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Liver Cancer: Hunting for a cure that does not exist

Dr. Chris Teo,

Good morning, Dr. Chris Teo. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am from Jakarta – Indonesia. At this moment, we are very worried about our Mom’s condition … 64 years old.

She’s diagnosed with Cancer Liver since 8 May 2014. At that time, we did a medical check-up at Penang (Island Hospital), but the result came out and shocked us, as the USG’s result showed an object with size  8×5.4×8.8 cm. At that time, the AFP is 1497.

We were referenced to Dr. Onco, who requested us to do surgery.

With big worries and deep sadness, we went back to Jakarta. Then we asked my Mom to take :

  1. Juice of Potato, Carrot and Apple (everyday)
  2. 4 Life Transfer Factor (for immune)
  3. Daun Sirsak (leaves of Soursoup)
  4. Tian Xian Liquid
  5. Legalon (from Oncologist)
  6. Diet with no pork and no oily food. She can handle it because our Mom is very organized and discipline personal.

However, after taking those above items, the AFP is still getting high to 4645 (8 Juli 2014). Then jumped to 9637 (1 August 2014).

After we did PETScan (7 August 2014) in Indonesia, we are confirmed that it is HCC.

At that time, we heard the info from my friend that his father was cured by FU DA Cancer Hospital in China with : Intra Arterial Intervention (JIE RU) and Cryoablation (LEN TONG).

After getting through of tough discussion, on 22th August 2014, we brought our Mom to Modern Guangzhou Hospital for treatment. …Only with one hope. Total Recovery for our Mom.

At that time, the AFP has jumped to 12617.

After doing the JIE RU on 24 August 2014 and LEN TONG on 4 Sept 2014 , our Mom went back to Jakarta. She was called for return on 1 Oct 2014.

At second visit, on 3 Oct 2014, our Mom’s AFP has gone down to 8290. The doctor told us that the first treatment’s success, that caused the AFP getting lower at that time. We were informed that 50% of the cancer cell were terminated.

Then, second JIE RU on 5Oct 2014. At that time, my Mom didn’t feel well, and almost fainted.

After reaching home, we reviewed the document and found it very confusing, as the size of tumor is getting bigger.

Since we don’t know how to read Mandarin, we truly don’t understand. Kindly see and please help to review the file.

Our Mom doesn’t want to go to GuangZhou anymore with the reason of pain, felt no good after the treatment, as the White Blood Count was getting low, and we get the injection for 2 times for my Mom.

On 30 Oct 2014, AFP came to 9615.

Since then, my Mom only consumed Tian Xian, and received Accupressure treatment. Again, it doesn’t reduced the AFP, which turned to 28.674 (10 Dec 2014). 

We heard the information from my father’s friend, that has been cured by Shin She in Kedah, Malaysia. He suffered from same case (Cancer Liver) and has been cured totally. Now he can do the routine and heavy activities at this moment.

After visiting Shin She, our Mom takes the capsule 4 x 2 times a day, after meal. And once in a week, we boiled the TCM and gave it to our Mom. The condition of my Mom is good.

Oon 5 Jan 2015, we checked :

–          the AFP is getting high to 32749 ng/ml.

–          the CTScan showed that our Mom’s liver is getting worse and cancers were around of liver.

–          the USG showed the bigger size.

Finally the latest test result on 21 Jan 2015, the AFP is getting up to 40379.

Kindly accept our above details with the hope that Dr. Chris Teo can help our Mom and find the best way out. Please advise. Should we need to bring our Mom and visit Dr. Chris Teo, kindly advise.  Thanks.

Reply: No one  in this world can cure your mother’s cancer. Don’t be misled! If you need help, come and see me in Penang. No need to bring your mom.



Pancreatic cancer: Less than a month to live!

Hi Dr Chris

I writing from Singapore…. we got your contact from a friend

My brother age 57 was diagnosed of stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year April

he did chemo but stopped after the cancer spread into his liver…

he has 2 ducts inserted.. one at the pancreas and the other in December in his intestine due to bloatedness and indigestion after food

he was breathless for the past few days and today CT scan showed blood clot due to thickening of blood and his oncology prescribed drug to be injected to thin the blood

he knew he is in the final stage of his illness and doctor said he only have less than a month life span…

I’m writing to you as I’m concerned that you might not be able to reach by phone…

your tagline on the name card ” our hands but God heals” indeed healing comes from our Almighty God.

will you be able to help him? and how since we are so far away and due to his medical condition he can’t travel to Penang to see you

looking forward to your reply

God bless.

Reply: No, I don’t intend to play god …. let the doctor takes care of him please.

Nose Cancer: Radiation, Chemo and chemo – did not work

Dear Chris,

Your centre was recommended to me quite some years back by our  pastor D.

Patient Age 57

First diagnosed : 2003 NPC stage 1 – Treated with radiation only

About 1 plus later year – Relapsed – Treated with both radiation and chemo

Few years later : relapsed – Again treated with radiation and chemo

Last year June 2014: Tumor remained sighted in PET – so chemo again + Oral ones T1

5 mths later Nove 2014 : Re-took PET. Tumor size increased. – Tried a new chemo method (Bio something – apparently to aid to block blood flow to feed tumor area or sth like that.)

Since Nov 2014, patient was already experiencing  pain and discomfort in the ear and head area. She just about to complete her 3rd chemo cycle as this email stands . Once chemo cycle is about 2 courses (one per week). But with the increasing pain she is having, she is now thinking of giving up chemo. Will be seeing the oncologist next Tue 20/1 on this.

In the meantime, yesterday 17/1, she went to see her ENT. This was his comments:-

We saw her ENT this morning. His view of pet scan

  1. Recurrent uptake. Stage 4. But may or may not be cancerous.
  2. No need of biopsy due to the depth of that tumor.
  3. Tumor spread gone into bone area. High suspect. And sitting on 5th nerve. Which cause her facial muscle jaw pain.
  4. recommended her to see radioonco to discus poss of targeted dosage to halt kill that growing tumor. (notwithstanding that she already had her max of 2 radiation)
  5. Rec her to change her painkiller drug to lycril instead of tremidol which is more effective in 5th nerve pain mgt with less side effects on face . And perhaps increase dosage if she still cannot handle the pain.
  6. He would rec her to a pain specialist if Nec.

She will be consulting her medical onco next tue – to propose stopping chemo and seek her opinion on the ENT’s proposal to consult the radioonco with regard to the targetted dose of radiation on the growing tumor.

Background of patient: She is a firm believer of TCM. Had been seeing TCM for post NPC since 2004. Has been very careful on her diet as well.

I have not mooted the idea of asking her to go to Penang as yet.(as she is pretty tired now) Like to ask you for some info:-

  1. Have you seen such cases described above improved at your centre ever?
  2. Understand that you have a pain qi assessment method at your centre to prescribed the herbs.  Having described of patient’s condition rather in detailed (I hope) , do you have any particular herbs that may be able alleviate her pain and discomfort?

Appreciate your time on this email.  If nec, from your experience that herbs might help, I am prepared to courier them her to s’pore for her.

Hope to hear from you. Many thanks!

Reply: It is not my nature to play god and make promises. Why not just let the doctors take care of her.


Mixed Hodgkin Lymphoma: Chemo and chemo — did not work!

Dear Dr Chris,

A very good morning to you. I am Madam H, mother of YJ, is seeking your help to help my daughter who was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since May 2014. She started to have the symptoms since April 2014 and complained of having difficulties in breathing somewhere in May 2014. So we took her to Sunway Medical Centre and was diagnosed as the mentioned cancer. She started her chemotherapy of first ABVD there ( in June ) and for the later 5 sessions of  ABVD ( completed in August ) we continued at Ampang Hospital (Government Hospital ) as the insurance coverage quota had finished,

Result of the ABVD was not promising as the tumour just shrank a little from 12cm x 5 cm to 8cm x 8 cm. The doctors there said it was not effective and suggested to do ICE ( second line intervention ) since August till end of August 2014. The tumour did not reduce. They did not do any CT scan and we had requested to do a PET scan on our own because they said the tumour did not respond to it based on their x-ray findings.

The Pet scan showed the tumour grow back to the actual size or slightly bigger by the end of August. Then in September and October, we did follow up inconsistenly due to insufficient of beds and was given an opportunity to do a clinical trial on brentuximab but unfortunately she did not meet the criteria and had to be dropped out from the project at the mid /end of November.

Following that, she fainted on 26th November and we rushed her to Ampang Hospital for further treatment. Again, the doctor there asked us to do the third line of chemo ( GDP ) for two cycles to starvage the cancer and do a auto stem transplant later or they just give us the oral chemo drugs to help to subside the growth slowly,  She did the first chemo on GDP ( the third line ) with a very weak body ( anemia situation ) and the outcome was not good.

She was hospitalized for nearly one month and again when they ask her to continue the second treatment, we decided to stop as the time she was too weak to take any chemotherapy and chose on oral chemo over it.

After the first chemo of GDP, her lung and heart started to have fluid accumulated and was drained out at least 4 times from her lung with each time 1.5 litre, 1.5 litre, 1,0 litre and 1.3 litre.

Meanwhile, we met Tn Haji Hanafi who was accompanying his wife to do a biospy and he told us about your centre and how you have helped him to contol his cancer. At the same time, we also heard of Modern Cancer Hospital in Guongzhou which offer traditional and modern treatment on cancer so we decided we want to try the traditional method here which involves cryotherapy ( freezing at -160 celcius  and heating at a high temperature to kill  the cancer tumour);

We flew to Guongzhou on 7th January 2015 in the hope of new method being used. Here they did a through checkup and confirm of Mixed Hogkin Lymphoma and NOT Nodular Sclerosis Hogkin Lymphoma and they suggested to use starvage chemotherapy as in Malaysia. According to them, they can’t do cryotherapy because it involves the heart organ and the mass is in the mediastinum part which  has all the crucial nerves  there.

At this moment, the hospital has helped my daughter to restore her body to be stronger by injecting albumin and receiving blood transfusion to overcome her anemia problem. Her problem of fluid accumulation is still happening and she was drained her fluid from her lung at least 6 or 7 times and from her heart at least 4 times. According to them, the fluid accumulation will not go away if the tumour is still there. Feeling very disappointed, we are very down at this time but we cannot give up trying to seek help.

Then my daughter mentioned uncle Hanafi and text him from China ( currently we are still in China ) and he immediately suggested to us to come back in Malaysia for quick action to meet you as he mentioned that you have successfully treated a patient who had tumour that increased in size and you have managed to reduce and make it disappeared. With the hope of light, we are humbly requesting to meet you in person on this coming Sunday at 7pm by making our flight back to Malaysia on this Sunday departing at 1am and arriving in KL at 5am and do a transit to Penang at 9 am. Then, we will rest in Penang till our appointed time to see Dr Chris at 7 pm.

Along with us, we will bring all the medical report for your evaluation as the reports are with the hospital safekeeping now. Should you like to request for a copy of the latest report, I shall request them to send to me in soft copy and email to you for your kind attention and evaluation. Looking forward to hearing good news from Dr on this coming appointment.

Thanking you in advance and hope to meet you in Penang real soon.


Prostate Cancer from Singapore: You decide your priority in life

Dear Dr Teo,

I have been searching all over the internet to help my father (he’s 65) who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. It was a great shock because he has always been adopting a healthy lifestyle – exercising every morning, not smoking, small amounts of alcohol during celebrations etc. He is scheduled to undergo an operation next Wednesday to remove his testes in order to stop the testerone from feeding the cancer cells. He opted for the surgery instead of the hormone injections. He has also been sincerely practising the buddhist chant which I taught him.

He has great determination to overcome the disease. Thank God I chanced upon your site and I would definitely love to bring him over to Penang to see you. He has also been asking for Chinese medicine to help him after the operation and requested us to help him search for a good doctor. I believe your herb remedy would do him great!

Do you think it would be good to arrange an appointment with you as we are coming from Singapore. I understand from your site that we could come by on any day to see you. But as the journey could be too long for my dad, I would hope that he gets to see you the moment we land at the airport and get a cab to your place. Would the waiting time be usually long?  Do you open over weekends? I am sorry if I have missed information in your site. (I have been pretty stressed and depressed over my dad’s situation.)

I would think he should be able to travel two to three weeks after op, and that means sometime in January.

Reply: Two to three weeks after op, and that means sometime in January. Write me again when you have decided when you want to come …I only work one day at a time.

Dear Dr Teo,

I have written to you sometime in mid Dec last year. My father had undergone the bilateral orchiectomy on 17 Dec and he just got his latest PSA test result yesterday which dropped from 280+ to 14. He has also asked to go to Penang to see you.

I would like to check with you if it’s urgent to see you. I am a teacher and if you deem that he could wait till March 15 that week to see you, then I will bring him during the school holiday in March. However, if you feel that he should see you as soon as possible, I could also take leave to bring him sometime in the week 25 January.

We are unable to come to the decision of seeing you in 2 weeks time or in March as we do not know the severity of his condition or whether prolonging it will bring more harm. Thus, we need your good advice. The doctor at the hospital has no other alternatives for him.

Hope to hear from you soonest. Till then, be well!

Reply: You have to decide for yourself how important your problem is … people like to make things “very important” … I don’t do that … cancer has been  in him for years already … so what is the hurry ? Write me when you decide to come. That all depends on your priority in life.



Mom died – we did our best

Dear Dr chris teo ,

I inform you that my mom passed away on dec 31 , 2014 . We’ll do my best , liver cancer is always jaundice , and at the end she was bleeding . Thank you to support us for the time being ,what you do is Good to help people. may God bless you always .

Thank you ,

Sarcom from Pakistan

Dear Sir ,

My name is Agha and I live in Pakistan. I came to know about you via internet. My father who is 61 years old has been diagnosed with high grade sarcoma about two years ago. He refused chemotherapy and currently we are on homeopathic treatment. The cancer has been spreading by the time and has reached the lungs. Currently his right lung was filled with water and doctors have removed it by inserting a tube in the lungs. He has no complains other than that.

You have written that you are reluctant to take patients on email but I would request you to please consider my case on urgent basis as I would be very grateful to you.

If you agree to take my case I would send you all the reports to date. 

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places — how can I do that? It is not easy. Please find someone near your home to help.



Breast Cancer from New York: Given up

Dear Doctor,

I visited your website and wish to consult you for my mother urgently.

Please find enclosed the latest PET reports of my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV 1 year back.She was put on hormone therapy with a drug by the name of “Anastrozole”. Now hormone therapy is not working anymore and the cancer has spread to her spine, lungs, ribs, pelvic bones as per latest PET. Doctors have given up. She has diabetes and high BP too. Doctors feel she might not even survive chemotherapy.

Please refer to her PET (scan image enclosed) and advice if there is any treatment which can prolong her life. She is in terrible pain.

Reply: No..there is no cure for such stage …Nobody can cure any cancer anyway.



Breast Cancer: It is your life, help yourself!

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’m writing to you because i found that your mission on ca care will help me a lot.

My mammogram report said heterogeneously dense breast with tubular beading like pattern in the central of left breast is probably benign feature. Benign microcalcification in central of right breast.

Here i attached the report as well as breast ultrasound. I took my mammo on Dec 26, while ultrasound on Dec 24.

Do you deem this finding to be alarming? Should I wait for another 6months or so to do another ultrasound as well as mammogram (to monitor if there is any development to the lump)? Or do you suggests otherwise? Looking forward to your reply.

Reply: What did the doctor who did the USG tell you to do? Wait and see? It is up to you ….if you feel that you want to do  something for yourself  — come and see me and you take the herbs for a few months and then go for USG again …but if you want to do nothing …then wait. Something is not normal.

Dear Dr. Chin,

Thank you for your email. The doctor said i have to undergo surgery to take the thing out and send to pathologist to check whether it is cancerous or not. What confusing me is some people said that surgery is invasive, better look for 2nd opinion. 

Reply: You have to decide what you want to do …come and see me if you like or read my book on Breast cancer




Pancreatic cancer from Singapore: 2-3 months to go?

Dear Dr Chris,

I would like to ask on behalf of my friend who is diagnosed with pancreas cancer (stage 4), left 2-3 month life according to local doctor. He wish to meet up with you and would like to know about the necessary procedure for example:

1)Does he need to fix an appointment?

2)Any accommodation (for foreign patient) ?

3)Do you need the record/letter from local doctor in advance?

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Reply: Where are you from? I cannot cure your cancer.

Singapore. Is there any possibility of lengthening his lifespan?

Reply: I really don’t know. I am not god …. better not take my herbs because if he dies, the family will blame me.



Breast Cancer from Singapore: Help yourself first so that we can help you!

Dear Dr.
I am  38 years old lady with breast cancer stage 4 (spread during Chemotherapy) and refuse to do further palliative chemotherapy. I saw your website, Cancer Care and plan to see you with my husband on next week. I already prepared the medical report.

We come from Singapore so we are a little bit worry won’t get the consultation slot since we understood that consultation on first come first served basis, kindly advise.

Thank you

Reply: No problem … let me know when you want to come ….you can come from Monday to Friday at 11 am …if you like, but let me know first. This is special appointment.

Thank you for your quick reply, really appreciate it. Is it ok if we come on Monday January 19th ?
Would be there any appointments after the 1st one? Since we need to book for return flight as well. Kindly advice.

Reply: Okay… need to see me only for 1 hour and then you can go home …please confirm when you are coming after getting the ticket and I shall block my time.

We already got the ticket. We confirm will be come on January 19th.



Breast Cancer from Kenya

Dear Chris,

I am glad you are working with breast cancer patients.

Need your help –

My name is Cath, 43 years with 1 son 21 yrs, from Kenya

In November 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer Grade 2 on my right breast. Lobular carcinoma invasive. ER and PR Positive. HER-2/neu – 1+ Negative. e-cadherin positive. My breast has started to dimple.

I have not started any chemo, radio or hormonal treatment from the hospital. Am looking at alternative treatments.

Also note I have uterine fibroids-enlarged uterus with mixed densities consistent with fibroids, ovarian cyst and umbilical hernia.

Please advice way forward. Waiting for your email.

Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help people from far way places.



Lung Cancer from Singapore: No remote control healing please!

Hi Chris,

Good evening.

We are recommended by someone on your CA care.

My dad is a CA Lung stage 4 patient with heart problem ( due to previous episode of blocked arteries) and prostate CA which is already cleared.)

He was diagnosed with Lung CA since May 2010. Been through 2 cycles of ChemoTheraphy.

The doc has advised him to discontinue further treatment due to his age (about 80 yrs old) and also the side effects of the treatments might have too much side effects on him. Treatment was stopped around May 2014. Generally he seemed ok but recently he has been complaining on giddiness ( basically he is feeling lethargic most of the time). He was recently admitted to hospital as he had cold sweat and was not feeling well.

We are from Singapore. My dad is not fit to travel as of now so we really do not know how we can go about the treatment from CA care.

Please let us know we are able to get someone from Penang to buy the herbal prescriptions from u as we are not able to bring him over to seek treatment.

We looked forward to hearing you soon.

Reply: No, I cannot help people through the net …and from the story above, what do you expect to get from my herbs when doctor cannot help? 

Hi Chris,

We just hope that the herbs can help to let him maintain his quality of life, not so much to cure him. We really hope u can help us. Thank you.

Reply: How to help? Unless you come and see me with all the reports and take the herbs home.

Hi Chris,

Is it possible to courier or fax over the report? I cn arr for someone to collect the herbs from u.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help by just sitting in front of the computer … and I don’t want to play god either by doing things via remote control. Please find someone else to help you.

Neuroblastoma from India

Respected Doctor,


We have a critical situation with a most active Child (even now).

Child Name is 3yrs.

Identified with Neuroblastoma and Surgery is done to remove his right side adrenaline, right lobe of liver and right side Kidney. According to the Doctor it was a successful surgery.

Still have continued Chemotherapy for 3 more sessions (20days Gap between sessions) with higher doses of previous chemo medicines.

Current situation is:  CT taken yesterday showing 7 cm growth in his liver and also on the lymph. According to Doctor it is showing that Chemo medicines have no effect on the Neuroblastoma cells on his body.

I am attaching his medical report made after his surgery. Since I am in Dubai and Child is in Kerala now I do not have today’s result.

Please advice!

Best Regards,

Reply: I am sorry .. I cannot help people so far away….

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