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Four-year-old from Czech Republic with 9 cm tumour

Dear Mr. Teo!

My name is Mr. J M and I am from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). The reason why I write you is my almost four-year-old nephew is very, very ill. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a very aggressive tumor in his belly (9 cm!). His cancer is an embryonal and alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

It seems to grow from his bladder and there are already some metastases in his liver and some marks in his lungs.  We absolutely do not know why he got this terrible illness (there about 20 children from 1000000 that get this). We all live in a very healthy manner, eat little white sugar, at least 50% of our food comes from organic agriculture, there is a lot love in our families etc., so except of God’s anger or some  pathogenic  energy problems, I hardly can see any substantial reason why this happened.

In my country, the standard classical medicine is free, which is very good, but it means also that for a child, we cannot refuse the treatments the doctors prescribe when the illness is life-threatening, which is actually the case. We had gone to the hospital when my nephew felt difficulties to poo and  pee.  Ten days ago, he went through his first chemotherapy, yesterday he had zero leucocyte level and, now he tries to recover.

It is useless to say how afflicted we are by this situation and that we are ready to do whatever is in our power to heal him. Two days before his chemotherapy, he began taking Chinese herbal tea – Agrimoniae herba, Aurantii fructus, Curcumae tuber, Trogopterori seu Pteromydis. We had actually entered into contact with a Czech traditional Chinese doctor, and now we wait for the moment when he is allowed to go home for a while to give him hemp (Rick’s Simpson Phoenix tears) in tiny quantities, which we believe has not only palliative virtues but also can cure cancer (the use of medical hemp is unfortunately illegal in my country).

In February 2011, my mother , who was then sixty, was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she refused chemo, radio and hormonotherapy. She tried to heal by homeopathy, diet changes, reflexology and spiritual growth and I must say that she feels much better than before. And she seems to be happier now. At that time, I found your web site but you seemed to me too far to even contact you. But now, when my sister’s son got ill, we find that we really have to do anything that we can for not losing him.

I have thoroughly read your instructions for those who come from distant countries. I must admit that going to Penang would be rather expensive for us. First of all, we will try some alternatives that we can get here, in my country. But if my nephew cannot recover, we are ready to go to your place, because it  will probably be the last chance.

The reason why I write you now is to ask you three questions.  1. Have you ever met this kind of children cancer?  2. Do children have benefit from your therapy? In other words, is your method suitable for children too? 3. Can parents be “responsible” in some way for their children’s cancer?

Mr. Teo, thank you very much for your answer.

Reply: It is really hard and sad for me to hear such problem that you are facing now. It is unfortunate that I cannot offer any help. It is not only the distance but also the nature of the cancer. The tumour is so big, 9 cm, and it has gone to the liver and even lung. I don’t believe anybody can do anything at all. I have never come across such cancer and have never treated like this one. Even if you come to me now, I must admit I don’t know what to do. So I hope this answers your too first questions.

And about God being angry or parents being “responsible” – I really can’t say much. But as a strong believer in God, I don’t see God is punishing anybody. There is something “wrong” somewhere which we don’t know or have yet to know. I recall a case of a young boy who had a very big liver tumour. Yes, I managed to help him. Later, I found out that her mother had been taking “growth hormone” for so many years to prevent her miscarriage. This hormone was prescribed by her doctor. But we know that this hormone causes cancer and has already been banned for use in human. Unfortunately some doctors still prescribe it to their patients. Also they still use it for farm animals.

Stage 4 metastases alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma from Singapore – three months to live after all the chemos …

Jan 2009-NUH Chemo-VAC (vincristine/adriamycin/cyclophosphamide) ifosfamide/etoposide,toptecan 31 Aug to Sept 2009 – Parkway Cancer Centre Gemcitabine/taxotere/bevacizumab Oct 2009-NUH imatinib Feb 2010 to Mar 2010 – NCCS Radiotherapy April 2010 – NCCS Rapamycin 2mg & erlotinib 100mg (stop does not work) Doctor say 3 months to live only

Reply: Thanks for your email … if the doctors did all the chemo and said three months to live, I am not sure if there is anything I can do to help.

Hi Chris,
Is there anyway you could help my son who is still very young at 15 years old. I understand you had treated before some terminally ill cancer patients which doctor say there is no hope. Hopefully you can come out with something to help him. We had got all the CD of his MRI and medical reports.


Reply: Come and see me.

Hi Chris,
Thank for your reply that give us some hope. Just to confirm your clinic’s location — 5, Lebuhraya Glugor, 11600 Penang, Malaysia. And consultation time only on Friday 3pm -5pm & Sunday 7pm -9p.m.


No one turns up anyway!!!!!!!! So much about hope.

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