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I have no cure for your mother’s cancer

Hi  Chris,

Hope this email finds you well.  My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer, and
she’s now contemplating either to go for the standard Chemo + Radiotherapy or Trying herbs.

I checked your website out and find it very promising, but need to convince my mother. Could I check with you if you have an indication and database of how many people with NPC by stages who took
your   herbs and were successfully cured. This will greatly help me convince her.

Many thanks,

 Reply:  No…I think it is better you go  for medical treatment.

Hi Chris,

But I saw your website there are some cases of NPC which  they approach you and took your medication. What about those cases? Are there more successful cases of NPC being cured by your herbs?  I thought you’re almost against Western medical  treatment? Why are you telling me to seek other medical  treatment?

Reply:  Honest and frank ..I cannot cure  any cancer and no one on earth can cure any cancer either. Those who can have access to medical treatment …go ahead  and those who fail, can come to me.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your very frank answer.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Selamat malam Dr. Chris.

On May 2013 my wife, 44 years old, found benign on her left breast. She consumed traditional herb for treatment but the condition became worse. There is a big wound on the left breast & sometimes bleeding on the end of that wound. Her left arm is swollen due to lymph cancer on her armpit.

On 20 August 2014 we went to hospital & very shocked that she has been detected breast, lung, liver, lymph & bone cancer stage 4 by CT Scan.

PA left breast test result :

Reseptor Estrogen : Negatif

Reseptor progesteron : Negatif

Cerb-B2 / HER2 : Prositif grade 3

Ki67 : Positif 75%

Histologik sesuai dengan karsinoma invasif. NST Breast Grade II/P3T3M1

Tidak terdapat gambaran DCIS

Tidak terdapat emboli limfatik

On 20 August 2014 she got WSD on her right lung to drainage 1.5 liter water & blood.

Blood pressure 104 / 69. Heart 105. Breath about 25x / minute because she feel like cough due to sputum on her throat.

Oncologist want to do radiotherapy everyday for 30x on her back bone but we have not agreed for this treatment.

Dr. Chris, please advise what we should do. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Best regards,



Terminal Stage Colon Cancer – Treatment is just to buy time

Dear Dr. Chris,

Nice to meet you.  My dad is diagnosed with 4th stage of colon cancer  days ago.   Attached above is some of the photos during the operation and reports.

My dad has proper diet all these while. Every morning, he will have oats. But he has a bad habits of eating tit bits such as nuts and Chinese tea during night time. He started to have this discomfort feeling at the lower abdominal area during Feb’14. During Apr’14, he had shingles at his abdominal area but recovered quite fast without any medication. However the discomfort feelings continue, therefore he went to seek for specialist during late Apr’14.

Finally, he went for operation on 24/5/2014 and by then diagnosed by doctor with 4th stage of colon cancer. Doctor did not remove the tumor but did a by-pass. According to the doctor, the cancer cells have spread all over his abdominal organs. Even with chemotherapy, it is just to buy time. Details are attached above.

I am desperately to meet you so that I can help my dad. However, he just underwent operation. Do you think his condition is fit to travel down to Penang and meet you in person? We stay in Shah Alam, Selangor. Or do you think I can just meet you personally and bring my dad over by then?

Your help and opinion is very much needed. Hope to receive your reply the soonest the possible. Very much appreciated. Thanks.

Note: My dad did a heart by-pass surgery few years before. He has slight high cholesterol.

Reply: No problem, come and see me.

Lung Cancer – Stage 4

Dear Dir Chris K.H Teo,

Got your contact from one of your patient, J’s husband who got nose cancer but she told me he had recovered. I would like to check with you about my sister who confirmed got lung cancer stage 4th (final stage Doctor said). Her report shown as below:

Smears show many isolated singly dispersed pleomorphic cells amidst a background of neutrophils, lumphocytes and macrophages. These pleomorphic cells have large dysplastic nucleus, occasional prominent nucleolus and fairly abundant cytoplasm. Dysplastic squamous cells are also seen. No 3D ball clusters or gland formation seen.

Interpretation: Malignant cells seen, compatible with a carcinoma. Features are suggestive of a squamous cell carcinoma. (reported on 19 June 2012).

My sister is supposed to do chemo on June 2012 but she refused to do it and at present she is taking some supplements which cure cancer and take some Chinese herbs as well to prevent or clear lungs fluids. My sister is a school teacher and she is not a smoker and she was a vegetarian and we don’t understand why she will got this cancer.

Dr. Chris, can you please look into this and reply me ASAP. Your urgent reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Lung Cancer Stage 4 from Jakarta

Dear Mr. Chris,

My name is Yana. The doctor in Jakarta said my aunty has a lung cancer stage 4. At the moment, we are in Kuala Lumpur (Sime Darby Hospital). The result of biopsy will come out on Thursday or Friday, but the doctor said it’s seems the advance cancer. We would like to seek your help, Can we come to Penang without result or we should wait for the result? Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Best regards.

Reply: Wait for the results and bring all the medical reports. No need to hurry. Come on Friday if you can or Sunday night. See my website: www.cacare.com 

Okay. Thanks so much.

Liver Cancer from Medan

Dear Doctor,

I’m seeking doctor’s help about my brother, who was admitted to a hospital in China 3 weeks ago. Since his condition has been very serious, primary hepatic carcinoma stage iv, the doctors felt sorry they could only help with so far treatment, suggested us to take him home as soon as his condition became stable.  We have got home for several days, and we heard about Doctor today, and wish to know whether you can still give us hope or not for his sickness. I plan to fly to Penang to see you, if you suggest so, or vice versa.

If I am to see you I still don’t know how to reach your location from the airport, and when is your operation hour?

Thank you, I remain.

Sincerely yours.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports.

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for the quick reply. I already bought the ticket from Medan to Penang for tomorrow flight. I think that I can arrived your clinic at 11.30 AM if there is no delay for my flight, because I shall arrive at Penang at 10.55 AM (Penang Times) and maybe I can reach your location by taxi, so  I hope you can wait for me.

Thanks, looking forward to see you tomorrow.


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