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Sarcoma ……. Can we cure you?

Dear Mr Chris,




The content of this long email has been removed … because the writer objected to this posting.

But the message to those reading this  must be made clear ……

Those of you who write e-mail to me —– know that your email will be posted in this website. It is a waste and pity to just delete or junk your email. There are many lessons we can learn from your experiences.

Of course your personal details with be withheld … only your story or misadventure will the revealed. This is to share the writer’s problem with others … so that others may benefit from your “misadventure.” Learn from the mistakes of others. But if you are not prepared to share …. CA Care is not a place to come for help or to write to.

Also don’t ask us for the address of other patients … for you to interview or grill them …. it is not ethical for us to discuss their identity. If you don’t want to share, don’t expect others to share or help you!

Reminder: No need to write long e-mail. And don’t set your precondition before you want to come and see us. If you want things done the easy way, better that you go and find someone “next door” to help you.

Even if you come, know that I cannot cure your cancer. We don’t offer any magic bullet. 

Breast Cancer Went to Her Brain After Some Years. Three months to live.

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is R, tonight I’ve read a lot of you and ca care from the internet like so many others. The first 30 minutes when I read about your method, I’m so hooked up with it. Especially the video “Tidak Sanggup Pantang Tak Perlu Jumpa Saya” I just knew that this is my answer. I too don’t believe that cancer can be cured but I strongly believe that we can have a better life without chemo. And after almost 10 hours of reading, I knew I have to seek your consul.

This is my short story: I have a mother in law how was diagnosed with breast cancer and already undergo a surgery 11 years ago, late last year, around November 2014, my mother in law was suddenly have a terrible nausea, she throw up every hour or so in a day. I insist that she goes to a hospital and get a check. The doctor, whose my mother in law friend, suggest that she undergo a CT scan and a thorax scan (he knew about my mother past cancer). And from that scan, I knew it was a metastasis from her previous breast cancer, although I sincerely hope it was not. Soon after that she undergo a brain surgery to lift up the lump on her brain, the lump resulting back to confirm that my hope is false. It is a metastasis.

After that brain surgery, my mother in law is scheduled to undergo a ‘targeted chemo’ with herceptin. The first 3 months after the surgery and while undergoing chemo, my mother was like before, energetic strong woman. Until about 10 days ago.

10 days ago, she had another CT scan and there was another lump on her right brain. Also her left body part start to get weaker and weaker, now she barely can walk and move her left hand. Her doctor said that the targeted chemo with herceptin is a failure, so she up’ed the dosage, with radio therapy and the old chemo, which she was so afraid to undergo it again.

And when we went to another doctor for 2nd opinion, the doctor said what I already know, there is no cure for cancer, just accept it and live with no regret and also she predicted that my mother in law might only have another 3 months to live.

3 days ago, she finished her 4 days radio therapy session, with slight or no effect of improvement. So some of our friend and family suggested us to seek medical treatment on Penang. I was researching about Penang hospital when I found your site.

After several discussion with my wife, I decided to take my mother in law to Mt. Miriam Cancer hospital even-though I would rather go straight to your place. But you said that we should seek hospital treatment first before coming to you. I planned to go there this week if possible.

From Google Maps, it appears that your place and Mt. Miriam Hospital is rather close. So my question is, can I go to your place alone while my mother in law undergo a series of initial check on the hospital? Or should I bring my mother in law too? I don’t know if she have the faith to believe you like I do. I knew she will have little problems with the diet since already live a healthy life but my wife said that she might can’t accept that there is no cure for cancer, she still strongly believe that she can and willing to fight it.

I’m sorry for this very long email and taking your time, but your writing and post on the internet is really lift up my spirit for a better life for my mother in law. Also sorry for my English if it’s messed up. I’ll wait for your reply eagerly.


Reply: No need to write long e-mail. Just come and see me if you think I can help you. But there is no cure for cancer. 

Finding a Convenient Scapegoat

Dear Dr. Christ ,
Am so sorry to disturb at this time. I am from KL and started your herbs last five days ago . And today I went
for blood test at XX Hospital and the liver counts on three types as follows. Alkaline phosphatase ( 142 ul ) ,GGT (98 ul ) , AST (179 ul ) ,ALT (369 ul ).

As mentioned by Dr. ZZ, the reading is quite high and this worry me a lot. I am taking oral chemo drug at the moment already one session ( 3 weeks n rest 1 week ). I need your advise for this matter. .Pls provide me yr numbers so I can talk to U. Thanks a lot.

Reply: You don’t expect taking the herbs for 5 days it will work …. that is asking for too much …madness. Take for 3 months and see what happen… not 5 days, 

And if you are taking oral chemo, etc..etc.  .. I suggest  you don’t take my herbs…do all the chemo you want first…and if chemo doesn’t work ..then come and take my herbs…better.

Dr Christ , I am sorry to make u misunderstook on my message. Actually my blood test was scheduled to do on that day by oncology. And not becos after 5 days taking yr herbs  i straight away do. My concern is why suddenly my liver reading was high. It is b’cos of the herbs or otherwise. That is all i want to know and i know the herbs will not work within few days

Comments: Patient is taking regorafenit.

Read the internet and know the danger of taking this drug.

What this drug is used for: Treatment of colorectal cancer. On February 25, 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded the approved use ofregorafenib (Stivarga ® made by made by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) to treat patients with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) that cannot be surgically removed and no longer respond to imatinib (Gleevec) and sunitinib (Sutent), two other FDA-approved drugs to treat GIST.

Do NOT use regorafenib if:

  • you are allergic to any ingredient in regorafenib
  • you have severe liver problems (If you have colon cancer … be careful because the cancer have already spread to your liver??????)



  • Severe and sometimes fatal hepatotoxicity has been observed in clinical trials [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].
  • Monitor hepatic function prior to and during treatment [seeWARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].
  • Interrupt and then reduce or discontinue Stivarga for hepatotoxicity as manifested by elevated liver function tests or hepatocellular necrosis, depending upon severity and persistence [seeDOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION].

Common problem with some patients: ​Anything wrong it MUST BE THE HERBS … RIGHT?  Yes, it must be the damn herbs not the oral chemo. I am sorry for people like that it is better you go and find someone else for help.


Liver Cancer from Chennai, India

Helo Doctor,

i am a patient from Chennai ( India) diagnosed with end stage liver disease. I was diagnosed on 18.01.2015 for

  1. Heptacellular carcinoma in segment IV and VIII  around 5.6 cm, middle hepatic vin coursing through the tumor,small thrombus turmor related at junction of middle hepatic vein and IVC.  AFP > 11,115 (Dated 18.01.2015).
  1. TACE Procedure was recommended and carried on 07.02.2015 with Nexavar Tablets.
  1. After 30 days of evaluation dated 09.03.2015 AFP Count is 3600 and recommended for immediate TACE Procedure to bring down the AFP Count.

i would like to undergo more a better cure and ready to take up your medicine. i can send my reports through my friends and visit you in person. Currently i am not in situation to take up another chemotheraphy. My age is 38 and the doctors says that my body is responding to medicines

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you over your medical treatment


Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help patients from faraway places.




Liver Cancer from Rajasthan, India


My father is 80 years old and is suffering from HCC liver, metastatic and ascites. We had done C T scan on 30 July 2014 which showed 17*10 cm size tumour in the left lobe of liver .
We started homeopathic treatment and another C T Scan was done on 24 Jan 2015. The tumour size remained the same. Ascites developed, but other organs were functioning normally and presently he is unable to eat and walk or stand on his own.

I am from India and came to know about you through internet, Is there any medicine that can make his remaining life peaceful and healthy?. My father never used alcohol and tobacco in his life. The doctor had prescribed sorafenib medicine but we had not given it to him.

With regards.

Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help patients from faraway places.

Prostate Cancer – health deteriorating

Dear Prof Chris Teo,

I really feel there is a hope for my father after reading your posts on CA Care Therapy treatments. My father is diagnosed with prostate cancer about 2 months ago; PSA 61.1 and Gleason 5+3. We are now on the long waiting list for the bone scan (scheduled in April) and MRI scan (in June).

Before the doctors can offer him the treatment options, my father condition is now getting worse day by day. He has been suffering the following problems/symptoms:

1. Loss of appetite and weight – every food he takes is tasteless and he has to force himself swallow it (e.g. porridge).
2. He is unable to sleep even with the Prozovex pills – the moment he lays down he feels shortness of breath and mentally distorted.
3. Anaemia – Haemoglobin level was 7 previously. He did a blood transfusion the other day and it went up to 9. He seems better now.
4. Difficulty in breathing – likely due to fluid congestion in his lung, but after taking the medicine (Rasitol) to clear the fluid it was fine for few days.

He has been taking high blood pressure medication for the past 20 years which is his only underlying medical problem.

We live in Johor. I am planning to visit your Centre in Penang within these two weeks but I may not able to bring him there as I afraid he might not well enough for traveling long distance. We wish to give him a try on your herbs before we decide on whether to take or combine with those cancer treatments (which may cause more harm than good).

We do not aim to fully cure his cancer with the herbs (of course I wish there would be a miracle) and we are sincerely prepared to commit and work hard to fight against the disease. I really do hope it would at least reduce his pains and suffers so as to let him to have a better quality of life before he would leave us.

I am sincerely hoping for a good reply from you soon. Thank you and best wishes.

Reply: You come alone Monday to Friday at 11 a.m. next week. Bring all medical reports.




Metastatic Lung Cancer from Jakarta

Good morning Dr. Chris,

My name is A. I email you regarding my father’s health situation.

Father’s health background:

  1. Heavy smoker & coffee drinker since his young time.
  2. Got stroke on Agustus 2009 but been active again for the past 3 years..
  3. Diabetic.

Since the end of 2014 my father has been coughing a lot that makes him can’t sleep at nights. At the end of January 2015 he felt weak & couldn’t stand up on sudden. We brought him straight to the hospital & he was opnamed for 2 weeks.

Early diagnose was lung infection & pneumonia. Doctors gave him an antibiotik for some days to deal with the infection. They tried to get the fluid in his lungs but couldn’t get much since it was gel. They got only a little & it was blood. They suspected that was caused by some medicines he was taking, therefore they stopped him from taking those medicines. My father was oxygened while he was in hospital because he was out of breath on sudden & the oxygen level in his blood was dropped. But it was stabilized & he was released from the hospital.

On early February he did Pet-Scan & from the results he was diagnosed lung cancer that already spread to his brain, liver, bone.

Until now he is still coughing a lot & hard to sleep at nights. He feels weak & feel pain on his bones. Other doctors said the same as they saw the tests results. But there’s pne doctor said it is not certain that is cancer, the uncured infection could look like that as well.

My father was suggested to take another blood test to ensure the CEA level, brain MRI to check if it was a cancer in his brain, a Pet-Scan for his current condition, CT-Guided Lung Biopsy to take out the fluid & sample of his lungs.

My questions:

  1. Is it ok to take another Pet-Scan since it was taken just couple weeks ago?
  2. Is it ok for him to take the biopsy? The biopsy won’t make the cancer cells become aggressive right?
  3. What kind of treatments do you have for this condition Dr. Chris? & how long will it takes?
  4. Does the patient need to come there/ stay there for some times? Or can he just come there to consult with you then bring the herbs back home (outpatient)?
  5. How much approximately for the treatment and/ or the herbs?

Looking forward for your fast respond Dr. Chris. Thank you for your time & help in advance.

Reply: Where are you from? Jakarta? I am now in Singapore. You can come and see me without the patient if you like to know more.

Dear Dr. Chriis,

Yes I am in Jakarta.

I was just from Singapore last week, and I don’t think I can come back there except for my father’s treatment because I’m working & need to safe money when possible.

If you don’t mind, could you please explain to me here by email how is your procedure/ method for healing lung infection/ tumor/ cancer patient? My father condition is kinda weak right now. We really need to decide things as soon as possible. Thank You,

Comment: I cannot help patients who only want to sit in front of the computer and expect things to come their way!



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