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Four-year-old from Czech Republic with 9 cm tumour

Dear Mr. Teo! My name is Mr. J M and I am from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). The reason why I write you is my almost four-year-old nephew is very, very ill. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a very … Continue reading

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Stage 4 metastases alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma from Singapore – three months to live after all the chemos …

Jan 2009-NUH Chemo-VAC (vincristine/adriamycin/cyclophosphamide) ifosfamide/etoposide,toptecan 31 Aug to Sept 2009 – Parkway Cancer Centre Gemcitabine/taxotere/bevacizumab Oct 2009-NUH imatinib Feb 2010 to Mar 2010 – NCCS Radiotherapy April 2010 – NCCS Rapamycin 2mg & erlotinib 100mg (stop does not work) Doctor … Continue reading

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