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Metastatic Ovarian Cancer from Surabaya

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Principal diagnosis was OVARIAN CANCER, the details : metastatic mucinous carcinoma
Secondary diagnosis was INTESTINAL METAPLASIA, the details : stomach (cardia) biopsy.

My aunt had a cancer. She had undergone surgery to remove the tumor at the National University Hospital Singapore on 2nd Nov 2011. But the surgery can not remove all the tumors because it’s spread widely to other vital organs maybe about 30 – 40% still in her body.

So the doctor said that she should take chemotherapy, and the chemo will start on 8th Jan 2012. The chemo procedure to take is called FOLFOX.

Do you think is it ok if she is going for chemo?

My Family have discussed about her next treatment, maybe try herbal medicine because we think if she goes to chemo, it will be painful for her and may be can make her weak, and become worst.

So I am looking some information about herbal medicine and my friend just told me about your Cancer Care in Penang.

That’s all that I can explain to you, So would you mind give us an advice? Should we take the chemo or we try first your herbal medicine? If we try your herbal medication, should we go and visit you at your clinic? If we go there may be on 6 Jan 2012, can we meet you there?

Thank You for your kindness and advice.

GOD Bless what you have done to most people.

Best Regards.

Reply: Come and see me with all your medical reports and scans.

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