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Cancer of the Penis Skin

Hi Dr Chris,

My dad had been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on the penis skin last February. It was shocking news for me as a daughter. And he been asked by the urologist to remove it, but he believes it can be cured by herbs or medicine, anything apart from chemo and surgery.

He wanted to see you, is that possible? He just finished the medicine called “keladi tikus”. He said it’s from my uncle (he also got lung cancer). I hope I mention it right. But it finished already, he doesn’t know how to get more of it.

Looking forward to hear from you Dr Chris since we don’t know what to do best.

He has been wanting to see and contact you.

Btw, he lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and willing to travel to Malaysia or Singapore.

Thank you so much.

Comment: At least this guy is willing to come and seek help … not like some people who just would sit infront of the computer and expect help to come to them! RealĀ kiasu!

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