advice or instructions from Dr. Chris Teo soon through e-mail.

Ovarian Cancer: Severe side effects of chemo

Dear Doctor Teo,

My friend, aged 48 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3. She underwent a surgery to remove her ovary. She had undergone 2 chemotherapy sessions. She is now very weak, refused to eat and complaint of having pains when swallowing even plain water as well as all other chemo side effect. She is now having liver problem (her eye colour is yellow) and is now in Taiping hospital. Seeking your advice on this. Regards.

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