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Lung Cancer: Tarceva no longer effective

Dear Prof. Teo,

My mother (65 years old) is diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4 with bone metatasis in Oct 2013.  She took Tarceva from Nov 2013 until Apr 2015.   Recently the oncologist advised us to consider chemotherapy as Tarceva is no longer effective in controlling her cancer.  As I was writing this email to you, my mother has just underwent 5 session of radiotherapy on her spine, hip and brain in F Hospital, Ipoh.

My family members have decided not to let my mother to undergo chemotherapy (to treat her lung area with tumor).  We want her to have a quality life, less pain/sufferings in her remaining days.  I was recommended by my friend to read about CA Care Penang and to bring my mother to see you.  Can you see my mother?  I will call and make appointment if you agree to see my mother.

Reply: Come and see me with her medical reports and scans. No need to bring your mother.

Lung Cancer. Tarceva did not work anymore!

Dear prof Teo,
I am from Indonesia. My mom has diagnosed adenocarcinoma in lung. Doctor has given tarceva as 1st line. And it works for 18 months. Now the doctor said she will be given chemo because tarceva stop working. The chemo is cisplatin and alimta. We are scared of this chemo combo. And we need your help to give us herbal for this cancer. Please inform us when is the suitable time to see you. Thanks

Reply: Come and see me with all medical reports ….Monday to Friday at 11 am …BUT 9th and 10th April I am away ..other days okay.

Lung Cancer from Indonesia: Tarceva does not help

Good afternoon Doctor,

My name Nita,I come from Indonesia, I want to consult with you about my mom. Early January 2015 my mom had numb on her left face but the area of the numbness is small, after a few days she started had a headache only on her left head, after consult with a lot of doctor in Indonesia and there were no good result we decided to bring her to Singapore.

In singapore we met Dr. C (neurologist),and he asked my mom to had MRI. After that he asked her to had CT PET scan because he said there was something wrong there and he needed to make sure about it. After the result came he said that my mom had lung cancer and it already metastase in her bone. Dr. C recommended us to met Dr. E (Oncologist). Dr. E asked my mom to had biopsy and the result showed that there were non small cell carcinoma in her right lung.

On March,28, she started her chemo by oral medicine. Dr. E gave her Tarceva 150 mg for her cancer and bondronat 50 mg for her bone.

Until now my mom condition is not getting better, the numb on her face is spread now and its hurt, she still have bad headache, she loss her appetite, she is weaker, she lost more than 10 kg since January,  its affect her eyes now, and she can’t sleep because she said that all of her body hurt and can’t get the right position to sleep well.

I really don’t know what to do now to relieve her from her sick, can you tell me what should I do?

Is there any recommended food for her? Is there any food that she must not consume?

Thank you for your help. 

Reply: What do you want to do? Go to the oncologist and ask her to help you.


Carboplatain, Taxol, Avastin, Tarceva and Radiation, Did Not Cure His Lung Cancer – In Fact He became Worse

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am KH from Kuala Lumpur.

Briefly, I was diagnosed with Stage 4, adenocarcinoma of the pleural in April 2009. It had spread to the adrenal gland. I was told I would have a median life span of 6 months. I have undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy, from May 2009 to August 2009, with carboplatin and taxol, together with a targetted drug, Avastin. However, this chemo failed and I was put on oral targetted drug, Tarceva from October 2009.

At the same time from May 2009, I was also taking Chinese herbal treatment from a herbalist, who have also taught me meditation and chi kung. My attempt to locate Mr Lau Hak Poo in Taman Megah failed as he had passed away. I have brought my younger brother to be treated by him for lung cancer in 1998.

I have also since then changed my lifestyle and diet to follow as much as possible, a macrobiotic diet with the addition of a small amount of steam fish. I have continued with the Chinese herbs till today.

In April 2010, my cancer marker (CEA) have dropped to normal range and tests showed no more tumours and I was under remission.

However, in March 2011 this year, at the insistence of my herbalist (to go for tests) ,who sense something not right when he took my pulse, my cancer marker showed an increased level to 25. A PET scan in April showed that there were two tumours, one at about the same spot as my original tumour in April 2009, namely the base of my right lung. And another small tumour near my hip.

In April, I underwent 15 daily sessions of radiotherapy on the tumours.The radiotheraphy was not successful and in June, I was admitted to hospital to do a pleural drainage. My CEA marker had gone up to 99 by then. About 3.9 litres of fluid was drained from my right lung.

During the hospital stay, I was talking to a staff about Chinese herbs and I shared with her my brother’s experience with rodent tuber and how disappointed I was for not being able to be treated by Mr Lau Hak Poo. She then told me about CA Care and gave me Khatijah’s mobile number.

I have been taking Capsule A, Lung 1, lung 2 and Asct herbs for the past one month. However, the fluid level in my right lung appears to be increasing, which I can tell from my increasing difficulty in breathing.

As such, I would be very happy to meet up with you to consult on further treatment options and what else I can do to hopefully be healed, with the grace of God. I have already told the oncologist that I will not undergo further chemo or any targeted drugs. Their usage is mainly palliative in nature and only meant for a short life extension.

I look forward to meeting you and I will be driving up to Penang from KL on Friday morning.

Thanking you in advance.


Once again, a sad story. Over and over again, we have the same story repeating itself. Take a look at this:

http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/lung-cancer/  and this:  https://adaywithchristeo.wordpress.com/category/lung-cancer/

The patient wrote: “ In April 2010, my cancer marker (CEA) have dropped to normal range and tests showed no more tumours and I was under remission.” This is nothing more than just a false alarm. Given another few months or so, the cancer comes back again. And this time, it comes back with greater vengeance! Hell breaks loose.

When do we want to learn this lesson?

Lung Cancer from Hong Kong: Traceva and Alimta Failed – Declined Third Line Chemo

(1)I have been a Type II Diabetes Mellitus for over 10 years.
(2) Year end of 2009, felt like having a flu with shortness of breath.
(3) January 12, 2010, I have gone through a body check at hospital and realized that I had pleural effusion on my right lung and needed further check-up.
(4) January 14, 2010, I was at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, and was diagnosed as ‘Right pleural biopsy show atypical cells’. The exact diagnosis is: adenocarcinoma of lung with intrapulmonary and liver metastatses, stage 4.
(5) Tarceva treatment started from February 2010 to mid-June 2010. The treatment stopped due to ineffectiveness shown.
(6) March 2010, because of pleural effusion, led to shortness of breath, Pleurodesis was performed to drain the fluid and eliminate the accumulation of fluid.
(7) After Tarceva treatment failed, a second-line treatment of chemotherapy, Alimta started in July. The dosage was deduced according to my health condition. It was less effective due to small dosage.
(8) May, 2010, suddenly felt heat beat was racing, up to 180 per minute. Rushed to emergency. Diagonsed SVT.
(9) Late July, 2010, I found pain around the hip areas.
(10) Diagnosed metastasis to left & right hip bone in late August, 2010.
(11) Chemotherapy stopped.
(12) Radiotherapy started in early September, for 7 days.
(13) Mid-September, doctor suggested third line chemotherapy as 2nd-line was found ineffective.
(14) I turned down the third line treatment as I don’t want to suffer from the side-effect of chemotherapy.
I started to look for Chinese medicine treatment.
(15) I started to take Chinese medicine to strengthen my body system from mid-Sept until now. But this is not intended to cure my cancer, whereas just to strengthen my immune system and energy.
(16) Late October, I got a flu, and felt exhausted all the time, now still the same.

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