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Thyroid Cancer from Singapore

Hi Prof Teo,

I have recently came to know about u through forwarded email. I have been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer of stage three by Singapore General Hospital in July 2011. I was asked to go for an immediate surgery for the removal of my thyroid as the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. I have many tumor around my neck area some as the size of chick pea. My thyroid is very enlarged then. I was told that after the surgery they will send me for radiation so as to kill the cancer cell. I refused to heed the advice of the doctors as I have heard a lot of story of how chemo and radiation do harm than good.

I seek alternative by taking herbal supplement such as swallowing gingko biloba, spirullina, ginseng, sea kelp, vitamin c, chlorophyll and not forgetting keladi tikus which I ordered from Malaysia. I changed my diet and I am on fruits and vegetables with no rice and bread or any carbohydrates since September 2011.

In January 2012, I have been consulting an alternative therapy in Johor with treatment using ozone and IV of 12000mg of Vitamin C and the whole range of Vitamin B.

After reading the testimonies of your cancer patients, I wonder if the treatment I am going through is enough for my survival from this cancer thus I seek you honest opinion. I am currently having pain in my left arm, neck the left side of my brain. A doctor suspected that the cancer is spreading towards my brain region. I have not done any recent CT scan thus I am just keeping my finger cross.

By the way, I have a friend with stage 4 ovarian cancer who had done surgery and a few chemo therapy in SGH and she is currently going through the same treatment as me.

I seek your help to suggest what is good for my recovery as well as advice for my 55 years old friend.

Thank You,  H (41 years old)

Papillary Thyroid Cancer: Computer Armchair Advice?

Dear Sir

My dad was diagnosed with 4th stage papillary thyroid cancer. Oncologist said this is a containable cancer. His current problem is the tumour is too large for radio iodine treatment. Current critical concern is it is going to block the windpipe which will affect his breathing soon. Appreciate advice.

Reply: Nothing to advise. If you need help, just have to come and see me. Where are you from anyway?

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