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Nose Lymphoma: Treatment in China. Cancer spread to his liver

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I got one cancer case who is my brother. We knew he got the lymphoma nose cancer in 4 months ago. At first he suspected something wrong at his neck area got a small lump and few month later he went to Malaysia did the CT Scan and noted that he got the cancer. After with family discussion we decided to go bring him to China, Guangzhou to do the treatment. When went there the doctor did the operation to take out the lump at his neck area and brought to experiment it and confirmed that Lymphoma cancer.

He stayed there for 3 month to do the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After that he was back to hometown and planning to back for third times of chemotherapy but after 1 week he got chicken pox with whole the body with the mouth. It really made his body very weak and he started to feel pain in his stomach few days before went to china . And, two weeks later after the chicken pox he went back to Guangzhou hospital to continue his treatment but too bad that after the scan the cancer already spread to liver and the pain was from the liver.

Could you advice is he still can be cure?  With thanks and regards,

Reply: Where are you from?

Dear Sir,

We are from Indonesia.

Reply: Indonesia means where???????? Jakarta? Medan?   You need to come and see me with all the records ….go and see this website…www.cancercareindonesia.com — read informasi yang harus ketahui.

Dear Sir,

We are from Tg. Balai, Riau. My brother is in China now. We will bring him to visit you once he is back.
By the way, may I have your detail address? Thank you.

Pancreatic Cancer: Chemo in Singapore and Treatment in China did not help. Three months to live

Hi Dr. Chris, good afternoon.

My name is Din from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was introduced to you by Mr. Hua from Indonesia.

Dr. Chris, my mom is getting pancreatic cancer (diagnosed last year June 2011). She has already got chemotherapy treatment in Singapore from June until Oct 2011 and then in Nov 2011, she went to X Hospital Guangzhou China to undergo Cryosurgery, Nano Chemo. She already received several times of nano chemo treatment in China.Last week, she went to do PET/CT SCAN in China and found the cancer has metastased to colon and liver.

Afterwards, Doctor did cryosurgery for liver cancer but for tumor cancer, it can’t. So they planted Iodine 125 seeds. But today, Doctor said that probably it remains 3 months only for my mom.

So our family is looking for alternative treatment and we’re told about your treatment in Penang.

Dr.Chris, could you pls advise what to do next? Should we bring our mom to Penang to see you ?

She’s  still in good condition now. Can walk, can eat etc. She is now 70 years old. Weight is around 59 kg, height 170 cm.Or is it better I come first to bring all the data?

Thank you Dr.Chris.

Hi Dr.Chris, good morning.

We already planned to fly to Penang on Friday. It’s by Air Asia morning 5.00 am. So when arrive, do we directly go to your place ? Or is it 3 pm according to Pak Teddy?

Btw, my mum condition now is still OK. The last condition of my mum, her stomach is a bit bloating so Dr in China releases the fluid from her stomach through a hose (from stomach) into a bag. The fluid color is a bit brown (old yellow) . Dr said that it is protein (probably liver problem ?). Thank you Dr.Chris.

Reply:  You can come to my centre directly in the morning on Friday. But if you want to go to the apartment / hotel to rest first, it is also good. You have to wake up early at 3 am and travel. Your mother is very tired. Better for you to rest first and come to see me at 3 pm. But if you want to see me immediately in the morning, it is also okay.

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