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Colon-Liver Cancer from Singapore

Dear Chris,

My Dad is recently diagnosed with sigmoid cancer with liver metastasis. Attached is the report and hospital findings. Doctor advised if no chemo, another 6 months. He is in stage 4 now, so chemo may not help also. Kindly review and advise if any cure can be recommended. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Reply: You just have to come and see me with all the reports and films … no need to bring your father if he cannot travel ~ Chris

Reply: Please do not send a friend ..it is no use ..I want to talk to the person who takes care of the patient and ask questions ~ Chris

Recurred Lymphoma: After chemo and radiotherapy his condition worsened – Please Help!

Hello Dr. Chris,

It’s been long time I have never contacted you. You have just accepted my Facebook request about a week ago. I’m ES. I’m a son in law of Mr. S from Semarang, Indonesia. You have been taking care of us sometimes ago in 2007. My father in law file number is 236. I hope you still remember us.

Mr. S has been staying in Singapore since late September 2010 for another lymphoma treatment because of relapsed cancer. He has gotten his chemo since then (I forgot the number of chemo cycles). His doctor did radiotherapy for 9x lately. Just after the 9th time radiotherapy his condition worsened. He’s weak, vomit frequently and got fever (his body is hot) every 12 hours. He has even lost his memory because of known spread lymphoma to his brain. Doctor only gives him Panadol to reduce the fever, but the fever comes again every 12 hours. Doctor said his fever is due to lung infection. He has also coughs. His throat is itchy and sometimes hard to release his sputum.

The radiotherapy is supposed to be conducted 10x for his spinal cord, but because his condition is weak, doctor can’t continue the last radiotherapy. Actually doctor’s plan is to do another radiotherapy on his brain, because the cancer has already spread a bit there.

Mr. S’s condition now is on and off. Sometimes he’s fine, sometimes he’s weak (even critical). He has been consuming Capsule A, Lymphoma Tea and Radio-Tea so far. He takes Chemo tea during chemo previously.

Dr. Chris, please assist us what we should do now, because family is making decision not to continue with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Doctor simply refuses to make another check, because the family is refusing radiotherapy & chemotherapy.

What other herbs should Mr. S need to take now besides those herbs I mentioned above? His diet has been strict now. No meat and no preserved food. Sugar and salt has been limited too.

I appreciate for your help. Please assist us fast, because Mr.S is sometimes in critical condition. Thank you very much.

Reply: Hello E, If the family decides not to proceed with the medical treatments — stop them then. Take a rest and see if he can recover. When he recovers, bring him to Penang and let us discuss what else to do. I have the bio-frequency therapy and see if we can use it on him or not ~ Chris

Dr. Chris,

Thank you for your fast reply. I don’t think we can bring Mr. S to your place at this moment, because his condition is still weak. He’s still lack of energy and has fever on and off everyday due to his lung infection. Is there anything we can do temporarily while waiting for his strength to regain? Maybe take other herbs as you suggest? He’s still in the hospital now. Thanks for your help.

Reply: Let him stay in the hospital and recover. If he takes herbs in the hospital and then dies, the doctors will say it is the herbs that kill him. They will not say that the chemo or radiotherapy that can kill him ~ Chris

Comment from a reader

Hi Prof. Chris,
When a patient goes to the oncologist and he suggested to do Chemo and Radiotherapy, most of them will agree (at that time). They don’t even care about the money they have to spend. But after the conditions become worse, they do not ask the oncologist – why such thing had happened? They don’t ask the doctor to take the necessary action or ask the doctor what to do? They (with panic) ask you – Please help us … what we should do now?
Please assist us fast because the patient is in critical condition.

Our response: Well such thing happens all the time. And that is what CA Care is for! I jokingly tell all patients who come. CA Care is the last one stop! We have to repair the damage done by the chemo and radiation. We also have to heal the cancer! Worse of all – when they come, they except immediate result! After two weeks on herbs they ask: why cannot cure yet? They think we are magicians.

In this case, the patient, S, has been on our herbs for some years and was doing well. He decided to stop taking the herbs after being well. Then he started on his old, bad diet again. He forgot what we have taught him. Unfortunately he is in trouble again.

A Doctor from Lebanon Wrote

Dear Chris,

My name is F. I am an MD from Lebanon. I came across your article on ezine about placebo mechanism and I must say it is extremely sad how placebo mechanism is mis-underestimated and how much it can do if the real mechanism is exploited in the future.

By the way, I am 27 yr old , and I am going to become a psychiatrist but if I move to continue my residency in the States I have a great interest to research placebo further. However, I had been working on several projects, and soon I want to write a placebo review. Maybe it would be the set point for my future work.

I have a very bizarre idea in my mind. I thought how we can in vitro stimulate this placebo effect to a point that it can cure neurodegenerative, inflammatory or even cancerous problems (since miracles cure those and miracles are placebo, even though I am agnostic and far from being atheist).

I thought that if we want to pharmacologically induce placebo, the right receptors or even pathways would take us further decades to find them. So I found out another way which might be related to the trigger of subconscious pathways, which Ii would be delighted to explain it to you later on.

I was wondering do you know if any research is going on with this field, and please do you have a list of people worldwide working on placebo. Maybe we all can collaborate and who knows, maybe we can find the definitive cure for all the cures.

Thanks a lot.

Reply: Hello Doctor,

Thanks for writing. Yes, it is good to have non-conventional ideas — good to dream as well. So go ahead and follow what your heart wants.

I am working on cancer and not on Placebo — though it is important that we take advantage of placebo. If you like, you can visit our new website:  http://ejtcm.com/

Regards and best of luck.

Pancreas, Liver and Colon Cancer: Medically written off – and he died

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is MT and I reside in Johor Bahru.  I found out about your centre through the website when I was searching for information on cancer.  I myself was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer two year ago.  However, my this email is to enquire on behalf of my uncle who is 72 years old & is now diagnosed with late stage cancer of the pancreas, liver & colon.

I am not sure of the origin of the cancer but he only showed symptoms of unwell about 3 weeks back when he lost his appetite to eat & vomited even with little food.  Then his urine turned dark in colour, so he went to the hospital and was admitted.  A scan and scope was done & he was confirmed as having Stage 4 cancer.  Meanwhile, he had turned yellowish and was not able to hold his bowel movement a few days ago.  Mentally, he is still fine but the family has not told him of his real medical condition.  The doctors said he cannot be cured and yesterday, he was discharged home.

I have spoken to his son about your centre with the hope that you can help my uncle although medically he is written off.  Unfortunately, the family does not seem to think that there is any hope for him as the son said his dad is not only with cancer, but he is also a heart patient, with other problems like blood pressure and is diabetic (I think).  This is precisely why I am writing to you, Dr Chris.

Based on this brief information, is there a possibility for my uncle to get better with the help of your herbal treatment.  I mean, with his medical history, can you help?

I hope you can reply my email soonest possible, as I don’t think my uncle has much time left.  He is practically dying off day by day without any medication or treatment and not being able to eat nor drink much.

Thank you, Dr and may God always bless you for your kindness & effort in helping others.

Reply: Thanks for your email. I am sorry — I have no magic bullets. And I don’t think it is right for me to promise people that I can help either. It is worse if I say so by just sitting in front of a computer without knowing anything about the problem. You may wish to find someone nearer your home and whom you or the family believe in. Go back to the doctors and ask them to help him.

Dear Dr Chris,

Just to inform you  …. my uncle passed away yesterday noon i.e. only 4 days after our correspondence last week.  Little did I know his time was so short.  If you had seen his reports, would you have been able to tell?

I still believe in your work and I think it is a hope for many lost cases.  You should work with more doctors/hospitals so that they can refer their patients to you when there is no more hope for them medically (the conventional way).

Many families just take the doctors’ word for truth and fail to ask for alternative way.  I guess most of the time it’s because of the shock that their minds just can’t think.  With more publicity, I think your centre can help save more lives from cancer.

If you happen to come down to JB (where I reside) one day to give a talk, I should like to attend and meet you in person. May God continue to bless you in your work.



Cancer of the Gum – Half Jaw Removed

Hi Chris,

I am Ng from Kuala Lumpur has already send an e mail to chris@cacare.com last night just in case you did not received I send another.

My brother from Ipoh is suffering from carcinoma of the gum which has affected the jaw bone. It started with removal of his wisdom tooth due to the swelling and pain. With the discovery the Doctors ask him to go through an operation to remove the gum (half of it).

He has gone through the operation which takes around 12 hours! He is on liquid diet and at the side of his left cheek is a hole which could not be healed. The hole is meant for insertion of tubes!! (not very sure) blood keep coming out from his cheek especially when he was given ‘qi’ !

Two sessions of chemotherapy were given but the cancer cells have spread to his forehead and he is in great pain. As such morphine is given every 4 hourly and nothing else is given.

The Doctors in GH told us not to move him around because of the vein that is next to the hole. If pressure is applied the vein might rapture and he will die, so Dr Chris can you help us? Or tell us what must be done at this critical moment? I am so sorry to come to you at such critical moment but if you can help do let me know.


Reply: Please keep him in the hospital and let the doctors take care of him.


Terminal Leukemia from Jakarta

Dear Mr. Chris,

I am Eltien from Jakarta Indonesia. I would like to ask your advice about my father cancer. My father is 63 yrs. And Singapore doctor claims that my father has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (only 3 to 6 month life). My dad blood condition is Hb 7.7 , leukosit 1500, and trombo 200. Is my dad condition could be cure? Does it possible for my dad to fly to  Penang.

I will be much appreciate for ur advice. If possible I plan to fly to Penang on Thursday. Please reply me.

Reply: You can come and see me on Friday morning at 10.30 am.I am going to be in KL before that. Bring all the medical reports. If you cannot , write to Pak Teddy in Jakarta. Go to www.cancercareindonesia.com and you get his phone number.


Dear Mr. Chris,
I couldn’t bring my dad on this Friday to see u. Since my dad had to do the blood transfusion to increase the Hb. I will contact u as my dad hb increase and ask for another appointment with you. Thank you for your attention Mr Chris.


Herbs – better than surgery?

Hi Dr Chris,

My father is diagnosed with Ampullary tumor with obstructive jaundice. (Ampullary Biopsy: High Grade Dysplasia). The doctor advised him to go for an operation called pancreaticodhodenectomy or whipple’s resection.

As this is a major operation and there are risks and complications involved, my father is considering other non-surgical alternatives.

Would the herb therapy be helpful in this case without going through the operation?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

CL, Singapore

Reply: I really don’t know … if my herbs are better than surgery or what. No one on earth can guarantee anything.


Metastatic Melanoma from Medan

Dr. Chris, before I ask u something, allow me to introduce myself first.

My name is N L. I live in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

In 2009, my sister had surgery, a mole that was on the middle finger of her left hand. Results of laboratory diagnosis said it was malignant melanoma. However, we did not do anything after the surgery because in our opinion there was no problem anymore.

Then, in late2010, her chest and hips become ill. Doctors in Medan said that it is the result of metastatic bone cancer from a mole operation previously. Now, my sister is unable to walk, because her legs are sick and cannot be moved.

I want to ask the doctor, if my sister is still possible to be cured?  May be with herbal medicine from doctor? The doctor in Medan said my sister cannot be healed anymore, because the cancer had spread everywhere. Does my sister still have hope to live?

For your kind attention, I thank you.

Reply: Melanoma is very dangerous. It spreads to the lung …. there is no cure. I have one lady with melanoma but she is still alive after 3 + years. Click this link: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2010/12/12/metastatic-melanoma-lung-cancer/

You need to come and see me with all the medical reports. No need to bring the patient.

Colon Cancer: When Various Alternative Medicines Failed

Dear Mr. Teo,

My name is T and I’m from Johor Bahru, I found about you from searches on the internet regarding Rectum Cancer.

Here’s my story & I would really appreciate if you can enlighten me as to what I should do next. I was even prepared to just drive up all the way to Penang to see you tomorrow (that is if you’re available).

My mum, age 65, was diagnosed with rectal cancer in July 2007. After we knew about the disease, and after doctors only recommendation (surgery), insisted on it, we opted out.

My mum also dread the idea of going under the knife unless all possible methods are exhausted. So, she insisted to try alternative medicine (TCM). We searched everywhere and asked almost everyone we knew about cancer and alternative medicines. And it all started after the diagnose.

My mum’s first encounter with so called alternative medicine was a recommendation by a relative citing known experience by her personal friend who is suffering cancer. So we went, and my mum was advised to consume ‘raw eggs’ on every meal + supplements from the physician (6 months supply). The supplements claim to have medical doctors’ recommendation to prevent further deterioration. My mum followed the advice for about 6 months but was unable to adapt to the ‘only eggs’ meal as it does not fill her hunger.

So after that, my mum did not continue with this ‘physician’. Again after recommendation from friends as well as my mum’s choice of trying all herbs alternative, we found the second physician, who is in Endau. We drove my mum to this place and again was advice to watch her diet strictly, meaning no meats, including fish and only vegetable. So my mum heeded his advice and started the ‘raw’ herbal medication then. It was about some months when my mum could not take probably the ‘raw’ taste of herbs and boiled herbal drinks. It was like one full load of raw green herbs for a month in my car trunk. And the whole neighborhood smells of herbs.

After on strict dietary guidelines, my mum went down on weight seriously and look weak but the physician said we’ll have to adapt to it otherwise there’s no point even taking herbs. Sometime in late 2008 and after all this herbal drinks and soups, my mum started to bleed from her bowels. At first it was minor but it got serious and needed blood transfusion (1 pint) every 4-5 days interval. This lasted almost 7 to 8 months and finally upon doctor’s recommendation, my mum finally agreed to go ahead with the colostomy surgery.

After the surgery, things were much better. No bleeding, no transfusions and stuffs. So we asked her if she wanted to continue with the herbs from Endau, but she said she could not tolerate all those raw herbs day in & day out. So we started again in our quest to look for another alternative physician.

Two years had passed and after some asking around, it was my uncle (mum’s younger brother) who recommended a TCM physician in Tampin, N.S., whom my uncle claim to had cured his business associate of his cancer using their alternative medicines — containing the known among ‘Chinese,’ the Porcupine Bezoar (Jian Zhu Zhao). This was the most expensive alternative medication we had, but we   hope that some miracle could happen. So we started to travel form JB to Tampin again every month. This   cost some thousands of ringgit. We did this some 14 to 16 months back till today.

In the recent 6 months, I noticed that things were not good. There were serious infections around my mum’s anus & vagina. From what I’ve read from your websites and the book on cancer, I guess this should be Stage IV and spreading fast. The surface of the skin surrounding the anus & vagina area looks like ‘infections’. And lately my mum does not walk that often citing pain when she walks or sit. Now she does not travel with me to get the medications.

So these are the scenario on my mum and I certainly hope that Mr. Teo could help or advise what should I do. Can I drive to Penang to meet up with you for advice? Or maybe take some of your medications?

Please advise. I now plan to start my trip tonight midnight so I can arrive in Penang in the morning and start searching for your place. By the way, I tried looking all over CACARE web page but did not see any consultation time for Saturday, May I ask do you not open on Saturday? Thank-you for your time, and may you have a pleasant weekend.

Reply: No, please do not drive up to Penang tonight. We are not open on Saturday. I only see patients on Sunday at 7 pm onwards or Fridays at 3 pm onwards.

I suggest you go back to your doctor and see what actually is wrong with your mom now.

1) Is this a metastasis — i.e. cancer that comes from the colon?

2) Generally from colon, it also goes to the liver. So besides the anus, are there any spread to the liver and other parts of the body? We have to look at things totally — not just piece meal. For that I suggest you ask your doctor to do a scan or a PET scan of the whole body. I understand that in JB there is now a place to do PET scan.

3) If you like, ask your doctor to do a blood test and see what it looks like.

4) After you are done with all these, ask the doctor what he wants you to do. Listen to him but you need not follow him yet.

5) Come and see me with all those reports and scans. It is only then that I can help you more intelligently. Without all these data, I am blind — how to help?

There is NO need to rush to come and see me. After all you have wasted so much time doing what you are doing which unfortunately does not seem to work.

Following what people telling you is not wise at all. Believing what others say can be a serious disaster too.

Why do I ask you to do all these? I can only help her when I see all those reports. Without these I am blind. I don’t know what is really going on. So I need to know as much of everything first. If you go to a blind man – what do you think is going to happen? Currently, PET is the most expensive procedure but will show all the possible cancer spots in the body … if you do CT scan you may not know everything — so, half blind – but still better than being totally blind.

Looks like I am not going to have a pleasant weekend!

Bladder Cancer: What to do next?


a)     30 June 2010 – diagnosed with bladder cancer.

b)     5 Jul 2010 – Found three cancer tumour and removed.

c)      26 Jul 2010 – Histology report indicated highly aggressive high grade cancer cell.

d)    Oncologist recommended another surgery to confirm Stage 1. If yes, next treatment would be BCG treatment. If move than Stage 1, surgery to remove bladder.

e)     Decided to stop all treatment

Current Situation
I feel great. No pain. More energy from the changed in diet. Sleep well. No bowels movement problem. I have bowel movements as frequent as I eat. Most of the time I eat one meal a day. I don’t get hungry since I changed to raw vegan diet.Generally I feel better than before. My high blood pressure used to be 150/90. now it is 120/80.

Reply: You may want to come and see me and discuss. Why don’t you want to go for medical treatment? Don’t take life easy. Come and see with all your medical reports.

Another e-mail
Well the oncologist was not very open. I asked her what the success rate was for BCG treatment. Treatment is done over 3 years. She said “DON’T KNOW”. When I pressed her many times (she was really pissed off by then) she eventually agreed on 50%. Started with 5% onwards (coaxed her to a definite number). She told me if I don’t do the BCG, the nature of the cancer cell will be back in three months and it will ten times worse.

By then I know a fair bit of BCG treatment. It is pretty uncomfortable process – use a catheter to introduce virus in your bladder and you get infected and hopefully the body immune system will kill the cancer cell along with the BCG virus. Need to do once every week for six weeks, then once per month over three years. Sounds like a dumb method to me since each treatment will compromise my immune system. All   this for a fifty percent chance! Alternative is to remove the bladder and put a stoma bag.

Three months later I made an appointment to see my oncologist in the hospital. I did not see her but managed to see another one who is more senior. This doctor was more friendly and took me through in a logical way.

1. I requested that they check my cancer status. They say standard operation procedures need to be followed. I need to go back into surgery to find out if it is Stage 1 or 2.

2. Ask her to scan and do blood test etc. She said it does not work. Only way is to cut or view with a camera. Since SOP needs to be followed, the only way is to cut again.

3. Ask her what happens if all is well now, i.e. no tumour. She said repeat process every three months, i.e. view with a camera.

4. Biopsy needs to be done only once. After a while I’ll get use to the catheter in my penis (woman talking!).

5. I did not turn up for the biopsy surgery.

I am very hesitant about allopathic medicine because I know it will kill me faster than the cancer.

I just buried a friend six months before I was diagnosed with cancer. Also in mid-February 2011, another gym kaki (buddy) also died. He was diagnosed with colon cancer about the same time as me and he decided on the hospital route. Now he is dead.

The problem I am facing is trying to get more info on this problem (cancer) and find out if I am on the right route. I am doing most of the things you suggested since July 2010.

1. I eat right
2. I sleep right
3. I stopped work (no stress now)
4. I do meditation
5. I do taiji (been doing this for 4 years)

I like to pay you a visit next week.


Colon Cancer from the Philippines

Since the past two years I have been suffering abdominal pains, irregular bowel movement and sometimes constipation.  It’s only recently, December 2010, that I noticed some blood in my stool.  I consulted my Hepatologist  about the matter and she advised me to undergo colonoscopy and endoscopy which was done on December 28, 2010.  A tumor was seen in my colon which was further subjected to biopsy and turned out to be malignant or in their terms, they called it “adenocarcinoma (well-differentiated)”.

I was advised to undergo immediate surgical operation which was done on January 15, 2011.   The surgeon and my Internist /Gastroenterologist planned to have me undergo further chemotherapy to make sure complete eradication of the cancer.  But my present liver condition won’t permit that – latest laboratory tests showed I have high billirubin in my blood.  My doctor advised me to get enough rest and get stronger before I could undergo chemotherapy.   My doctor is worried about my liver condition.  He is not sure what chemotherapy would  do to my liver.  I and my family are worried too, that’s the reason why we opted to resort to alternative medicine, hence, this consultation.

Current medication:

Ursodeoxychloric acid (Ursofak) 250mg; Silymarin (Legalon) 140mg; Omeprazole 20mg;  Amino acid (Moriamin forte); Essentiale forte; Lacidipine (Lacipil) 4mg; ISMN (Isoket) 20mg;  Atenolol (Therabloc) 25mg;  Simvastatin 20mg.; One-A-Day Multivitamin/Multimineral supplement ; Vitamin E 400IU; Vitamin B Complex with C.

I am not taking any herbal medication at present, although, I suspect, the Silymarin I’m taking comes from Milk Thistle, an herb.

Current Situation:

  • At present, while recuperating from the surgery, I still feel some pain on the lower right part of my abdomen.
  • Sleep: Usually straight 6 hours at night and several short naps during daytime.
  • Energy:  I feel some fatigue even after a 15-minute walk.
  • My bowel movement: At present is normal, although there are times when I experienced LBM.
  • Appetite: Good!  And improving.
  • Urination: Normal.  But there are times when its color becomes dark yellow.
  • Cough: Sometimes.  Dry cough. No phlegm.
  • Breathing: Sometimes difficult, especially during after doing some household chores and mild exercise.
  • Other medical problems: My blood sugar is in borderline.  I am taking maintenance medication for my heart ailment and for my cholesterol.  My BMI is above normal – my doctor advised me to lose weight (that is, before the operation) by 20 lbs., so far, I already lose 10 lbs.

I have chronic hepatitis since I was 25 years old; I have fatty liver most of the time since 1990.  In 1989 I underwent surgical operation – my gall bladder was removed.  I am obese.  I feel uncomfortable with my belly fat and bulging fat below my shoulders.  I had three (3) CA operations –  1975,  1976 & 1979 – with my three (3) children.

Reply: Thank you for your email. Based on your medical reports, I think your colon cancer is not too advanced. Chemotherapy would not be of any benefit. Your doctor is right – it could be more damaging. I have patients who are more serious than you, yet with the change of diet and herbs, they do very well indeed without any chemo. But it all depends on you – how well you wish to take care of your health.

Colon cancer generally spreads to your liver not too long after an operation.  Since you are a hepatitis carrier – the prospect is not good. You need to be on the watch out.

  • Ask your doctor to do an ultrasound of your liver or even CT scan.
  • You need also to do a blood test. Do a full blood picture and liver function test, CEA and alpha-fetoprotein. If you have done all these, please send me the results. If you have not done any, please go and do the test. This is the way to monitor your progress.
  • I must also tell you straight out that there is NO such thing as a cure for cancer. Whatever you do, the cancer is going to be there and may come back anytime. So, besides the herbs, you must take care of your diet very well. Unfortunately the tastes of our herbal teas are bitter and smelly.  Some patients cannot take them. So it is up to you to make up your mind on this.

Now, two things that I need to tell you frankly.

  1. I am rather reluctant to help patients from far-away places, though I have many patients from Indonesia. These people fly in to see me first. And I know that they are dedicated in their healing. Only 30% of patients who come are really serious in wanting to help themselves. Our herbs  are not magic bullets though I believe, they are as, if not more “effective” than other methods of treatment.
  2. I have never send herbs to the Philippines. So I really don’t know what is going to happen with the Customs. Also the herbs do cost money. The postage also cost money. Most people who write us expect us to send them herbs for free. It is sad.

Lung Cancer: Bloated Abdomen

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I am sending this mail on behalf of my friend whose letter is as follows:-

I heard about you from a friend and I would like to ask you for some advice if it is alright with you.

My sister has lung cancer and now she has a bloated abdomen. This causes great discomfort and also affects her appetite for food.  As a result she has to go for tapping (to drain out the fluid) at the hospital whenever the bloatedness becomes too unbearable.

Can you advise as to what to do to minimize the occurrences of  bloatedness so that she won’t need to go for the tapping, at least not too frequently.

I appreciate your kind attention. Thank you and God bless you.

Reply: Where are you from?

Dear Dr. Chris.

I am from Teluk Intan, Perak. I visited your website and read some of your materials. I will talk to my sister about seeing you. I hope it is not too late. As we have to travel from Teluk Intan, it might be tiring for her and I do hope we can get to see you and not to have to come back another time as I see that your consultation hours are only two hours at a time.

Thank you for your prompt reply. May God bless you richly for the good work you are doing.

Reply: No problem. I shall see ALL patients who come. Bring all the medical reports. If she cannot come … ask someone else… who takes care of her to come and bring all the medical reports.  No need for her to come personally if it is difficult.


Lung Cancer: Iressa, In Coma

A good day to you Mr Teo.

I am writing to you regarding my father who’s diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer about a month ago. He is 78, and has started an oral chemo drug called Iressa just over a week ago but he drifted into coma two days ago due to oxygen depletion and CO2 built up in his body and is currently put on live support system. The doctors are trying to wean him off the ventilator the minute he’s ready to breath on his own.

Thank you for looking into this email and kindly bear with me on some background.

Pleural effusion: His lungs especially the left side is flooded badly, it was drained twice, each time over a litre of fluid was collected, the last drain two days ago was slightly reddish sort of ribena-like.

Peri cardiac effusion: His heart is also surrounded with fluid as well, about 500 ml was drained out last week , also red in colour.

His oncologist has prescribed Iressa simply because, it was the only option. Chemo injection and radiotherapy are not suitable given his age and all.

Am hoping for some advice on what else the family could give him, as and when he wakes up from the semi coma.

Your early reply is much appreciated.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot say much … he is in coma …let the doctor take care of him. At time it is better to take “nothing” then to take “poison”.


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