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Coming to Malaysia for Consultation: Ovarian Cancer

Dear Chris,
My wife has ovarian cancer, since 2005, and has since undergone three operations and chemotherapy, and this is her 3rd relapse this year. Her cancer is Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour, with poor differentiation.

Is it possible to treat her with Chinese traditional herbs? She has tried filling in your website form, but there is always an error in submission. She has also called the Penang clinic, but was asked to call the one in Johore Bahru, but was unable to get thru’.

So how to get in touch with you? We are from Singapore.
Thank you.

Reply: Come and see me in Penang. If you wish to know more about cancer or what we do for cancer, go to: www.cacare.com   or   www.cacare.org  Sorry, NO consultation through the phone or internet, please.  If you think we can help you, come and see me personally with all the medical reports on the day and time stated in the above websites.

Doctor Said Breast Cancer Cured but Two months Later Spread to Lung and Bone

Dear Dr Chris’

In 2005 my mother was received left breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy treatments for six time in Surabaya, and has been declared cured by the doctor here.

But two months ago, the doctor said that the cancer cells have spread to other body parts in the left lung, right breast, lymphs and spine and also got pleura effusion in the left lung.

The doctor suggest to us to get another chemotherapy cycle and radiotherapy treatment in the bones, but we refuse to take the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, because we heard that the chemotherapy treatment can make secondary cancer.

Kindly alternative medical treatment advice from you.

Thank you’

Ovarian Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Dr Chris …

Healthy Regards …

I am M from Indonesia, women my age 32th November 2012, sentenced to suffer cancer stage IIIC ovarian adenocarcinoma type. On 30 June 2012 the tumor on my right ovary due to tumor rupture and spread to the abdominal cavity …Results topology mention: Kistadenoma Papiliferum serosum type of “Borderline” with foci Invasion Being Kistadenokarsinoma (Right Ovary). For checking that done before surgery results CEA 0.6 ng / ml and Ca-125 81.4 U / ml

On 30 july i did recheck Ca-125 and the results were 24.66 U / ml

The doctor asked me to do chemo but I refused and now I’m consuming herbs like red betel leaf and soursop anthill ….Before and after surgery my condition is good, just prior to my surgery often complain of pain such as heartburn and flatulence. Besides that my stomach a little bigger.

Appetite and my weight is stable. I feel that postoperative pain in the back of the waist and the chest.

It’s just as confused as I am with the treatment I’m doing, I just followed my instinct to heal but do not know if it’s appropriate.

Dr. Chris …Maybe this time I have not been able to come to Penang to meet you in person, if I can receive treatment remotely … or if I can just buy drugs from Dr Chris ..

Then, what diet is that I should do …I really expects an immediate answer from Dr Chris, who may be able to eliminate my confusion. The assistance of Dr Chris I say many thanks ..


Reply: Since you are from Jakarta, go and see Pak Teddy. Read www.CancerCareIndonesia.com



Epitheloid Sarcoma Stage 4

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

On 21/6/12, my husband underwent wide excision of the Chest wall tumour with a muscle flap closure of the defect.T he operative findings were:

1) Large tumour right anterior chest wall measuring 10cm x 8cm that involves part of the mid sternum and closely adherent to underlying ribs.

2) Apical lesion on chest wall with direct invasion of apical segment of the right lung.

The chest wall tumour was removed with a wide margin and the apical lung segment was excised in toto.

He was in stage 4 Epitheloid Sarcoma, likely metastasis. The surgery was done at Damansara Specialist Centre PJ and since it was a major operation, the cardiothoracic surgeon was performed by the same surgeon who did Dr. Mahathir some time ago. He has made a slow recovery and about a month ago, he developed post-operative pleural effusion which was drained with cathether by the Radiologist. No malignant cells were found in the fluid.

I have heard/read about you and the herbs few months ago and in fact my husband is on Keladi Tikus capsules that I bought online through Cancerfight.com (manufactured in Kelantan). I wish I can bring my husband to meet you in Penang but he is too weak to travel from P.Jaya.

I also know that the capsules he has been taking for few weeks now is not exactly enough and the same with what you have in the clinic. I know the ‘pantang’ and he followed as advised.

My husband’s condition now is not too good and I transferred him to UMMC (UH) instead because the previous hospital wanted to do Chemo and Radio on him. In UH, the oncologist suggested only Radio depending on the results of the latest CT Scan scheduled in few days time. Meanwhile, to ease the pain and the swelling on his right neck, shoulder and back that started lately, he was given morphine and steroid throughout his stay since he checked in on 2nd day of Raya.

My concern now, will the drugs give an impact on the herbs and vice-versa. What shall I do next? Can I order from you all the necessary capsules/tea that is best suited for my husband? If it can be done, I would really appreciate it. Me and my husband have nothing to lose and won’t stop trying because we believe in faith and God. He is going to be 50 next month and we have 3 children – 16, 13 and 10 years of age.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

Extensive Liver Cancer from the Philippines – Sorry we can help by just sitting in front of the computer

Good Day Dr. Chris K. H. Teo! How are you Sir? You will be surprised why I was able to get your email address and I found it in the website when i search from the internet through Google.

So i will just go to the point about my father’s situation as of this moment.  The story why my father was diagnosed with liver cancer a month ago it is because when my father suddenly fell down while he was going down from the stairs in our house and he collapsed. Then we brought him right away to the hospital to know what was the reason why he suddenly fell down and collapsed in his way down from the stairs. So everything was done CT Scan, blood test and everything that is needed  to find the cause why it happened. Then the doctor told us they found out from CT scan results they saw something nodules in the liver and it is like have rupture. That is why my father was sent to the big hospital in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Manila, Philippines because the doctor told us because they do not have surgeons to do the operation in my father’s liver in our village.

Soon our father was brought to PGH in Manila, Philippines for a scheduled liver operation. Then on the day of the liver operation the doctors called us (we children) and told us and shown to us the pictures they took from my father’s liver and they told us they cannot continue the operation because there are many nodules already and it spread not only in liver but till intestines. Right now me his son is here in Singapore working while my family and my father is in the Philippines now.

So maybe if you need the medical records and all the tests done in the hospital we can attach it for your initial findings and suggestion for us. By the way Sir you do not have any clinic here in Singapore? Iif you need to contact me here is my handphone number  +65 xxxx. Thank you and more power. Sincerely yours.

Reply: You need to come and see me with all the medical reports and then send the herbs back by yourself.

Sir Good Morning. I have one more question, is it possible to cure my father with your liver herbal medicine even without his presence for your physical checkup with him in Malaysia because as of this moment our father could even hardly walk to our kitchen where it is just 7 meters away from his bedroom?

How much more if we will bring him to you personally for physical checkup and I think it would be very impossible as of this moment. My suggestion is, it is okay with you Doctor Chris Teo to just send to you by courrier or LBC or DHL all the medical records done to our father by the hospital lately? Thank you very much Sir in advance for your great help to our father and we will be waiting for your reply.

Reply: Yes… and bring all the medical reports / scans etc…everything you know about his problem and the I need to know his present conditions. Then I shall prescribe the herbs…you send them home and let him try.

How to go there because I am here in Singapore working. Where is the address and do I need an appointment with you because I am very far from you because I need to travel from Singapore to Penang? Do you have an skype account Sir so I can communicate with you easily? Thank you.

Reply: From this email,.I suggest that you go and find someone nearby your home and ask him to help you. I am too far away to be able to help. At the end of it all we are all wasting our time. I don’t heal people through the internet or Skype. Please find someone else to help you.

Sorry Sir if I made you upset but I think you misunderstood me. What I mean with the last that I sent to you is I am asking if I need an appointment with you before I go there in Penang bringing all the Medical records. Another question is I  need the address in your clinic in Penang and the 3rd question was I was just asking if you have an account in skype to communicate well and not just chatting nonsense. Hoping you will understand me. Again i am sorry if it made you upset and I do not mean anything against you.

Reply: Go to our website, www.cacare.org and read the last section about online help. We cannot help people just by writing emails. All other info you need are there in the website.

Endometriosis from East Kalimantan

Dear Dr Chris Teo & team,

Doctor just diagnoses me last week that there is a cyst endometriosis size 5x5cm. This is the 3rd time after I had laparoscopy surgeryon 2003 and November 2011. I think the progression from November 2011 to the current is too fast in just over eight months.

Please help me, and give me the guidance the foods or everything that I should avoid.

Thank you and best regards.

Vascular Tumour Spread to Brain, Lungs and Lower Abdomen

Dear Dr Teo,
I came  to know about you and your treatment for cancer using herbs and other natural ingredients from Sunny.  My niece was diagnosed with heamangiosarcoma which is a very aggresive vascular tumour 3 1/2 months ago.  She went through a surgery to remove one of her breast.  She recovered well from the surgery  and went on for chemotherapy.
She recently collapsed after a few days of illness. Her conditions have since stabilized but the doctors have found that the cancer have spread to her brain, lower abdomen and her lungs. Her oncologist is of the view that her conditions are critical and treatment will be extremely difficult.   I would like to discuss with you the treatment for my niece using your herbs and your approach.  Unfortunately, my niece is not in the condition to travel to Penang to see you. Is there a possibility that I speak with you over the phone and for me to come to Penang to see you?   Do let me know your contact and when it will be convenient for me to call  you.
Would appreciate your prompt response.
Reply: Go into our website: http://www.cacare.com or http://www.cacare.org to know what we do here. I wonder want you expect us to do with such a case – when medical science failed, we do the “magic”?

Metastatic Brain Cancer

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m from Jakarta-Indonesia. My Mom, 62 –year-old was diagnosed with Brain Tumour (Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma). She has already undergone a tumor operation (the biggest is in her right side, two other is small and inside the brain) at L Hospital, Penang, by Dr. X, brain surgeon.

Unfortunately after the surgery, my mom had complications, so for almost three weeks she was in CCU. She hardly could breathe and see at first, then CCU doctor, Dr. Y suggested to make a ventilator in her throat so she can breathe easily, but still helped by a machine (70%). Meanwhile Dr A assigned Dr Z to help shrink my mom’s left tumor near her brain because the tumor keeps pushing her neuro-system which makes her unable to see, move and breathe. So Dr Z gave 10-15 times of radiation. After the radiation, my mom can now breathe using regular oxygen and move to regular room.

Since she moved to regular room, Dr X assigned neurologist Dr S to help my mom physiotherapy so she can move her body part and sit, because my mom still sleeps in bed. Dr Z said he can’t start treatment if my mom’s condition is still weak. Her right body part cannot really move unlike the left side, and now she is using ventilator with 2 liter oxygen per day.

My mom is almost a month in L Hospital. Now we run out of finance. Dr Z suggested that we bring my mom home and make sure there is neurologist who can handle my mom in Jakarta. After she gets better, she can start the treatment.

With this letter, I really need your help. What should we do with my mom?  Now, she is still in L Hospital and is being taken care of by my sister. We really want to meet you and discuss about this. My sister just calling your clinic but there is no answer. If you don’t mind, would you call her back on her cell phone? We really appreciate your prompt feedback.

From New York: Liver Cancer that spread to the lungs after surgery

Hi Dr Teo,

I found your blogs while searching the internet for various things to help my brother.  From reading your blog, I can see you have vast experience and expertise on this subject.

My brother has had two major resection operations on his liver cancer tumors.  It’s been about 6 months from his last operation, and from a CT scan, they have seen about 20+ nodules in both his lungs.  This is his liver cancer metastasis in his lungs.   A recent CT scan has confirmed the nodules are growing.

He’s currently looking at alternative treatments because those are his only options.  I would like to seek your advice based on your experience with many cancer patients, and also to seek your expertise with herbal solutions.  My brother is seeking many solutions, and on the herbal front, he’s particularly interested in mushrooms.

Do you have any comments and suggestions?  I would like to seek how to best schedule time with you to get your guidance?

Reply:  Thanks for writing. I am half a world away from you. It is extremely difficult for me to help people so far … please see attached explanation. Since you are in New York, why don’t you consult Dr Gonzalez …  http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/crayhon.htm  He is another famous man whom I have read about who may be able to offer some help. Surgery is never the answer to liver cancer. Soon it goes to the lung. That is very common.


Brain Cancer from Sri Lanka: He Died

Dear Mr. Chris,

I would like to know what ingredients e found in the Brain Tea & Capsule A.

My husband also underwent a brain surgery for a tumor found between the brain stem & cerebellum. After the surgery he did not regain conscious as fluid filled in the brain and due to pressure the brain swelled. This is because the Dr. had not put the V.P. shunt for the draining of the fluid.

My husband was in an unconscious state and very gradually gained little conscious after about 8mths and lived for 3 yrs in a semi vegetative state with feeding done through a peg tube and breathing with a tracheostomy. He finally passed away 3 mths back following a brain seizure.

I am very interested in knowing the miraculous effect of the herbal drug and I really regret that such miraculous healing medicines  never came to light when I was looking for various recovery treatment for my husband.

Thanks & best regards,

From Iran: Sarcoma that spread even after chemo, surgery and surgery

Hello Chris

I am from IRAN and am one of those so called terminally ill cancer patients which the doctors tell : “Go Home” and seek help from you.

Almost 2 years ago when I was 23, I had a swelling in the lower part of my right leg usually without any pain but after several month it began to hurt and through MRI and biopsy I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, at that time the CTs and x-rays and bone scan did not show any metastasis to other parts of the body, So the doctor amputated my leg 10 cm below my knee in order for the cancer not to spread.

After two month of the surgery, I went on chemotherapy six session (each time 3 day), the whole chemo took about 5 month and the drugs used were Mensa, ifosfamide and Adriamycin. I had several problems during the chemo period but the most important was that my WBC went such low (under 2000 and even 1000) that I should be hospitalized about 5 days for that, each time. With all the difficulties I had finished the chemo, and the CT should there was no sign of tumor anywhere (about 7 month after initial diagnosis). It was OK until about 9 month ago ( and almost 10 month after the last chemo session ) that the chest  x-ray (which I normally did every 3 month for check up), showed that the cancer had metastasized in both my lungs.

The doctors told the most effective way is surgery not chemo, so I underwent two separate surgeries (one 2 month after the other) each one on one side of the lung but only 4 month after the second surgery the  x-ray  showed the recurrence in both my lungs! Now the doctors are almost hopeless and one of them tells I can examine the new chemo drugs but I really don’t want since I believe chemo is harsh and useless!

From about 2 month ago a lump also has grown on the upper part of my leg (probably another metastasis), apart from that I fall short of breath while walking and even continuous talking and have coughing but not much. Apart from these I have no problem eating or sleeping.

It is not a month that I became familiar with alternative medicine approaches like CA Care therapy

I should add I really believe in the role of diet and body-mind connection and I am working on my spiritual attitude along with my diet. I have totally quit eating meat and diary and cooked food and have been eating only raw vegetables and fruits for in recent 2 weeks until now. My disease is horrible but I believe that God helps me.

I have heard and read about your institute and read your cancer war book but since I am far from your country and its hard for me to travel. I wrote this email maybe you help me.

I know you are very busy but please help me with any possible food and diet recipe or any other thing that maybe useful (for example your tea and how they are made). Since almost all my medical reports including pathology and previous scan reports are in Farsi (Persian) I only send you the last chest x-ray and blood test. God Bless you and thank you very much


Metastatic Ovarian Cancer from Surabaya

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Principal diagnosis was OVARIAN CANCER, the details : metastatic mucinous carcinoma
Secondary diagnosis was INTESTINAL METAPLASIA, the details : stomach (cardia) biopsy.

My aunt had a cancer. She had undergone surgery to remove the tumor at the National University Hospital Singapore on 2nd Nov 2011. But the surgery can not remove all the tumors because it’s spread widely to other vital organs maybe about 30 – 40% still in her body.

So the doctor said that she should take chemotherapy, and the chemo will start on 8th Jan 2012. The chemo procedure to take is called FOLFOX.

Do you think is it ok if she is going for chemo?

My Family have discussed about her next treatment, maybe try herbal medicine because we think if she goes to chemo, it will be painful for her and may be can make her weak, and become worst.

So I am looking some information about herbal medicine and my friend just told me about your Cancer Care in Penang.

That’s all that I can explain to you, So would you mind give us an advice? Should we take the chemo or we try first your herbal medicine? If we try your herbal medication, should we go and visit you at your clinic? If we go there may be on 6 Jan 2012, can we meet you there?

Thank You for your kindness and advice.

GOD Bless what you have done to most people.

Best Regards.

Reply: Come and see me with all your medical reports and scans.

Update of Rectum Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

Shalom from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a great news to share and would like to inform you that M has gone through PET Scan last week in Singapore. The PET scan’s result is CLEAR and CLEAN.

Thank You FATHER and Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Besides the PET Scan, M also had Colonoscopy, there is no cancer cells at all at the rectum and colon areas. But, M feels hurt on the anus/rectum. Do you have a special herb to handle this matter? Or please advise your thought.

M continues taking the herb and on diet.

Thanks, J


Thank you so much J for your update. It is wonderful news. Anyway, this is my advice…

a) do not do any more PET can or colonoscopy …. it is not a good procedure …one time is enough. We can monitor by detailed blood test.

b) I am now actually in Laos. How long is she on herbs now?

c) Is she still taking the herbs non-stop and also taking care of her diet?

Take care, Chris

Dear Dr. Chris,

Thanks for your advice on PET Scan and Colonoscopy.

M is taking the herb non-stop and taking care of her diet since Aug 2009 after the operation.

Kidney Cancer

Hi Chris,

I came across your blog and website by accident when searching for PET-Scan services in Penang.

I am a 42 years old Penang-lang and always thought I am very healthy human. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with right kidney tumor in early Oct 2011 by accident and went for surgery to remove my right kidney within a week. Biopsy was done and confirmed it is stage 3B. Now I am in recovery stage and waiting for next appointment – for diagnostic with PET-Scan to check for any spreading.

By looking at few success stories in your blog in relation to kidney cancer, I wonder how would that help me in my battle with cancer?

Frankly, I am also on herbs now; with recommendation from friends and my seniors and sharing from a lot of people I know. Just wonder it is the same.

As such, wonder if I can meet up with you for discussion and seek for your opinions and help in my diet and treatment (scientifically and herbs).

P/S: I am waiting for PET-Scan with Adventist but I am searching around if I can get a cheaper cost from others. Read you blog and you did mention there is a company that offers cheaper scanning than hospital. Just wonder if you mind to share the contact with me.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


Breast Lump – DCIS from KL

Hello Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is C. The reason why I’m writing this email to you is that my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer recently, so I would like to get some professional opinion from you. When I first found out that my wife had cancer, I decided to do some research on the internet about breast cancer. That’s how I found your website, and first of all, I would like to say thank you for your time and dedication with helping people with cancer. It’s very admirable.

So in my wife’s case, few weeks ago she felt that there’s something like a lump in her left breast. So we decided to go see a doctor and after doing the ultrasound the doctor suggested that my wife should have it surgically removed and sent it to lab for further testing. The report came out as DCIS. The doctor said that it’s still in a very early stage and it’s a non invasive cancer ,and she was given 3 options:

1. Go for surgery again and remove the surrounding tissue because during the first surgery the doctor didn’t know it was cancer yet so he only took out the affected tissue, so after the lab result came out, he’s concerned that the surrounding tissue might be affected as well. That’s why he suggested that she goes for surgery again and remove the surrounding tissue as well.

2. Radiotherapy which we declined on the spot after I went through some of the articles on your website. The doctor also mentioned that he’s not even sure how effective it is.

3.Do nothing and take the 50/50 chance.

So we took option 1 which at this time we think is the most effective and safest option. She will have the surgery this Friday. So do you think we made the right decision?

That was my first question and my second question is, we heard that porcupine date is very effective against cancer. Do you know anything about this Chinese medicine and how effective it is? This medicine is very expensive and I don’t know whether the medicine is suitable for my wife and I’m also concerned about what kind of side effects it might brings. Hope to hear your insight on this medicine.

My third and last question, I’m very interested in your herbal treatment program so I was wondering what would be the best time for us to come and pay you a visit? And hopefully get to know more about your herbal treatment. We have also taken your advise on diet, to avoid all meat and dairy product and also sugar. So most of the food we eat are now organics.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you again for your time. I’ve also attached the pathology report in case you would like to take a look.


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