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Ovary Cancer: Bring her home – the doctor said

Dear Dr Chris,

Good evening, Doctor, my name is Ru, i have sister she got cancer ovarium stadium 4. Me and Sister was stay in Gleaneagles hospital since 24 November, and today doctor in Hospital said to us, bring back your sister to JKT, is possible she can good condition. Doctor i need your help, really need your help. May you come to this hospital and look condition my sister. My parents will bring her, on next saturday 29 Nov 2014. I’m really hopeless. This my penang number 011-xxxxx. Please call me doctor. Try to call your number (604-6595881) but can’t activated I”m ready to pick up. I’m waiting your response.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help. Let the doctors help her. How can I ever help her when the doctors cannot help her. I am not god.

Yes Doctor I know. But really I need your help. Is that possible, my sister trying your treatment. As per on your mission, Our hands but God heals, He Leads we follow, Therefore,a s we have opportunity, let us do good to all people. Help me Doctor. 

Reply: Follow your doctor’s advice — bring her back to Jakarta as soon as you can.

Lung-Brain Cancer from Singapore: I cannot cure you!

Dear Dr Teo,

I read about you and CA Care and would like to seek your help with regards to my mother. They will be making a trip to Penang and I would like them to visit you this Friday to consult you. I’ve attached my responses to the information required on the First Visit for your attention. Kindly advise if we can seek your help on this.

Thank you. Singapore

Age: 57

Part 1: Medical history 

Lung Cancer Stage 3 spread (metastasis). Latest MRI scan showed 2 tumours (4mm) in the brain.

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given.

Early 2013. Pain in the chest and further scans revealed spot in the right lungs.

Early – Mid 2013, Lobectomy performed in the right lung and further tests revealed lymph nodes affected. Undergone chemotherapy.

Mid 2014. Recurrence in the right lung. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy concurrently. Due to the severe side effects experienced, stopped chemotherapy halfway. Completed radiotherapy.

Nov 2014. MRI scans revealed two 4mm tumours in the brain. CT scan revealed swelling of the lymph nodes near the left lung.

Radiology oncologist recommended 2 options for the brain:

1) SRS

2) Whole brain radiotherapy

Part B : Your Current Medications

Visited Thong Chai Medical Institution in Singapore for TCM and taking the prescribed herbs.

Reply: I read through your medical history — you have done all that needed to be done …. you have also used TCM herbs. I don’t think you need to come and see me at all. There is NOTHING much I can do to help. I cannot cure cancer. Even if you come, what can I do? Nothing much …the cancer has gone to the brain.

Lung Cancer from Singapore – Why not find someone else to help you?

Hi Doctor Teo,

I am from Singapore. My father is currently receiving medical treatment for stage 4 lung cancer at NUH. He is 78 years old and was 1st found to have cancer in August 2014. He has been taking the drug Iressa for 1.5 months but had more lesions and today (10 Nov 2014) ‘s biopsy showed that his cells had a rare mutation which is resistant to the drug. The oncologist immediately suggested chemotherapy (2 types, as one is more suitable than the other due to his kidneys which are not very good- according to her diagnosis).

I have read your blog and was deeply encouraged by the cases, and I also believe in many of the ideas like eating right to prevent cancer, and the real truths behind the current cancer treatment. And most importantly, I am also a Christian who believes in logic, truth and faith.

Instead of being pushed to chemo and used as experiments by the doctors, I really hope to try your cancer therapy treatment. I would like to ask a few questions below:

1) I will be scanning all the reports from NUH for your information.

2) As we are from Singapore, my father will not be able to travel to Penang. I will travel to Penang myself, around 12-13 Dec. I will consult with him and let him know that I am seeking your help and medicine. As your consultation time is Friday ,could we make an appointment for 12 Dec Friday?

3) The herbs medicine will be brought to Singapore, could I know if the packing is suitable for carry on flights?

i.e. liquid/gels must be less than 100 ml. if not, I will need to prepare for check in on my flight back to Singapore.

4) Could we have an estimated cost of the herbs, so we could prepare our budget?

Thank you, and God bless. 

Reply: Thanks for your email. Why don’t you go seek the help of TCM doctors in Singapore? It is easier for you. I cannot cure your father. Furthermore, 12 December is one month from now. I only work one day at a time.

Thymic Cancer from India

Hello Sir,

We are from India. My mother was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis a neuro muscular autoimmune disorder around 6 years back.

She also had thymic cancer (thymoma) and had her thymus gland removed 5 years back. Recently she had a pleural nodule of thymic tissue metastases and got it removed via surgery.

She is doing well and taking mestinon to control the MG symptoms every 6 hours. She does all the household work without much problems and stays active.

She has further treatment pending due to the seeds in the pleura that was not able to be removed via VATS surgery. We expect she might be advised for chemo.

At this point we would like to pursue with alternative treatments and go for chemo only if there are no improvements.

Please advise. Attached documents will give you clear clear idea of her condition.


Reply:  I suggest that you go for medical treatment …this is because you are so far away and I cannot handle patients from far away country. Thanks for writing.

I have no cure for your mother’s cancer

Hi  Chris,

Hope this email finds you well.  My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer, and
she’s now contemplating either to go for the standard Chemo + Radiotherapy or Trying herbs.

I checked your website out and find it very promising, but need to convince my mother. Could I check with you if you have an indication and database of how many people with NPC by stages who took
your   herbs and were successfully cured. This will greatly help me convince her.

Many thanks,

 Reply:  No…I think it is better you go  for medical treatment.

Hi Chris,

But I saw your website there are some cases of NPC which  they approach you and took your medication. What about those cases? Are there more successful cases of NPC being cured by your herbs?  I thought you’re almost against Western medical  treatment? Why are you telling me to seek other medical  treatment?

Reply:  Honest and frank ..I cannot cure  any cancer and no one on earth can cure any cancer either. Those who can have access to medical treatment …go ahead  and those who fail, can come to me.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your very frank answer.

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