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e-Therapy for nerve damage?

Dear Dr Teo,

I am a subscriber to your newsletter.  In one of your newsletter, I noted it is mentioned that the e-therapy might help in nerve damage.

I have a friend, female of age 46.  She is down with motor neuron disease for almost 2 years now.  Would the e-therapy be able to provide some assistance to her condition?  If it could help, I would get her family member to get in touch with yourself.

Thanks very much.

Reply:  I really don’t know —- I cannot know everything either. I only work with cancer patients. For others, see the doctors.

My Prostate Cancer Experience

Hi, All,

Providing you some info on my prostate cancer experience:

I had robotic surgery to remove prostate with cancer on recent 26th March, costing RM 40k.

Biopsy of the extracted gland and adjacent tissues indicated it was Stage 3 cancer.

Oncology’s ‘Gold Standard’ post-surgery treatment for Stage 3 prostate cancer is radiotherapy, zap 33 times where the prostate was, and hormone jabs to cut off male hormone, to curb growth of cancer cells that might be in other parts of body.

Zapping would cost RM 30k, each hormone jab RM 1k. Full recovery, after all the tortures to body and pocket,  is uncertain. Decided not to undergo the Gold Treatment.

Holistic Treatment

A college classmate had advised against radio- and hormone therapy, instead to try the herbs and follow advices from Dr. Christopher Teo, PhD, a college senior who had lectured Botany in USM and treated cancer patients with herbs for more than 15 years.

We went to Penang to see Dr. Chris Teo at his Cancer Care Centre on 15th instant. His CACARE motto is OUR HANDS GOD HEALS. (You can visit www.cacare.com for more info)

Surprised to see quite a few patients there, not only locals, but also from Acheh, Sulawasi, Thailand and Singapore, who had lymphoma, breast, ear, liver and bladder cancers.

Dr. Teo went through my prostate cancer record, like seeing a simple ailment, told me to keep on taking the herbs, continue with the new diet – no meat, egg, dairy products, sugar, oil, alcohol, and to eat more raw vege, fruits, nuts etc. Herbs and new diet would provide enough nutrients for body functions and suppress new cancer cells.

(He said my prostate cancer was not so bad, no need to remove. There were worse cases, but improved after herbs and right diet. Too late, mine was already cut and thrown away!)

Indeed worthwhile talking with other patients and learning from their experience, the tortures they had endured through normal medical treatments but without positive results.

The bladder cancer case I met had impressed and inspired me most. This patient was a S’pore PR. Mr. H, came to CACARE to collect more herbs. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer  exactly a year ago after noting blood in urine. As cancer was at advanced stage, his Oncologist suggested removal of bladder, followed by chemotherapy. When asked would he live after all these treatments, Onco couldn’t answer. Mr H refused treatment, and the Onco confirmed he would have max 4 months life.

Mr. H decided to find his own cure, read more than 100 books on cancer and nutrition, surf the Net for more info and found Dr. Chris Teo. Mr H started taking herbs and had a complete diet change. He survived on raw food – fresh vege and fruit juices, protein from soya and steamed deep sea fish, tried out different vege taste addition to make raw food palatable.

Now Mr H has no more blood in urine, lost 11 kg weight, looks very fresh and healthy. He went back to see his Onco earlier, but the Onco refused to see him. From his appearance, my wife and I thought his age must be in late 30 or early 40, but his correct age was 50! Certainly he didn’t look like a cancer patient. I’ll seek more info on his diet.

Whereas another Trengganu patient had earlier undergone unsuccessful liver cancer treatments, chemo and tomotherapy, looked age +70 near 80, but was actually age 60, younger than me.

After seeing Dr. Teo and talking with Mr. H, I have more confidence in tackling my prostate cancer, without having to undergo hospital’s so called Gold Standard treatments. (Gold actually is gained by Onco, hospital and big pharma).

I wish to inform you the importance of diet. Wrong diet induces cancer growth, right diet can reverse it. Dr. Chris Teo’s herbs are not just to help curb cancer cell growth, but also improve functions of organs and overall health. Herbs are alkaline, while western drugs are mostly acidic.

After a short period of fresh vege/ fruits, deep sea fish, nut, no sugar, less oily diet, and herbs, I feel healthier. BP at 120/80 now.

The new diet becomes palatable too. No urge for roast pork, char siew, chow kuih teow, steamed chicken (my favourite), beer and stout too (my bigger favourite).

Our matured body system is not meant to digest animal protein and milk.

Complex carb and plant-based foods are what your body needs.

Do change to right diet and all can enjoy good health and golf beyond age 90.

Read the book ‘The China Study’ by Dr T. Colin Campbell for more info on cancer related to diet.


Dear Dr Teo,

My mother who is 63 yrs old was recently diagnosed (1month) with Advanced stage HCC, liver cancer.She has been on Nexavar for 2 weeks.  Yesterday, she vomited twice with fresh blood.

She is now very jaundice and she hasn’t pass stool for 2 days. I have all her medical reports and CT scan images with me.

May I know more about your treatment type and what you can possibly offer her. Where’s your clinic perhaps we can meet to discuss further. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Reply: Go to my website: cancercaremalaysia.com or www.cacare.com  and read that I wrote about liver cancer etc

I have read your website. Here’s my mom’s condition:

My mother’s end stage liver cancer was diagnosed bout 4 weeks ago at Hospital Selayang’s Hepatology Unit.My mom, 63 years old, was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer HCC on 23/6/2011 by her hepatologist (blood test with low albumin and high bilirubin, Ultrasound and CT scan) all suggesting enlarged nodules in her right lobe of liver with the largest located  at segment IV measuring 5.9 x 5.2 cm. The right PV is thrombosed and left PV is partially thrombosed as well.

My mom has an underlying liver cirrhosis condition. Sshe has ascites and severe jaundice.

Her team of hepatologist, oncologist and radiologist have ran out of treatment options other than palliative care. AFT >39,000

Reply: This is a very serious case indeed …. I really don’t know if I could help …more so when there is bleeding.  But if you think I can help you, come to Penang with all your medical reports and scan…let me have a look at them …. can come any day… except Sat or Sun.

Liver Cancer from the Philippines

Hi Chris,

I found your website in the internet and I wanted to know more about CA Care.

I have a sister-in-law that has stage3 liver cancer. She has undergone 2 weeks of alternative medicine based on veggies, fruits for detoxification. After a week, she got internal bleeding and was vomiting blood. She was now confined in the hospital.

The dr. said that they cannot conduct TACE procedure since the cancer cells have already spread throughout her body. She was advised to take Nexavar, but as just like what you mentioned in your website, this does not cure but only control.
My sister-in-law is in Philippines and she cannot afford to travel due to her physical condition.

Is it still possible for you to prescribe the necessary medication for her?

God bless that He is using you in the field of healing.


Metastatic Breast Cancer from Singapore

Hi Chris

Thanks for sending the book to me in Singapore. I have never seen my mum read a book so religiously until she started reading the Mandarin version of your book on cancer.

I saw your videos on your website and was impressed with your thoughts.

We are very interested to come and visit you. My mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast ca and has been undergoing chemo and then Herceptin treatment for the last 2 years at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCC). She was also put through the routine of CT scan every 9 weeks to monitor her reaction to a new drug under a medical trial. However, my mum has been suffering from mild slipped disc like symptoms in the past 6 months after undergoing chemotherapy for 2 full years. She can feel her health becoming weaker as well, especially after having to undergo CT scan every 9 weeks for the past 2 years. This is definitely breaking her body down.

This month, she finally found the courage to stop her treatment by the NCC. Your book came in at the perfect time and she is beginning to understand why my sister and I have been so wanting her not to undergo the treatment which was some medical trial. However, each day, waking up and getting up on her feet in the morning can be quite a scary chore for her as she does not know when she will get another episode of low back pain attack.  I suspect the overexposure to radiation via CT scan every 9 weeks have done quite a lot of degenerative damages to her body, especially her discs.

In view of her low back pain, travelling to Penang is now a huge uphill task as I believe she will not be able to ensure the physical stress of the long journey on her lower back. I was wondering if there may be a chance that we could send you her medical reports and have you to take a look before we see how best would be the next move.

Would appreciate any thoughts that you might have.


Always in Pain from Indonesia

Dear sir,

I need to consult my father’s condition whom 2 weeks ago diagnosed metastasis III by neurologist, oncologist and orthopedist. My father’s age is 65 years. There was no cancer diagnosis before but 2 weeks ago.

For two months (when this letter written), my father feel very painful on his left leg up to his waist. He cannot use his foot to walk owing to this pain. He can only rest on the bed.

Ortopedist  advised medical surgery for taking away tumor which press his nerves so that he can walk as before. His oncologist advised him radiation therapy.

We need your advice what to do since my father does not want to take two two advices. Instead, he wanted traditional massage. Frankly, medical surgery cost which is so high and expensive is another consideration. We cannot afford that.

Every time my father feeling pain, the only we can do is giving “painkiller” which is prescribed by doctor. This painkiller does not help. He always feeling pain. Is physiotherapy allowed for this condition?

We do need your advice of medication(s)  for restoring his condition. Thank you for your advice. We are looking for hearing your advice

Reply: where are you from?

Craniopharyngioma from Singapore

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is C, Chinese male, 41 years of age residing in Singapore. I have visited your website www.cacare.com and would like to seek your advice as regard to my medical condition.

I was recently diagnosed with Craniopharyngiomas (Pituitary Tumor as told by my doctor) at the Singapore General Hospital. MRI Brain scan (Pituitary protocol) has been performed. My left eye has only 50% vision and my right eye has 80%. The doctor has advised that surgery needs to be carried out either through the mouth or worst case through the skull above the head in order to remove the tumor.

I sincerely hope that you would be able to provide me with your expert view and advice on whether my condition would be able to be treated without undergoing the knife. I have all the doctor’s diagnostic reports and scans. I am available to visit you in Penang any time soon.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Carboplatain, Taxol, Avastin, Tarceva and Radiation, Did Not Cure His Lung Cancer – In Fact He became Worse

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am KH from Kuala Lumpur.

Briefly, I was diagnosed with Stage 4, adenocarcinoma of the pleural in April 2009. It had spread to the adrenal gland. I was told I would have a median life span of 6 months. I have undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy, from May 2009 to August 2009, with carboplatin and taxol, together with a targetted drug, Avastin. However, this chemo failed and I was put on oral targetted drug, Tarceva from October 2009.

At the same time from May 2009, I was also taking Chinese herbal treatment from a herbalist, who have also taught me meditation and chi kung. My attempt to locate Mr Lau Hak Poo in Taman Megah failed as he had passed away. I have brought my younger brother to be treated by him for lung cancer in 1998.

I have also since then changed my lifestyle and diet to follow as much as possible, a macrobiotic diet with the addition of a small amount of steam fish. I have continued with the Chinese herbs till today.

In April 2010, my cancer marker (CEA) have dropped to normal range and tests showed no more tumours and I was under remission.

However, in March 2011 this year, at the insistence of my herbalist (to go for tests) ,who sense something not right when he took my pulse, my cancer marker showed an increased level to 25. A PET scan in April showed that there were two tumours, one at about the same spot as my original tumour in April 2009, namely the base of my right lung. And another small tumour near my hip.

In April, I underwent 15 daily sessions of radiotherapy on the tumours.The radiotheraphy was not successful and in June, I was admitted to hospital to do a pleural drainage. My CEA marker had gone up to 99 by then. About 3.9 litres of fluid was drained from my right lung.

During the hospital stay, I was talking to a staff about Chinese herbs and I shared with her my brother’s experience with rodent tuber and how disappointed I was for not being able to be treated by Mr Lau Hak Poo. She then told me about CA Care and gave me Khatijah’s mobile number.

I have been taking Capsule A, Lung 1, lung 2 and Asct herbs for the past one month. However, the fluid level in my right lung appears to be increasing, which I can tell from my increasing difficulty in breathing.

As such, I would be very happy to meet up with you to consult on further treatment options and what else I can do to hopefully be healed, with the grace of God. I have already told the oncologist that I will not undergo further chemo or any targeted drugs. Their usage is mainly palliative in nature and only meant for a short life extension.

I look forward to meeting you and I will be driving up to Penang from KL on Friday morning.

Thanking you in advance.


Once again, a sad story. Over and over again, we have the same story repeating itself. Take a look at this:

http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/lung-cancer/  and this:  https://adaywithchristeo.wordpress.com/category/lung-cancer/

The patient wrote: “ In April 2010, my cancer marker (CEA) have dropped to normal range and tests showed no more tumours and I was under remission.” This is nothing more than just a false alarm. Given another few months or so, the cancer comes back again. And this time, it comes back with greater vengeance! Hell breaks loose.

When do we want to learn this lesson?

Cancer of the Rectum

Dear Doctor,

My sister who just turned 60 was diagnosed with rectal cancer about 2 months ago (stage 1 or 2). Besides, the cancer she is almost 95% deaf in both years and she developed neurofabriomatisis on the whole body when she was in her teens. This skin problem has also affected her joints especially at her knees. The consultant doctor recommended 7 weeks of radiation with chemo. We (her siblings) decided to look for alternative therapy.

She is on the Sabah Snake Grass juicing (50 leaves – now increase to 100 leaves per day). As well as cancer fighting vegetables juicing. …like broccoli, cauliflower, beet root, lemon grass, turmeric & others. Recently she also tried the Far Infrared Rays (thermo-acupressure therapy) for about a month. The wound at the rectum has actually dried up (less blood seeping out). I would appreciate your professional advice.

Thank You & regards,

Reply: Do what you think is right. And that makes you happy. I have written enough of what we are doing in my website: www.cacare.com I have nothing less to say or advise. Just read what I wrote about what we are doing – and they are very much different from what you are doing. Write me again if what you are doing helps or effective (after one or two months). I too like to learn your method.

Colon-Liver Cancer from India

Dear Sir,

I am M from India. My mother has colon cancer with liver metastasis. She has already going through Folfox-4 chemotherapy. She has completed 3 cycles of chemotherapy, and after 3 cycles, the CT Scan reports show some improvement.

Before starting chemotherapy, she had cancer in Ascending colon and multiple dense tumour in the liver, now after 3 cycles, there is more than 50% improvement in her colon, and in liver the tumors have reduced in size and numbers. Now there is 1 tumor of 1.9 x 1.9 cm, and 1 very small tumor in the liver, and all other tumors have disappeared.

Brief summary about patient : A 45 years old Female patient, weight :70 kg, was having altered bowel habits since last 8 years. The biopsy report done in March 2011, says it’s a case of “Adenocarcinoma” and CT scan shows Liver Metastasis.

The Doctors in India, have suggested 3 more cycles of chemotherapy, following by Colon Surgery and RFA of Liver.

I just wanted to know how can you help in this case?  Please do let me know in case you need any further details of the patient.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Reply:  I  am really sorry M — you are in India and I am in Malaysia …. it is extremely difficult for me to help.

Prostate Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Teo,

This is J, living in Singapore. I have got your contact from Mr H (bladder cancer from Singapore) and needed to get hold of some herbs to help my father.

My father is 73 years and sick with prostate cancer which has metastasized to his spinal cords, sternum as well as clavicle. He is currently in the hospital undergoing radiotherapy to ease the pain. The pain is now under control with 2 kinds of pain killer he is being prescribed. He is having a blood clot at his T5 which has immobilized him from the waist down, including his bladder and bowel function.

We know there is no cure for cancer but is hoping that you have some herbs that may be helpful for his current condition. Mr H has volunteered to go up to Penang to collect it if you are able to provide some herbs.

He has good appetite these few days and looks much better than I do now. I am unable to personally come down b’cos of the constant need to provide for his needs and juggling my job as well.

Hope to hear from you.

Warmest Regards

Reply:  I must say I really don’t know what I can do by reading this story and sitting in front of the computer. Also my experience tells me that asking someone else to come and just collect the herbs is NOT going to be of any good to anybody.

Tragic Story

Hello there,

I came across your blog by accident.

My nightmare with cancer started about 2 months ago when my beloved dad was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4. Panicked and mortified, we sent him off to HUKM Cheras for further treatment as we wanted him to be “treated” as fast as possible so that at least we could have a few more years with him, though we know that his time is limited with stage 4. The specialist ordered him to be operated since his colon is half blocked and is affecting his quality of life and then start him on chemo. Of course we listened to him though my dad is terrified of operation (btw, he is 75 years old). We managed to pursuade my dad to go for the surgery and since then our lives has turned into a living hell. The specialist didn’t put a stoma bag as per our discussion because he said that the surgery went well but boy, was he wrong!!! The anostomosis leaked on day 4 post-op and he was rushed for another surgery to wash-up and to put a stoma bag.

My dad has been in the ICU for 40 days now, fighting his life due to the sepsis. First problem was the lung, then came the fistula and perforated bowel and last week, his liver starts to fail due to the cancer mets. Doctors are not very opmistics with their prognosis and giving him only a month to live. We are all very devastated with the news but at the same time we don’t want to give up.

Anyway you could help us with your product? I wish i can bring him to see you but he is still in the ICU. My pray is that he will survive the sepsis and take him out of the hospital and look for an alternative medicine. My confidence level towards modern medicine has totally diminished after this traumatized incident. I am hoping that his sepsis can recover before his liver give away. I am not willing to let him go yet…..

Thank you for reading my story. Do let me know if there is anything your product can do to my dad. Take care..

Cervical Cancer – Surgery, radio and chemo did not cure

Dr Teo,
 I had read about your centre.. CA CARE ..my question,can I as Muslim go for this treatment?
For your info, I female/36yrs age, having ca cervix … had operation vertheims hysterectomy done in August 2010,    radio & chemo done. Now my doc advise me to do another chemo.
I was not really happy as result after all the treatment was done, is recurrence ca cervix (involving the right anterior  abdominal wall and bilateral iliac lymph nodes).
Hope can heard good news from you as soon.
Thank You.

e-Mail from Albania

Dear Chris,

I am OLA from ALBANIA.

Mother of my feyonse had tumor in the colon and liver metastasis in.Please I’m 23 years old    I had planned wedding but everything is going wrong, She had surgery a week ago in Greece and now need to start therapy cimio. Please told us what can we do? You can send us the correct address

Reply:  Don’t worry Ola — the doctors in Greece can help her. I am from Malaysia … very far away from your country and it is not possible for me to help you from here.

Seeking Alternative When Doctors Have Nothing Else to Offer

Dear Dr. Teo,

Good afternoon and hope you are doing well.

My dad has liver cirrhosis and a 12cm tumour. His liver function is very bad and the doctors here in Singapore, where he has been undergoing treatment, have informed us that even taking the drug Nexavar is not an option due to his weak liver functions.

So basically there is no more medical treatments available for him.

We are now seeking alternative remedies and that is when I chanced upon your website and we would like to give your treatment a go.

Attached is a recent Radiology report and also a letter from the specialist summarizing my dad’s condition which we use when seeking second opinions. I can send you further reports and scans if you require. Attached below also is a CT scan.

My dad is unfit to travel but I am more than willing to make the visit to Penang.

Kindly advice us on the next course of action.

Thank you

Z of Singapore

Reply   Thanks Z for writing. Let me be honest – it may be better for you to find someone in Singapore to help your father. They have TCM units in the hospitals there.

As much as I want to help people I cannot promise any cure for any cancer. I may be able to make lives of others better, but no one on earth can ever cure any cancer. So, it would be dishonest and a lie if I ask you to come and see me. And you in turn hope that I can cure your father’s cancer.



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