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Grandmother with Colon Cancer in Singapore

Hi Chris,  May I ask you for some advice. My grandmother have colon cancer stage 3 but she is going for chemo every week. I put pressure on her to not go but she insists. I have added alternative treatments to her diet as well. I wonder is there any advice or herbs that you can give me? Is it possible to order herbs from you? At the moment I am giving her Transfer factor plus from 4life. Have u heard of it? It says it can boost NK cells by 400 percent and it can fight cancer well too. I am afraid it might not be enough.

May I know what is your advice? She can’t come to Malaysia and I need help. Are Chinese doctors with professors in Singapore good enough? I am desperate .

Reply: Can you come and see me? Chris

At the moment I can’t leave Singapore and I am only 20. Don’t have the cash or resource to do so. I am really lost sir.  I don’t know what else can be done.

Reply: Ask the son or daughter of the patients …why?  you are just a grandson? Chris.

Because my whole family believe in stupid chemo. I am the only one who believe in herbs and alternative treatments.

Reply: No need to fight … if that is what they believe …let them … everybody has to die …if they decide …let them do what they like! Chris


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