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Fear and Misinformation by the So-called Expert

Hi Chris,

Mdm T is very happy with your herbs and she is doing well..I visited them yesterday. She told me after taking the herbs, her hair stop falling. She had terrible hair loss when she was ill. While I was away (in Bali), she went for her follow up with her doctor who kept asking her when she is starting the chemotherapy. She told him she decided not to do it, and informed him she is taking Chinese herbs.

Not only the doctor was not pleased by her decision, he told her herbal medicine has steroid in them. Because of the fear instilled by him, she stopped the herbs for four days. Sally (her sister) was so worried and didn’t know what to do, as she didn’t want to disturb me because she knew I was away. And R who is Sally’s bf is of no help. He told them they should listen to the doctor. Sally said he is like “lallang” whose opinion sways easily. Why can’t doctors be more professional and respect patient’s decisions?

Comment:  That doctor is just repeating what he was taught in medical school – this is being repeated over and over again like an old worn out tape recorder. Can’t blame him. Forgive him for he knows not what he is saying!

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